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forgot the text!!!!!!!!

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weather report

forgot the text!!!!!!!!

Sorry everyone,must be the Xmas cheer kicking in but I forgot to post the text!!!!!!!

Hi everyone.A newbie here and love the site.Many thanks to all the artisan bakers who provide such fantastic hints and info.I've been making bread for only a few months now and am just getting to understand some of the quirks and idiosynchracies of the beast yeast!!! I started off making damper(I think an Australian "bush" bread cooked in a camp oven) and have since progressed to my own style herb bread,for which I have had orders from some of my clients(my wife and I have our own gardening business here in Cairns Queensland,Australia.).We don't have any problems finding a warm place for the fermentation rise here in the tropics,but sometimes the yeast doesn't play the game(we only use active dry yeast at the moment)Many herbs go into the flour mix,eg.thyme, rosemary, cumin,carraway, nigella etc. and somehow after 35 mins on the barbeque it turns out beautifully.I guess I must have fluked it somewhere along the line!!!!!!Anyway thanks to all involved on the site.


 post the text!!!!!!!

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vince hav

welcome weather your in the future huh?? you know...?.. cause your already a day ahead of me here in ms...j/k