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Short and Sweet

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Short and Sweet

Anyone got this book yet?  New by Dan Lepard, my hero, guru, source of constant inspiration and awe...


got the book yesterday, LOVE IT!  I see a lot of nice baking in my future....   the book starts on breads, mostly simple loaves, a final bit on sourdough, but just a touch on the subject.



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     I have it and  the basic whiteloaf is just about to go in the oven as I type.

My first effort the flash loaf  and can be seen here

Quite tasty  but obvious not as good as some given it was all made it 2 hours!


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Oh, you already baked your first loaf from the book!  Way ahead of me!  :-)


beautiful loaf, amazing to think it took only 2 hours to make!  I'm still trying to find time to squeeze some baking this week....