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Maurizio's Seeded Sourdough

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Maurizio's Seeded Sourdough

Coated with white and black sesame seeds.. 

When I saw the other day Leslie's beautiful seeded loaf based on Ru's formula I felt inspired and dived into my books and online and on this site to look at different it was time for my weekly 4 loaves bake for friends.

In the end I settled for Maurizio's Seeded Sourdough as it included one of my favourite flour: durum...

I did not have the fennel seeds or lemon zest he included and left those out and replaced the fennel seeds with white sesame. Otherwise I more or lest stayed true to the formula and did not go I often do with forumulas.

One think I really like about Maurizio's formulas is that he states the temperatures and what to aim for...that is really so helpful, I find.

I used Strong Canadian WW flour being aware of the risk with American formulas and British flours but the rest was Marriages Strong Organic White and De Cecco Durum flour.

After much deliberation I also toasted ALL the seed and then put them in an overnight soaker whereas Maurizio did not toast all the seeds.

It made a beautiful dough and boy did it taste good!

Seeds incorporated during 2nd Stretch and Fold...

30 min bench rest after pre-shape


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Lovely as always.

Did the bulk take about the same time as Maurizio said it would? I am curious because your dough looks less puffy than Maurizio's did at the preshape stage (although your final result looks just as good).

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and bulk was near the 4 hours as Maurizio said..possibly more 3 1/2 hours and dough felt full of air but I tried not to let  it go too proofy as Maurizio said it could move quickly. It is an amazing tasting bread and must try the fennel seeds and lemon zest next time...

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absolutely an amazing loaf. I can’t eat seeds but wonder about just making it without? What do you think?

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without the seeds and then you have in essence a  mainly strong white...with approx. 16% durum and 8% 77% hydration looking at Maurizio's percentages.

It is not that different from a formula that I bake often as I love the combination durum and spelt..(just have that on the go at the moment)..

100g durum

100g spelt and the rest a stronger white bread flour.. 300g... and water up to 400g if you like or less..

I sometimes use 100g leaven but if you like a longer bulk the lower amount from Maurizio could work too...

The only thing I have found is that I balance the spelt/durum with a stronger flour so that the dough does not get too weak and wet, if that makes sense...

I was actually wondering to add olives to this combo but we don't have too many olive fans in the house here...   Kat

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i used Durum and spelt with rye in the unfed levain experiment. I love the combination. I’ve been meaning to try olives and sundried tomatoes together in a SD. I think you have pointed me in the right direction. 

Do you look at Perfect Sourdough forum on Facebook? It’s very different from this group but boy there are a lot of innovative creative bakers and most are very willing to share formulas and lengthy conversations do ensue. I check it most days. Several folks here post over there.... David Snyder for one. 

Thank you and gorgeous bake. c

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and I shall have a look...I am aware that there is a great yeast water group too and I must have a closer look..

Love to see your olive and sun dried tomato bake...that sounds delicious... Kat

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Eventually you'll get the hang of it.. :)

I keep meaning to make this loaf. It looks so good. Your crumb looks very soft and fluffy.. I have to move it up on my bread bucket list!

Well done!! frank!



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and practice makes true with most things in life!!!! 

That bread is magic and I will include the fennel seeds and lemon zest next time...Have a go, you will like it, I am sure! Kat

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That is some fine looking bread! Is junior getting into seeds now?

That top image is gorgeous.


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and yes a great way to get healthy stuff into a teenager....He has SD bread in his packed lunch every day! Not a biggie but makes me happy.... Kat

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Our Crumb

I’ve never “like”-clicked anything on a website before but if TFL had them (Don’t get any ideas Floyd!), I’d “like” this one, Kat.  Lovely bloom. 



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and the bread gods were kind to me that day! I am still learning how to get the best out of my B20 Rofco oven and recently I think that the second batch comes out with better bloom..Possibly better heat combined with steam..too much steam and they glaze over..too much top heat and they glaze over....

.I have learnt a lot by baking three or four breads as a batch and how they turn out the same or not...was it different shaping, position in the wine cooler, position in the oven...sooooo many variables...keeps my brain going.....  Kat

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You can easily get regular oval slices out of it: perfect for sandwiches! I'm amazed the crumb is still nicely open with so many seeds. Your loaves look beautiful as usual and with the seeded crust you can sell them for US$5 more :) 

Fennel seeds and lemon zest are pretty strong flavors. Sometimes I find them a bit over-powering... Your loaves should taste very different if they had been included. 

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Sorry for the late reply and sometimes I miss notifications. I know the black sesame seeds are a bit like golddust and very special...I have made the bread again in the meantime for a friend and worked well...I am not the greatest friend of fennel seeds myself and made it again without the lemon zest and fennel as I liked the taste as is...

It certainly will be a regular loaf in our house...I am also pondering on making a similar loaf but just to cover it in chia seeds as I've got loads of those and just saw a beautiful loaf like that by a baker in Korea...So many amazing and inspiring bakers out there....Kat

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Hi Really love this bread but very hard to handle such a wet dough .Can I reduce the hydration ?Every step work out but shaping is very difficult to do.Thanks