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another version of sprouted SD loaves.. i love these they came out just great. thought i share some pictures.


 boldly baked at 250C with steam for 15 mins and without steam at 220C 15 mins



featuring the batards..




all were taken to good homes, as you can see from the above picture courtesy from a Japanese friend. that was how she enjoyed the bread, with brie and a good white wine.

sorry did not take any pictures of the crumb. did not have any for myself to eat too! 

this again was an enjoyable bake :)


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sprouting again, organic winter wheat and three color quinoa..

it was a good bake..

crusty crust



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bleeding milk loaf...



blend a whole stick of vanilla with the sugar .. infused for a couple of days.

really brings out the frangrant of vanilla.

i sprinkled lemon thyme and crystal beets as i roll the dough.

soft, fragrant and fun!



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baking a  SD rye inspired by Khalid with little adaption of my own.

200g rye starter  at 100% hydration

54g dark rye flour

150g rye flour

25g whole spelt flour

200g bread flour

400g AP flour

600g water (hold back 240g)

15g salt

20 dates soaked in hot water 10mins. seeded n blend with 240g water

80g toasted sunflower seeds

dough hydration 72%

mix AP flour and Starter and 360g water. let rest 8 hours (sponge)

add pureed dates, salt, toasted sunflower seeds, all rye flour  and spelt n bread flour to the sponge till soft n smooth ball.

rest 40mins SF 3 times 30, 60 and 90 mins

shape and proofed 1- 2 hours. or retard in the fridge 8-12 hours

preheat oven 420 F .. bake with lava stone steam at 375 F 40 - 45 mins. remove lava stones tray after 15 mins.

yield 2 medium loaves




my mom's garden.. she lives 3 hours drive away from me. she caught a busy bee gathering honey from her bush flower tree :)



this bread have a good sour using a sponge method and i did retard the dough for 12 hours. suprisingly not sweet.. just hint of sweet from the dates.

little crunch from the beautiful green sunflower seeds.

good with smoke salmon n Gorgonzola !! 

happy baking and gardening 



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sprouting has been a routine now, since i don't have a flour miller. this is a good thing. been eating rye sprouts as rice with seared salmon and mushrooms even in my 5 eggs pecorino omelette. blend it in my protein drinks!! 

this is another way i used up the rye sprouts. baking SD bread.

a very simple formula.. 

300g starter

700g water (hold back 50g)

850g AP flour

200g sprouted rye flour (wet)

15g salt

add in

50g toasted flaxseed soaked in 50g water

basic SD bread method used. retarded overnight.

the number 10 ! 

made one with raisin and one without

this time i baked only till golden brown not dark brown.


crumb shot with raisin



enjoy... simple but satisfying :)


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German sour adapted from  halfpenny

(please follow instruction from above site)

i converted the cups to grams... and used fruits YW

Soaker (Poolish)
122.5g whole wheat flour
11.15g wheat bran
18.3g wheat germ
45g buckwheat flour
48g cracked wheat
1-2 tsp salt
1 cup liquid sourdough starter 100% hydration
¼ cup yeast water ( Banana)
2/3 cup warm water


Sponge (Scrap Dough)
330g white unbleached flour
½ cup steel cut oats
1/3 cup rolled oats
1-2 tsp salt
1 cup liquid sourdough starter
½ cup yeast water (raisin)


Final Dough
Make more yeast water (see above)
330g  white unbleached flour
½ cup molasses
½ cup honey
2 tsp celery seed
3 tsp poppy seed
1/4 cup flax seed (toasted n corse grind)
All sponge dough (pinch this off in 1 inch chunks as you add it)
All soaker dough
1 cup liquid sourdough starter. 100 hydration

1/2 cup of the Yeast Water (Riasin) added more YW 

 i made 4 medium small loaves

good taste of sour and lovely hint of celery seeds.. great texture. fruit YW made it soft .. eventhough it looks densed

had it with eggs and bacon and lots of greens.. 


thank you halfpenny it is a keeper :)

it is a good change from dried fruits version to wheats and oats


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baked this a while ago.. came out beautiful. (will be back to furnished the formula and the rest .. ) 

have to clean up and cook dinner now 



am back.. this is what i did


sprouted 300g organic black rice (total 4 days)

200g drained and cold dry in the fridge.. then blend till fine.

(100g left for add in)

150g organic coconut flour ( just love how this flour gives a good crunch after toast, fragrant as well) 

150g bob's red mill organic wholewheat flour

250g strong bread flour 14% protein

250 Gold unbleached AP

200g active starter

add ins

100g black rice sprouts

300g edamame (boiled n peeled)

100g toasted brown sesame seeds

a handful of dry ramie leaves, grind ( a local leaves used to make Hokkien O Ku Kueh)

700g water (50g hold back)

15g salt

2 tbsp rice malt syrup

mixed all the flour, rami leaves, rice malt syrup, starter n water

autolysed 40mins

add in salt n 50g hold back water

rest 40 mins

add in sesame seeds, sprouts and edamame (add water if needed)

rest 40mins

SF 3 times 30, 60, 90 mins

it was late, retarded the dough in the fridge, i did the third SF in the morning, put it back in the fridge.

came back in the afternoon.. took out rest to room temp. shape n bench rest 30mins. reshape and proofed in basket for 1 n half hour 

(check dough at all times)

baked in a preheated oven 250C with steam 15mins.. 20mins without steam. cool in oven with opened oven door 

black rice sprouts

2nd SF 




made 3 medium loaves



here are the crumb shot... bottom is wee bit dansed, why? how can i get it evenly open? 


as for the taste, it is a serious bread!! like eating from white rice, brown rice to black rice! need to get acquainted with the taste and grainy texture. overall, it is soft, chewy n pleasent grainy bite with nice crunch of the crust becos of baking with steam and boldly baked.

it is a lot of prep.. and time taken sprouting and etc.. as dabrownman said a bread without sprouts is like a solar without sun! 

so.. let's sprout and bake, happy sprouting and baking






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baked another SD pineapple enzyme(home made) Kamut, pumpkin sourdough bread with maple roasted bacon and celery ..

little changes to the first one i did.

no sprouted spelt .. substitute with Kamut flour and a little whole wheat. added 2 tablespoon of pineapple enzyme which my friend gave me (matured 30days) just experimenting.

check out this site

ran out of samolina flour for dusting.. used sunflower seeds n flour little messy.

i did add celery this time!


baked 3 loaves, all given away.reserved one slice for myself, toasted and this was my lunch today. it was very good indeed. 

the crumb had a different texture not chewy but soft with bites. might be the enzyme made it different. will try one more time to confirm. 

evon :)

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Sprouted spelt flour and coconut flour walnut paste pineapple beer sourdough loaves

this I must share.. turned out to be lovely. 

250g sprouted spelt grains (still wet but drained) (25% fresh milled flour)

50g toasted walnuts 

80g coconut oil (cold pressed Nui)

blend all above

140g bob's red mill desiccated coconut (blend till fine) can't get coconut flour here

250gram starter 100% hydration made with Taiwan's pineapple beer (took 7 hours to mature) mixed at 2pm

500g Canadian strong bread flour

250g Gold unbleached AP flour

500g Taiwan pineapple beer

100g water ( hold back)

12g sea salt 

i mixed everything and knead lightly for 3mins

autolysed for 45mins

add salt and water as desired from the 100g hold back ( getting a soft sticky dough) knead lightly to build the gluten of the dough rest 40mins

SF .. rest 40mins.. and SF total 3 times (no more messy sticky dough)

retard in the fridge.. (this was about 1am in the night)

came back from work today at 4pm

brought out from fridge rest half an hour.. (went for shower)

dusted tea cloth with rice flour on baking tray

divided to three, shape.. (was thinking of adding dried fruits!! lol erased that off my mind)

left it to rest half an hour on the table..  very hot day 35C

put back into fridge. pre heat oven to 250C with steam 

after 45mins checked dough (poke, poke).. waited further 15 mins.

transferred to parchment paper n score (pretty wet dough yet still holding shape)

baked 15 mins at 220C further 20 mins 200C 

so cotton like soft!! nutty and fragrant of the coconut. house smells wonderful. i wonder what made it so soft?? hmm..


this is a spontaneous bake. went supermarket yesterday saw the pineapple beer, bought a few others too, apple cider beer and German dark beer.

cheers :) really happy with this bread. do try!!

HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY to all mom 


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Spelt is in now... sprouted some spelt grains and baked with maple roasted bacon.. i forgot to add celery!!! hmmm.. next round.

cooling off in the oven..

took this picture the next morning before i go to work. catching the morning sunlight for a good picture.

beautiful rise for the batard. i got another piece of pizza stone to place it on the top tray of the oven as suggested from Khalid. dough might be over proofed slightly. cos i was on the phone with a friend who was holding me up with never ending conversation!!! i have to cut him off after almost more that half an hour chat to get back to my dough to bake.

this crumb shot is from the batard which i baked in the first round.

second round i baked the boules... which i think is really over proofed. did not get such open crumb.

a closer look at the open crumb.. and yes i did not put in enough of bacon bits!! forgot to buy more ( getting old, memory is sluggish)

this crumb shot from the second round of baking the boules. crumb not as open. ah.. bacon bits at sight!!

i roasted the bacon with maple syrup and couple spoons of olive oil. the oil is added to the dough.

some celery chunks will be brilliant... :(

 let's get to the formula!! headache.. lol (not really good at this, i will put in as much details as i can)

my guidelines

1kg flour

75% hydration

12gram of salt

200gram of starter

what i did...

after watching the video of Mark's potato rolls (thanks to Khalid for the link) i did the same with pumpkin. boiled the pumpkin till soft.. used the reserved liquid from the boil for the dough. i have 250gram of boiled pumpkin. mixed in with the 300g sprouted spelt flour (wet), 300g strong bread flour 400g AP, spelt starter and 500gram of the liquid. autolysed for 30- 45 mins. add in salt with 50g same liquid. rest for 45mins add in 1 cup bacon bits (how much!! the amount i have in hand at that moment)1 cup sprouted spelt grains and 50g of the same reserved water..( and 1 cup celery chunks if i remembered) rest 45mins.. SF. retard in fridge till next day.. 12-18 hours

shape and proofed for 1-2 hours

baked with steam in a preheated 450F oven for 30- 45mins

for this formula i did 2 small boules n 2 medium batards 

hope i explained it clear enough!!!  lol..


p/s it tasted great.. crusty crust n soft chewy smokey crumb..




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