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I am still trying to get my retarding times sorted in the new wine cooler. So yesterday evening I did a not very scientific experiment and put it in the wine cooler at 6C for 5 hours....I have found that the dough takes quite a while to 'cool' down and when I took dough temp after 5 hours it was 9C before baking...

Took the loaf to a barbecue today and thankfully people know me when they saw my reaction once someone cut the loaf!  It must have been the Disco light that did it in the wine cooler!

75% hydration Champlain, 1 hour AL, Rubaud combined with slap & fold, 3 X 30 min tucking in dough each side (coiling) and then left dough alone until end of bulk, bulked 50%, bench rest 15 min and cinching for final shaping.

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knowing that you are dying to find out what it will look like inside and the love that goes into making it!  Kat


Everyone was so encouraging about the previous loaf that I tried again this morning.and see how consistent I can be.....again same old 71% white and this time I scored right by the side of the loaf rather than the middle....have not cut it yet.....:D


Hi All,

So sorry to be too late for solstice bake...I had 10 teenage boys in the garden on that evening for a World Cup football barbecue and baked lots of bread is amazing what boys can manage to eat in a short period of time!!!!

So, this is my go to 71% hydration mainly white loaf with a tiny bit of WW flour and they managed to have 3 of those with their sausages and burgers!

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Well, thought I give this one a go as I was visiting friends today and they so far have eaten a lot of Champlains!!

variation on breadtopia formula with changes as outlined below....ha, ha there is method to my madness or not.....

40% Kamut/Khorasan loaf with :

  • 300 g bread flour 

  • 200 g whole grain Kamut (

  • 360 g water 

  • 75 g leaven 

  • 10g salt (1.5 tsp)

  • 79% hydration without adding more water, 360g plus starter

I decided that 'my dough' would need a bit more water and added 

10g  water - when adding salt

10g - in bulk container so 83% hydration with leaven counted in.....

Leaven built from stiff starter, 1:2:2 , 30:60:60 at 7:30 and in proofer 76F and then put  at 11 AM room temp to slow down..

AL 12:15 – 78Dough temp with 360g warm water in proofer, dough temp 78F

13:30 Add 75g Leaven ONLY  to dough, 75F 1st Rubaud mix, 10 min rest, add salt 10g and 10g water and 2nd Rubaud mix

14: 00 Start Bulk , 10g water in bulk container dough temp75F

15:00 1 S&F dough temp76F

16:00 2 S&F 75F

17:00 3 S & F 77F - coiling 

17:30 Pre-Shape – using coiling like Trevor IG

and then briefly rounded using bench scraper

18:00 Final Shaping a la Trevor

 for proofier dough...and this worked really well but forgot to take photos as this stage....too pre-occupied!

straight into fridge which varies from 2C to 5C depending on it's mood

Bake straight out of fridge

6:15 following morning ....



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Yep...I am still  learning to bake this formula trying different stiff or wet starters and also have been a bit more

scientific in measuring the amount of on this one I really 'focused' and only let it go to 30% with that domed look as well as bubbles and activity....and then straight in to the fridge for 12 hours at 5 - 3 C....

I love to get a 'balanced' looking loaf at the moment with good oven rise, crumb, crust and ears....(but boy would I love a 'big' ear!!!

I also tried the 'water trick' to see whether I get that 'darker look' with blisters... AND I also tried to shape tighter in final shaping to avoid 'sagging' of loaf....

The mantra is...and applies to everything in life really...

Don't think about the person you want to be think about the person you actually are...

You have to be honest where you're at to work through your barriers to be limitless....

Matt Kahn



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Ha, Ha....this time I created a 100% leaven from my 60% stiff starter and used it after 5 hours...didn't float and not rise that much and expected a flop but rise it did!!! experiment will be to up the hydration a bit more and to see whether my flour and my handling can cope!



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I've found the more I bake the more I realise what I don't know - like with everything in life...

After a number of bakes where I lacked oven spring and experimented with different flours...I've been given some brilliant advice to  go back to lower hydration and see what happens....So I tried Trevor's 65% hydration loaf but WITHOUT THE OVERNIGHT premix as I know that this totally degrades my weak UK flour from the Champlain bakes.

I also used my 60% hydration stiff starter which I started to use in the now getting warmer spring weather on the counter and feed every 12 hours..

Overall, I am happy and it did not the quickly 'sagging' during scoring so I am hopeful and shall up hydration slowly and see at what hydration point the 'sagging' happens. Could of course be my 'bad' handling or 'overproofing' or 'scoring'...ha, many possibilities.....

I think, I might bake this more as a great day to day sandwich bread.....

If anybody else has the 'slightly sagging' dilemma combined with 'oven spring but not just enough syndrome' and their findings would be great? I think the result of this lower hydration loaves makes me feel it is the hydration that I need to watch and flours....



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Hi Everyone,

I thought, I share what Trevor is posting on IG on 'Pioneer SD' bread...considering the thoughts we had here on 'open' crumb or not etc.  I find this inspiring stuff and there is a bread for everyone somewhere and they are all beautiful , I think....



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I have been baking the Champlain like mad and had so much starter that I thought I try a different loaf with different bread. This recipe is from Vanessa Kimbell in UK:

I followed a recipe in her 'Food for thought' book which is essentially like the one in the link...

However, note the following differences:

1. She suggests in the book 30 min MIX  of ALL ingredients (salt and starter included) - I used a bit more water at 325g water @ 28C, 100g leaven, 400g white , 100g whole, 10g salt 

2. I used after this the Rubauld method to create gluten...rather than just S & F and not too difficult as dough was not too stiff to do this..

3. 2 X 30 min S & F

4. 1 hour rest after last S & F and then tension folds to create structure and tried to let dough proof under tension created

5. I think roughly after 45 min pre-shape - dough was bubbly but not proofy yet as this can be a problem for me...

6. 1 hour bench rest- and pre-shape was quite tight and the shape relaxed to a nice pancake shape for final shape

Straight into banneton after final shaping and then fridge, I tried this time floured towel in banneton and covered the dough with the towel in fridge.

Still not the open crumb I yearn for and a lower hydration loaf but family and I eat happily the bread and I learnt lots rather than going for much wetter doughs which are not (YET ) in my league.....



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