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It has been a while since I have baked something from Inside the Jewish Bakery -- too long.  Beigle or Hungarian filled rolls as described in the book are still one of the BEST things I have ever taken out of my oven!

Walnut and almond you say? Well I made a 1/4 batch of walnut filling and it was only good to cover half of the rolled out dough. Out of walnuts, I made a second batch of filling using almonds, so the inner part is walnut and the outer rolls almond. YUMMY!!!

I have frozen most of it, but there is still a slice on my cutting board and as my chicken dinner is cooking in the smoker, I sneak small slices of this beigle heaven!

Happy baking! Ski

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This was my first pizza using Italian 00 flour. It was noticeably more slack and extensible than the strong bread flour I am used to working with. Boy did it make great pizza crust! Home made tomato gravy topped with fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, Hungarian salami, (my favourite!), prosciutto and Reggiano parmigiana.  Great pizza!  I need to start another dough batch.

Total recipe was 350 g flour @ 73% hydration.  I used 50g liquid levain, 30g durham semolina and 295g 00 flour, and 7g salt.

I can see why 00 flour is prized for pizza crust!  In my small mountain town a 1kg bag of 00 is $2.95. This compares to the 20kg bags I buy out of the bakery back door for $25. Sigh! I may have to take a drive into the big city.

Happy baking and happy eating!  Ski

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Just wanted to show off my successful new slashing style!

Sourdough boule - Starter 785 g, water 245 g, bread flour 545 g, sea salt 17 g - knead 5 min with dough hook, rest 5 min, knead 5 min with dough hook, shape, rest 20 min, reshape, rise in frig ~ 20 hours, slash, 30 min 450 degrees, 20 min 400 degrees... try not to cut into until done cooling on rack

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So Finally I did a Danish Rugbrot.  I got the recipe on line and altered it only a little bit.  It is loaded with: rye berries, cracked rye, wheat berries, bulgur wheat, flax seed and sunflower seeds.  No commercial yeast at all. And no coloring.

Night before dough I added the levain to the soaker all the berries, grains & seeds minus the sunflower seeds. Here's what it looked like next morning. bubbles

Then I added the flours (AP and Dark rye).  Let it rise a couple hours. Scooped into pans, let it rise another hour, then baked off.

Crumb shotcrumb shot It is delicious!

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Anne-Marie B

Back home and baking again. A new starter bubbling away on the counter. 

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My daughter is going to party with a bunch of her Chi Oh Friends from college tomorrow and they are making Bruschetta.  Guess who gets to supply the bread by request – Lucy! Ever since she made her way to the Pumpkin Cover, she has been in big demand – at least in her head.

I told her the Punkin’ Thing is like being on a milk carton but she wasn’t buying it largely because she said she hasn’t gone missing – and I said yet!  One of the breads has to be some kind of light whole multigrain SFSD.

My daughter thought one ought to be a similar bread grain wise but with some EVOO, sun dried tomato, garlic and rosemary bread like our pizza dough.  Lucy thought that one should be a yeast water and SD bread…. just to make it taste even more different and give us a chance to use the long neglected YW hiding in the back of the fridge for months on end.

Then we could refresh it and let it sit for a few more months as we made one SD bread after another again.  Lucy says that YW is too stupid to know it is being neglected, abused and taken advantage of but she looked a bit shocked when I told her that was exactly what the YW says said about her too.

Both of these breads were made with the same 5. whole grains Kamut, spelt, rye, red and white wheat. The YW bread levain had 24% pre-fermented flour using Lafama AP flour.  After 8 hours, the 100% hydration YW levain was stirred down and 4 g of NMNF rye SD starter was added.  The levain was then fermented for another 8 hours.

The whole grains for the YW dough flour totaled 19 % and the remaining dough flour was 50% Lafama AP and bread flour.  The 1T rosemary, 2T sun dried tomato and 1 clove of garlic were to taste. It was a great dough to work with because it was 71% hydration overall.  We used 2% pink Himalayan sea salt.

The SD bread levain was a, 12 hour,  3 stage. 100% hydration bran levain for the first stage, using 17% pre-fermented flour.  The next two stages were high extraction portion of the whole grains.  The rest of the dough flour was Albertson’s bread flour.

Both of the breads had the same gluten development of 40 slap and folds, followed by 3 sets of stretch and folds all on 1 hour intervals.  The YW bread was then shaped into an oval

This week's galette is our very favorite one Apple, Snockered Dried Fruits and Fresh Ginger 

The SD bread was not retarded and placed into a rice floured basket for a counter proof.  Both of the breads wee baked at the same time.  The YW bread was baked in a DO and the SD bread was baked on a stone with Mega Lava Rock Steam so the oven had both baking methods going on at the same time – a first even for Lucy!

The white bread is more lofty but the herbed one is more open and has more irregular holes.  Who knew?

We did 5 minutes of steam at 500F then 13 minutes at 450 F.  We then took the lid of one and removed the steam pan for the other, turned the oven down to 425 F for 14 more minutes of dry baking when the bread browned up.  Both breads read 208 F when they were removed to the cooling rack.

The herb YW bread smelled better and blistered up nicely like a cool retarded white bread should but the SD bread rose taller, bloomed a bit more and got a shade darker than the YW bread.  Both were perfectly acceptable but I would guess the crumb on the SD will be a bit better too.

We will have to wait on the crumb shots tomorrow since my daughter only get half of each bread for her soiree with the girls.  Both of these breads are tasty and oddly the not as tall, herb bread is the more open one.

My wife and I might have to have the same dinner as the girls.  The SD bread toasted with butter, red raspberry jam, goat brie cheese and egg, sausage and thick apple wood smoked bacon made a fine breakfast sandwich.

Lucy says - Don't forget that salad or maybe two of them


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I followed Chad Robertson's recipe for country rye loaf here, flavour is great, sweet and nutty, although crumb is a little firm

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Cuisine Fiend

One of my recent efforts, using a refreshed wheat starter based on pineaple juice. The loaf reasonably tasty and crusty - I wished for more air bubbles but perhaps the amount of seeds makes the dough heavier? Either that, or it should have had higher hydration, but it was damn sticky already and not that easy to work with!

Here's how, and below the result.

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Tonight I experimented with Russian bread "Stolichny". It was baked with liquid levain. It is the GOST-bread. (GOST (Russian: ГОСТ) refers to a set of technical standards maintained by the a regional standards organization in USSR). 

Levain for this bread needs 3-phase refreshing. On the first two refreshings I added a little bit of barley flour (it will be about 10% of all flour). 

I do not recommend to add barley flour in the dough directly. Because it significantly reduces the quality of the bread. But the addition of the flour in the sponge or levain makes bread more interesting, in my opinion. In any case, the amount of barley flour should not exceed 20% in bread.


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