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Sprouted Organic Wild Black Rice SD Bread

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Sprouted Organic Wild Black Rice SD Bread

baked this a while ago.. came out beautiful. (will be back to furnished the formula and the rest .. ) 

have to clean up and cook dinner now 



am back.. this is what i did


sprouted 300g organic black rice (total 4 days)

200g drained and cold dry in the fridge.. then blend till fine.

(100g left for add in)

150g organic coconut flour ( just love how this flour gives a good crunch after toast, fragrant as well) 

150g bob's red mill organic wholewheat flour

250g strong bread flour 14% protein

250 Gold unbleached AP

200g active starter

add ins

100g black rice sprouts

300g edamame (boiled n peeled)

100g toasted brown sesame seeds

a handful of dry ramie leaves, grind ( a local leaves used to make Hokkien O Ku Kueh)

700g water (50g hold back)

15g salt

2 tbsp rice malt syrup

mixed all the flour, rami leaves, rice malt syrup, starter n water

autolysed 40mins

add in salt n 50g hold back water

rest 40 mins

add in sesame seeds, sprouts and edamame (add water if needed)

rest 40mins

SF 3 times 30, 60, 90 mins

it was late, retarded the dough in the fridge, i did the third SF in the morning, put it back in the fridge.

came back in the afternoon.. took out rest to room temp. shape n bench rest 30mins. reshape and proofed in basket for 1 n half hour 

(check dough at all times)

baked in a preheated oven 250C with steam 15mins.. 20mins without steam. cool in oven with opened oven door 

black rice sprouts

2nd SF 




made 3 medium loaves



here are the crumb shot... bottom is wee bit dansed, why? how can i get it evenly open? 


as for the taste, it is a serious bread!! like eating from white rice, brown rice to black rice! need to get acquainted with the taste and grainy texture. overall, it is soft, chewy n pleasent grainy bite with nice crunch of the crust becos of baking with steam and boldly baked.

it is a lot of prep.. and time taken sprouting and etc.. as dabrownman said a bread without sprouts is like a solar without sun! 

so.. let's sprout and bake, happy sprouting and baking







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Lookin forward to the crumb shot.  You bake some wonderful looking breads.  You play with ingredients in such a fun and unique way.  I really like the rice idea and just might have to try this.  I don't think I can get those leaves so I'll have to skip them(any suggested alternative? that I could find in the states).  I myself don't care for edamame so I'll eave those out as well.  I'm pretty sure you'd have a loyal customer base if you opened up shop.  Taking bread in directions few have and or will.  And they always look of professional quality.  Very nice

happy baking


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hi Josh, i shop around to look for unique ingredients that i can get hold of.. 

the edamame is for contrast of color. u can leave them out. as for the leaves you can replace it with tea leaves eg. Jasmine tea leaves or edible green tea leaves.

i am baking for my local friends, most of them eat fine flour soft bread. i am trying to get them to appreciate whole grain sourdough bread. baking my bread with a twist to attract them!! lol... working well so far, they are hooked. 

thanks Josh for your kind words


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bake.  Now I have op get my black rice sprouting.  Bread without sprouts or soaker is a day without sun shine even though we don't worry about that in the Valley of the Sun but this will be the first week over 100 F every day.  We love edamame and always have some in the freezer - what a great color contrasting choice.

Love the scoring and the boldly baked crust.  Can't wait to see the crumb and and what you think of the taste.  What lucky friends you have!  You are lucky to have such good friends to bake for - they have to be converted by now or soon are any rate,

Happy baking Evon


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Just fantastic!

I love the look and sound of this one Evon.  I'm sure your crumb shot will look great as it usually does.  Please let us know how this tastes and if you can taste the rice and beans in this one.  I have to give the coconut flour a go again.  the last few times I used it i was not happy as the crumb became too closed and dense but I may have used too much I think.


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hi Ian, toasted one slice top it with my all time favorite avocado n butter. very good, u must try one more time with coconut flour. it gives a crunch like panko breaded .. slice it thick if u like a crunch and a cushion sort of chew!! 

eat it on its own, yes definitely taste the black rice and edamame.

used 15 % - 20 % coconut flour against the total bread flour.

looking forward to your next post !!


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Another Smashing Bake!



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is just fine and I don't see  a too dense bottom crumb.  It is still open and irregular and nothing to worry about at all. A very nice crumb overall.  I've got the black rice sprouting  for some kind of bake on Friday;

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a good baking on Friday!! so excited for you... i made some banana yeast water.. bubling very well, not as i expected. fragrant as well. so, i am thinking sprouted spelt with German Erdinger dark beer,banana YW and toasted wheat germ /pecans .. molasses?


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really interesting Evon.  I think i might have drowned the black rice.  I wanted to soak it for 4 hours before draining it off and letting it sprout but forgot about it and it was soaking for at least 8 hours ::(  If it doesn't sprout I will just cook it up and use it that way.  How long did yours take to sprout?  That way i will know if I killed it off.

With the dark beer, molasses or barley malt syrup should work for you mix.  Some red non diastolic malt would be nice too.

Look forward to your bake

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Very impressive, Evon, how all these ingredients finally came together in a solid mass! Gluten in wheat is such a magical material.

I'd eat this bread plain... just plain, so mauch goodness is already there.

Wonderful bread, Evon.


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hi Khalid, i was keeping my fingers crossed all the time. putting myself in dabrownman head to guide me along!!! 

it is rewarding able to munch all that goodness :)


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How do you get that deep rich color on your crust? Temperature? Brushed with...?


Santa Cruz

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Hi Jerry, the color was contributed from the ramie leaves and the coconut flour. I baked at 250C with steam 15 mins. Turning every 5 mins. Lower temperature to 220C for further 15 mins. Rest in oven for 15 mins. Cool on rack.