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25% Emmer flour and rest white loaves

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25% Emmer flour and rest white loaves

I found a package with Emmer flour in the larder that I had totally forgotten about so my weekly bake for friends consisted of 25% Emmer with the rest Marriages Strong White as I had not baked with this flour for a long time and did not want to go wild too quickly....and risk the friends ending up with disaster loaves...ha, ha....

I sadly could not cut into them and then used the same approach for another bake two days later that I almost forgot to cut into but managed to take a photo before it was all gone...

I often bake now 20% starter at 100% hydration (as colder now), 2% salt, 78% hydration which at a temp of 25C gives me a bulk of around 4 hours ish with a couple of coil folds on an hourly basis and left alone for the last hour or so...

I like to develop gluten a bit more upfront and normally do some slap and folds after I have added the salt...I can't tell anymore what the percentage of rise is but probably when I have more than one loaf bulking I play it a bit safe and don't let them go quite as high as 50% as I know the wine cooler will struggle with all those loaves and even at 4C they rise a little bit in there....

The Emmer flour was quite dark and I  loved the flavour so shall order more next time from Shipton Mill...


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beautiful loaves! I've never baked with emmer - another thing to add to my list! 

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great and I decided to bake more with it...the taste was delicious.... I am working slowly through my larder and also found some Einkorn flour...

Thank you so much and I bookmarked two formulas here just from this week....the to do list gets longer and longer...


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Beautiful bread Kat.


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and I love to try different flours...I seem to go through flour phases..or just use what seems to be in the cupboard...:D Kat