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Elagins's picture -- Open for Business!!!

September 3, 2009 - 3:30pm -- Elagins

As you know, I've been thinking about starting up an e-biz directed at amateur bread bakers and have raised the issue here a few times.

At last, I'm very pleased to announce (with Floyd's consent) the opening of my new company, THE NEW YORK BAKERS, and our website,

The goal of THE NEW YORK BAKERS is to offer home bread bakers a source for all of the the ingredients, supplies and equipment that we typically can't find at retail, in sensible quantities and at reasonable prices.

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  Hi everyone, ist post ever, so I am not sure I am doing this right. My question is:

Does anyone know where to buy untreated parchment? That is,

 no silicone etc.  Thanks, Ray


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Where parchment doesn't work

March 27, 2009 - 7:42pm -- xaipete

I learn most things by experience, and this evening taught me that it isn't a very good idea to put parchment paper under a pizza that you are going to cook on a stone on the BBQ. Wow, it was really exciting! The parchment paper immediately caught fire and melted into the pizza. The pizza also was really black on the bottom--I mean really black (think it was a combination of the heat of the stone and the ability of what Bruce would term the lowest of low grades of parchment's ability to melt into anything subjected to 600 degrees).

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Parchment Paper

February 12, 2009 - 7:45am -- xaipete

I was able to purchase 1000 sheets (full sheet-pan size) of parchment paper from a supplier for a under $35.00 including tax. I was skeptical about this purchase because it was such a large quantity, but went ahead with it anyway because of the price.

So what if I just purchased a life-time supply of sheets; it makes sense price-wise and I can store the box under a bed.

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Calzone, Pizza Stone and Parchment Paper

April 1, 2007 - 6:39pm -- verminiusrex

I did a little experiment for dinner the other day. I wanted to bake some calzones using Alton Brown's pizza dough recipe, bake it on my pizza stone, and see if the bottom browns as well using parchment paper instead of being put directly on the stone. The results were faboo.

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