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44 Bake Room

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44 Bake Room

Hi all, I have not been posting for a a bit busy on a total new adventure and some may remember when I started baking here and baked the Champlain loaf with Dan on a community bake again and again....

I have now a little bake room at our house No. 44 and just started baking for a market as well as smaller subscriptions as I handmix only...

Just wanted to share a few random photos and I bake mainly with a new 'second hand' B40 Rofco but also still have my smaller B20 Rofco. No mixer but  a commercial fridge to finally not overproof in fridge anymore!!! Hah!  I made some shaping tables using Ikea trestles and wooden work tops.. everything is on wheels thanks to my husband making me trolleys which helps a lot...

Very early days and learning lots....biggest batch was 30 loaves for one market and happy with that...

This post is really a big thank you to the many of you here who have helped me to learn and it never stops...

Stay safe all of you...Kat


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Wow congratulations Kat, that is amazing to be doing something you obviously love and sharing it with others.  The bread is gorgeous.


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so much and early was special to get feed back from people directly at the market and beautiful when people come back...the market is now shut and thinking about how to approach things in coming weeks....`Your baking is making steady progress from what I see here!!!! Stay well... Kat

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Kat, I can only imagine how great it must be to have a dedicated space like that!

Wishing you well,

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I am certainly spoilt and especially right now it is vital to have a space that is much more easily managed with only me going in there..

Cleaning frantically, sanitizing, gloves...etc. pausing for now as markets are closed. Safety first! 

Stay well and do you have any flour left? Kat

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Nice set up!  Bread looks great, you've got some lucky customers no doubt.

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and thank you .....getting feed back from customers was one of the things I really enjoyed at the markets (two so far and now closed down). 


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N.a.c.l., I could marry your crazy-cat-lady aunt, just to eat that bread (and those cinnamon rolls) at family gatherings and major holidays. ;-)


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it is good to laugh and thank you so much! The boys in the house get sometimes tired of 'bread talk' but I make up with the food! 

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That's so exciting. Your bakes look scrumptious. Wishing you the best of luck. 

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so much and the learning never stops! Certainly getting stronger slinging batches of 10kg or so...mixers are just so expensive...Kat

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Great ...from Swiss to this!

Talk of a great example of 'sods law'...all proceeding to plan...superb bread...happy customers...virus..

Did I say? My wife's nephew is an owner of a bakery in the Loire area......flat out despite the virus...though he doesn't feel too safe dealing with customers.

He would probably be envious of your space here. He has staff in the back room working away..we went and saw him a few months ago (we were due to go today as well!!)

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and luckily I am under less financial pressure than many small bakeries as just me working from home without the responsibility of staff and rent and all that...

I saw many baker's recently stopping as they were increasingly concerned about their own & staff's safety working in close proximity...and also how to delivery or sell moving to contactless payment only, home delivery...or only one person into the shop etc. tough!

I follow a lot of micro-bakers and bakers on Instagram and amazing to see what different bakers come up with....such a hard decision.... I wish everyone the best and staying well.

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And to the community you belong. Now more people are able to sample your gorgeous bread! 

It's going to be hard on the food industry, especially those who operate solely brick-and-mortar stores. Bakeries don't seem as adversely affected though. In fact the sales of food staples like bread might even go up. Hopefully your small business will continue to flourish :)