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Rye sourdough with emirates dates

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Rye sourdough with emirates dates

baking a  SD rye inspired by Khalid with little adaption of my own.

200g rye starter  at 100% hydration

54g dark rye flour

150g rye flour

25g whole spelt flour

200g bread flour

400g AP flour

600g water (hold back 240g)

15g salt

20 dates soaked in hot water 10mins. seeded n blend with 240g water

80g toasted sunflower seeds

dough hydration 72%

mix AP flour and Starter and 360g water. let rest 8 hours (sponge)

add pureed dates, salt, toasted sunflower seeds, all rye flour  and spelt n bread flour to the sponge till soft n smooth ball.

rest 40mins SF 3 times 30, 60 and 90 mins

shape and proofed 1- 2 hours. or retard in the fridge 8-12 hours

preheat oven 420 F .. bake with lava stone steam at 375 F 40 - 45 mins. remove lava stones tray after 15 mins.

yield 2 medium loaves




my mom's garden.. she lives 3 hours drive away from me. she caught a busy bee gathering honey from her bush flower tree :)



this bread have a good sour using a sponge method and i did retard the dough for 12 hours. suprisingly not sweet.. just hint of sweet from the dates.

little crunch from the beautiful green sunflower seeds.

good with smoke salmon n Gorgonzola !! 

happy baking and gardening 




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Hi Evon,

What a beautiful loaf.  I love the color of the crust.  Love the garden photo too with the bee.  Nice to see what bees look like in your part of the world :)

When I use dates in breads I have to add a lot to get the sweetness to come through.  A trick I learned from a loaf Breadsong posted HERE.  Makes an expensive loaf so I usually cut back and the sweetness still comes through.

Thanks for the post and photos.

I love seeing what you are creating.

Take Care,


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hi Janet, thanks for the link .. i was wondering why. 

looking farward for your next post


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thanks .. 

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Nice coloured crust. Is spelt used for any technical reason? 

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.. lol.. spelt is from my itchy hands just a personal touch!!

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baked and a crust that has to be caramelized tasty!  We like this bread better than the last one just on the crust alone!  Dates are though to bake with since they don't have much bang for the their size as compared to figs or prunes and you have to use a lot of them. 

Nice baking as usual Evon!

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most of my breads were for my friends.. they have personal preference. some like it hot some like it cold and some like it in the pot!!

as for me i like a bold one.. 

this was my first time baking with dates, they really don't have much bang :( the emirates dates were a gift from a Japanese friend who came back from Doha after 2 years. 

thought i used it in my bake.. lesson learnt


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and the flowers!   Beautiful as always.  -Varda

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thanks Varda!

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Love the idea of pairing dates with rye, inspiring!   Beautiful loaves.

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it gives a good color.. make sure don't blend it too fine, if you like to taste the dates.


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Another beauty Evon.

I have not used dates in ages but I think I will try it soon.

Nice dark crust which must have been nice and chewy.

Great photo from your Mom's garden as well.


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thanks Ian..  read the link from Janet above if you are gonna use dates in your bake.