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50% Swiss Ruchmehl loaf

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50% Swiss Ruchmehl loaf


A while ago I bought back some Swiss Ruchmehl from Germany and was curious about the

flour as Max Kugel, in Bonn bakes a lot with it in his bakery...

Last time it turned out to be an amazing bake and sadly I could not get my hands on it in UK....

But my fortune changed when I spotted Dark Swiss Flour on the Shipton Mill web site.

It did not give much information but when I baked with it, indeed it was very similar to the Ruchmehl, I thought...

The other day I saw a formula on blog and after contacting Alex, he confirmed that indeed the Shipton Mill Dark Swiss Flour is a Ruchmehl...

It is difficult to find information in English on the flour but it is like a 85% extraction flour that is not quite WW but darker than a strong bread flour....The taste is rustic and deep...although I mixed it with 25% Strong Organic White Marriages and 25% Strong Canadian flour. I might try it 100% next bake...and I think it will take more water easily...

This one was 78% hydration, 20% young leaven (ph 5 when I used it), 2 % salt.. , 2 hours autolyse, 30 min before adding salt after adding levain, slap and folds to develop gluten, 3 Stretch & folds and last 1 and 1/2 dough was left alone, pre-shape, 30 min benchrest and 30 min before going into wine cooler...

It was a warm day and tried to keep dough at 23C throughout whole process.

I can highly recommend this flour should you be in the UK and use Shipton Mill. No postage if you order min of £ 30 and lots of amazing flours there at a very good price!   Kat


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Absolutely gorgeous, Kat!  Crust, color, ear, crumb!  Wish I could sit down and share some with you!  Thanks for posting!


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and I might try it 100% next time...I wish I had some of that 85% extraction flour from US to compare... Kat

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Perfect in every way.  Excellent work!

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and I keep know how the word 'perfect' is difficult to apply to our loaves and we always find something...but I was happy with this bake... Kat

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That is one perfect loaf. I sure wish we could get flour like that here ! Lovely in every way Kat

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.. and great in every way. 

It shows off your great skill as a baker..

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and I think a key now to master better is the consistent shaping and what the hands are doing.....I baked this as a batch of 5 and sadly cannot compare all as I give them away but

depending on shaping, banneton and scoring they come out differently. I also wonder how much a different position in wine cooler or even in the B20 oven affects oven spring and small things like that.... so many variables... Kat

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Kat, your breads are always amazing. As is your curiosity and experiments!

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still lots to learn! Happy Baking... Kat