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water roux starter

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Water roux method - ratio of roux to other flour

October 23, 2012 - 7:46pm -- cmf

I've been wanting to try the water roux method for a bit now and have trolled around The Fresh Loaf and the internet to get an idea of the ratio of roux to flour but either I'm dense or no one says, for example: use 50 gm roux for a recipe containing 500 gm flour.

Is there an optimum ratio for the roux to the rest of the flour in any given recipe?  10% by weight, 20%?



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Simple White Bread with Water Roux

May 23, 2011 - 4:20am -- Juergen Krauss


I made some Hokkaido Milky Bread using water roux starter - the only formula where I used this so far.

I had about 200g starter left over and wondered what to do with it -

I decided to make the basic white bread which I know quite a bit from porevious experiments.

The overall formula is simple: Flour 100%, water 70%, salt 2%, fresh yeast 2%

The amounts I used this time:

Flour is Shipton Mill No 1

Water Roux starter:

Flour 20g

Water 100g


Flour 280g

Water 110g

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Thanks to Yippee for her recipe, I managed to do this soft white milk loaf. Obviously I didn't read the instructions properly and end up with 1 loaf of bread which I could have split into 2. Anyhow, I believe I will make this bread again.

I can't find the link to upload the picture here, somehow it disappeared on me occasionally. But here's my link to what I was referring to. I will try again to upload the picture the next time.

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End of the week,  my family who has been away from me for a week are coming back.  That's also an excuse for me to bake for them again.  I wanted to do something that they like,  and for a change,  a sweet dough recipe is good.  Inspiration from Home Happy Baking - a fantastic baker,  with beautiful pics and blogs,  I made these heart shaped tuna buns and blue berry buns.


With the weather turning really warm,  I do save time in proofing,  but my hands have to work really fast. Check out my post - My full post is here.  





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2 bakes in a day.  This wholemeal roll is a mixed of bread flour and wholemeal.  Wanted to try something else for a change  small rolls using the water roux starter,  with 2 bites and they are gone.  I didn't expect it to turn out so tiny,  measured carefully at 40g per piece.  Anyway,  the most difficult I find is try to shape this.  I read the instructions and  after the 5th ball, I think I got it.  Shape the ball into a cone shape,  roll flat into triangle,  and roll it up from the bottom (wider part of the triangle).  Give it a few roll to tighten it a little. Let it proof for about 1 hour, until it is puffy.  I always wonder if I proof enough?  Well, it had a good oven spring,  and certainly the taste is pretty good,  soft and sweet and a little salty.  To read more:  here's the link.  

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I'm so happy to say that after so many tries of making white breads,  I finally got the taste and texture that I wanted.  Very very soft bread,  with a good slightly burnt crust.  Although without sugar,  the taste is sweet,  perhaps due to the water roux,  the overnight dough and butter.  This bread does requires time at least 12 hours waiting time,  but with good planning,  it'll work.


This type of bread is suppose to maintain its softness.  Well,  I will find out tomorrow. (yes - it remains soft even after 12 hours without toasting or heating up, 48 hours later and it remains soft, no heating up required,  unless you really don't like cold soft bread)


Click here for recipe:






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