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Kamut (Khorasan) vs Spelt Flour

July 3, 2010 - 9:37pm -- bread10



I have used wholemeal spelt for both bread and pasta and also white spelt for bread.

I have used Kamut / Khorasan / Egyptian Gold once for pasta, but am not very familiar with the properties of this flour, apart from that it is very similar to spelt.


I would like to know how Kamut compares to spelt particularly for breadmaking. (Health & nutrition, protein, ease of digestion, breadmaking, taste etc...) ??

and anything else that may be of particular interest regarding these flours?


Thanks Heaps!

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suzanne pepin

Ok, this is my first entry into my personal blog and hopefully not my last one (excuse my syntaxe as French is my first language...).

It has been a long journey into trials and errors, but I kept my passion for making the perfect sourdough bread and today, I believe I have achieved the beginning of the perfect sourdough loaf, for myself anyway.

So here it is... I follow these instructions from Susan from San diego, up to the 'T' without changing a thing.  Et voilà, my perfect sourdough bread is borned.

It was made with my homemade starter 'Bécacine', borned May 05 2010.  The smell of sourdough is very present and I am so pleased with the easiness of this method.  For baking, I used the method 'Roasting lid' because this method seems to work the best for my condition at the moment : living 6,000 feet above the sea level in high altitude, in central Mexico, and I have to make breads with what I have around me and not always run to the store, which is pratically, non-existant here. 

For the colander, I replaced it with a straw bowl for tortilla, well floured, and cover with a coton dish towel, it worked like a charm. I don't have a pizza stone so I used the back of my cast iron pot to deposit the bread to be on it.  It did the job also.

Now, my big problem was to understand the process because here, everything with yeast in it will raise very quickly but also go down very fast because of the altitude, some days are better than others...  So the manipulation of the dough had to be restricted to a minimum and had to be studied closely to know the right time to move it.

It has been a long journey since May 05.  This bread is my 13th bread.  All the others ended up in the field for the birds, the snakes, black widow, scorpions, fire ants, etc... around me.  I could have kept them for building a wall of brick actually.

So it shows that it is not only a recipe that makes the perfect dish, it is the 'knowing how to cook, bake' that makes the difference, the location we live also and the passion for it.

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Anyone want to split flour from Central Milling?

April 19, 2010 - 8:46am -- ApplePie

I'm running low on my whole wheat high-protein fine grind flour from Central Milling (warehouse in Petaluma, CA), and am planning another trip soon.  I like this whole wheat flour for my tortillas and honey whole wheat pan bread.  Several of you split flour with me last time, which worked out quite nicely.


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Availability of Flour

March 28, 2010 - 1:53pm -- kumitedad

Wonder if anyone has had this experience yet.  Went into Safeway near my work for quick shopping, and could not find the bread flour.  Asked the clerks if they had moved it somewhere else, and they told me that the only bread flour they had were in those little boxed mixes for bread machines.  The only thing that worried me is that I remember not too long ago when Rye flour was to be had in all supermarket (out local Albertson's for one) now the only place I get it in bulk down here is Whole Foods.  Anyone else noticing this at their local supermarkets.


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where in Dallas, Tx to buy bulk flour (50 lb), good quality whole wheat and bread flour?



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KA All Purpose or KA Bread Flour

March 22, 2010 - 11:31am -- TimM

Reading Peters Bread Baking Apprentice and notice the man says use Bread Flour. Then on page 29 he gets into gluten percentages. > 11.5% gluten = bread. < is AP

1. I am newer than new to all this bread stuff. Enjoying TFL as I read/learn.

2. Have the ingredients, tools etc to begin (sort of)

3. Decided to use KA flours to start.

4. King Arthur AP is approx 11.5 % gluten and KA Bread flour is approx 12.5%.

Q: for the formulas in the BBA, which King Arthur flour should I use.


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