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News & Information for Amateur Bakers and Artisan Bread Enthusiasts -- Open for Business!!!

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Elagins -- Open for Business!!!

As you know, I've been thinking about starting up an e-biz directed at amateur bread bakers and have raised the issue here a few times.

At last, I'm very pleased to announce (with Floyd's consent) the opening of my new company, THE NEW YORK BAKERS, and our website,

The goal of THE NEW YORK BAKERS is to offer home bread bakers a source for all of the the ingredients, supplies and equipment that we typically can't find at retail, in sensible quantities and at reasonable prices.

As hobbyist bread bakers, I think we all understand the challenges of finding what we need, and it was my dissatisfaction with what's currently out there that motivated me to make THE NEW YORK BAKERS a reality. Over time, I'm hopeful that it will grow into a valuable resource for all of us who love baking bread -- not to mention sharing it.

Again, our address is Please stop in and have a look around. There's lots of good stuff there, and more to come.

Elagins aka Stan Ginsberg, Proprietor

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Nice to see someone else selling the stuff we love!


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Congratulations, Stan! 

Here's to wishing you the best of luck getting the business off the ground.  I just placed an order.

I gotta say, is a great domain name, one you can't easily forget.

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Congratulations, nice to have some local supplies!


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Great site! I just placed an order and I like your shipping costs. Very reasonable pricing over all. I'll support you for all of those hard to find items.

Product idea: Dough scrapers, the kind with one side straight and the other rounded. For some reason they are hard to find.


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Robert Arthur


Do you have a storefront or retail location?  My wife and I are visiting the "Big Apple" in November for sight-seeing and a show.  We might stop by if not too far of the "beaten path".

Either way, GOOD LUCK!!

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Robert, I'm in San Diego, which is a ways away from NYC. The name comes from the fact that I grew up there and learned to bake from my grandmothers. I also learned what really, really good bread, made by hand in neighborhood bakeries, tasted like. Everything I do now around baking is about bringing back all those wonderful things that runaway commercialization and mass production have taken away.

I don't have a store, but if/when you ever get to San Diego, I'll be happy to give you a tour of my warehouse/distribution facility.