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Warburton's Bread

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Warburton's Bread

I'm confused why most supermarket white sliced breads (in particular Warburtons') have slices that can only be torn in one direction; from the top of the loaf downwards. (Never width-ways).  Can anyone explain this?  The only explaination I can think of is that the bread is woven... :)

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Hi lizz 1155,

Much of the explanation for this phenomenon comes from the intensive mixing process used to develop the dough to the maximum.   The use of a number of additives which contribute in various ways to creating further strengthening of the dough is also key.   Additionally, the divided dough pieces are then chopped into 4, moulded round, then turned through 90 degrees before being panned.   This is known as 4 piecing and you can read more about it here: and here: and here:   Additionally, I can reommend reading posts by txfarmer covering her fantastic "shreddable" breads.   Note the level of mixing she employs, even by hand, or in a small machine.

The Chorleywood Bread Process; some are currently wishing it Happy 50th Birthday right now, others just say "Good riddance"!

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