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Can you really tell bleached from unbleached flour?

March 7, 2010 - 4:07am -- copyu

Hi all,

I hope this topic hasn't been 'done to death' already, but I was wondering...Can any of you guys actually see (or taste? or feel?) a difference between bleached and unbleached wheat flours? My search of this topic on TFL yielded lots of cries for help that usually start: "My recipe calls for unbleached APF, but..." and the usual responses are to visit KAF online.

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Ellison Milling Company

February 15, 2010 - 5:51pm -- mcs

Hey there everyone.  I'm wondering if anyone in the Northwest U.S. or Southwest Canada has any experience with flour from the Ellison Milling Company out of Lethbridge, Alberta.  If so, which of the flours have you tried, and can you make any comparisons to more 'mainstream' flours that I might know?  I've heard good things about their products, but not from people who make artisan type breads.  It'd be nice to hear some feedback before I buy a 50# bag of their stuff.  Thanks.


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Sifting your troubles away?

January 9, 2010 - 8:03am -- Erzsebet Gilbert

So, in my past few weeks of baking, I've begun to sift my flour before adding it to the mix - I've only been making loaves I've made many times before, by the way.  I started doing it in an attempt to make my measurements more exact, but it seems that the crumb has improved since I've started to sift.  Am I only fooling myself here, or does sifting it really make a difference?  Just curious.... thanks!

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Stollen--All purpose or bread flour?

December 22, 2009 - 10:48am -- Mason

I'm about to make stollen for christmas, and see many recipes using all-purpose rather than read flour.  

With all the dough goes through in adding fruit, I would think that a strong bread flour would help it still rise well.  Is there any reason that one should use all-purpose flour rather than the bread flour I am inclined to use?    

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Hints on finding the right mill

November 3, 2009 - 1:34pm -- violet

I know there are a number of excellent mills for different applications, so I hope I get this detailed enough to really pinpoint which will work best for me. Thanks in advance for your advice!

I'm looking for a mill that can accomplish the following;

can mill coarse or very fine flours (dry grains) for baking, pasta, hot cereal, pastries, gravies, cakes, breads, etc.

does not heat the flour (over 120 farenheit)


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