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baking multiple loaves

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baking multiple loaves



I'm new to bread baking (feel like ill need to add this statement to every post).


If I am baking up a few loaves at one time do I need to change the oven temp at all to account for adding that much dough to the oven?  I know that it might take longer but is there anything else I should be aware of?




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I've made 4 and 5 loaves of bread at a time without having to change times or temperature.  After the first 15 or 20 minutes, though, you should open the oven and shift all the bread pans around so they all get baked evenly.

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I often bake several loaves at one time, make use of the oven while it is on....

 I never have any problems.. I don't even move the loaves around in the oven..

just regular bake not convection... qahtan


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if you rotate several loaves - because the door is longer open.

Since I sell my breads I bake always 4 - 6 loaves on two tiers (with convection), and it takes some time to rotate them. Therefore I add 5 minutes to the baking time after rotation.

If I bake only two breads, it doesn't matter too much.

But baking without rotating the breads? Even my really great JennAir, and even with convection, I need to shift the breads after half the baking time to get them to brown evenly.


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Sorry but with my  Kitchenaide Superba I still don't rotate, plus I don't use the convection mode for bread.   qahtan

As you can see by my pictures that is how my bread stays in the oven till like lower picture.......

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I usually make 4 loaves at a time. I found rotating them after 15 - 20 minutes made a big improvement. And, I add 5 minutes (for a total of 50) to get perfect results.