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I just got a request from my daughter for some bread to take back to her compatriots at PA school at UTMB.  She said nothing fancy with olives figs and raisins since she hated all of them.  She likes the whole grains and seeds and some nuts but hasn’t had a chance to taste any sprouted grain bread.


I mentioned that Lucy had come up with her version of Jalapeno and Cheddar bread that we liked at Sunflower bakery in Galveston and she though she would like that but not to make any for her friends that not might be a hest tolerant as she is after eating 23 years of her Dad’s hot and spicy Mexican treats.


So Lucy was thrown into a quandary for this weeks bake – nothing fancy and we had bake twice as much of it while still having the variety that the girls would like.  Both would be sourdough made from the 3 day starter stored 3 weeks in the fridge.


One would be sprouted grains, 11 of them, but no more than 40% sprouted total.  The other would be a slightly modified 1.2.3 that would have some whole grain – 14% but  not sprouted.  So, it would be more of a white dough since the whole grain would only be in the levain at 136 g for the 1 of 1, 2, 3  This white SD bread would have a baked scald and flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds to make it more flavorful, healthy and nutritious.


That was the plan at any rate and all went well from start to finish.   We split the stored 100% rye starter in half and fed it 40 g of whole rye one time and both halves doubled in 2 hours so it was still a very vigorous starter.


While the levain was warming up and doubling we autolysed the dough flour and the water with the salt sprinkled on top.   We also did the scald for the seeded loaf by taking 20 g of whole rye and wheat, 20 g of flax seed and 5 gram of red malt with 45 g of water and baked it at 150 F convection with the door open on the mini oven for 2 hours.


We toped up the water at the 1 hour mark and then again when it finished so that the scald weighed 90 g when finished.  Since the scald was at 100% hydration the overall hydration was around 77%.


We did our usual 3 sets of slap and folds and 3 sets of stretch and folds where the seeds were added on the first set of stretch and folds for the seeded version.  We then did a bulk retard of 15 hours before doing a pre -shape and shape right from the fridge the next morning.  The unseeded bread doubled in the fridge and the seeded bread tripled!


We let the cold dough warm up and final proof for 2 hours before hitting the heat of the oven with the sprouted bread under the oval turkey roaster cloche and the seeded boule in the combo cooker.  We turned the oven down to 450 F when the bread went in and steamed the bread for 18 minutes.


When the lids came off we turned he oven down to 425 F. convection this time, and continued baking until the bottoms thumped done and crust was brown – about 15 more minutes - our probe thermometer has been broken or need new batteries for several weeks now.  We did take the boule off the combo base 6 minutes after the lid cam off.


The dough looked liked it had over proofed on the counter before we loaded it but I was wrong.   It sprang well, bloomed wonderfully and blistered hardly at all since the dough was not cold.   Thank goodness for small favors since these are gift loaves - at least 3/4th of each are at any rate.


Can’t wait to see what the inside looks like. The crumb came out fairly open, soft, moist and glossy.  Both breads taste wonderful.  the plain sprouted bread is not as heatry and earthy as the bread with seeds but they both make for some fine sandwiches for lunch and toast for breakfast.  The plain one will try out grilled with EVOO., basil. Parmesan and cracked pepper for a dinner appetizer.


 Sprouted 11 Grain Sourdough


SD Levain BuildBuild 1Total%
3 week Retarded Rye Sour55559.43%
Whole Rye and 40406.86%
Levain Totals % 
Whole Rye and Wheat67.511.57% 
Levain Hydration100.00%  
Dough Flour % 
KA AP17529.99% 
LaFama AP17529.99% 
76.5% Extraction Sprouted 11 Grain 13022.28% 
Total Dough Flour51688.43% 
Dough Hydration72.09%  
Total Flour w/ Starter & Scald583.5  
Hydration with Starter and Scald75.32%  
Total Weight1,084  
% Whole Sprouted Grain40.02%  
11 grain sprouted flour is equal amounts of wheat, rye, 
 barley, spelt. FarroKamut, Desert Durum, Pima Club, Sonora
 White, buckwheat & oat   
The seeded bread has 20 g each of flax, sunflower and pumpkin 
seeds.  The fax, 10 g each of WW and Whole rye and 5 g of 
red malt are  in thescald with 45 g of water.  

Lucy says not to forge that salad to go with the Apricot & Nut Tart 



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We had all kinds of milestones this week.  First off it was Lucy’s birthday.  She was 11 on Tuesday but as she says.... she really was Numero Uno twice that day.  She celebrated by rushing up the introduction of her newest bread product called ‘Lucy’s Bread Balm.’


She has been working on this one for a while and it is based on all the problems she sees that Fresh Lofians have with their breads and….. almost by magic cures them all.  Hard to believe I know but she swears by the stuff.


Oddly, the upper left is LaFama AP then clockwise is the whole sprouted 4 grain and the bottom right is the KA Bread Flour which is the whites of these flours.

Over or under proofed – no problem.  Forget to add something like the salt, starter or the yeast – no worries.  Bread won’t brown or browns too much – forget about it.  Too much water and spreads like a Frisbee or dry as a bone - piece of cake


Gummy crumb, no holes or flying roof -not to worry.  Bread won’t rise, tastes like cardboard, hard as a rock or worse, smells like a wet German Baking Apprentice 2nd Class - really not a problem at all.


It is very easy to use too.  It comes ready to use in a tooth paste tube.  What I used today was a prototype and it really was in a used tooth past tube.  All you do is rub or spread it on the finished bread while it is still warm and poof….. all the problems go away in an instant - even if there is more than one.  Pretty cutting edge goo for sure even though this goo doesn't really have an edge and I can’t think of any that do.


Better than genetically marked nanobots that attack and kill cancer cells in the human body without harming the non cancer cells while improving your IQ by 50 points if you ask me.  But it has to work.   Sadly, Lucy’s latest crap in the used toothpaste tube just didn't work for me at all today.  At least not the way I wanted it to.


It did goop up the outside of the loaf like Dippity Doo would if they still made the stuff.  Now the loaf catches flies like nobodies business.   So, all was not lost and luckily this is the fly season around here.  It is like magnet for the little buggers.


After a short while, the outside of the loaf took on a whole new look most of us haven’t seen before.  It was almost art in the most abstract way and getting better with every fly it caught!


Back to this week’s bake.  For Real Bread Week, we decided to bake real bread if there ever was such a thing and luckily there is.  Their website is full of what real bread is and is not so there isn't much left to chance.   But of course, Lucy’s recipe fell right into what is a real bread crack if there ever was one.


We had made yogurt earlier in the week and had planned on using the whey for the liquid in this sprouted SD bread.   But their definition of sourdough bread can only have sourdough in to make the sour, - no yogurt, no acids like vinegar allowed or anything else that makes a sour taste in the bread.  It sounds very strict.


Well Lucy doesn't think that yogurt whey is technically yogurt and yogurt whey wasn't listed explicitly as an absolute no no. But we decided to leave it out to be safe rather than being branded a cheater, traitor or worse a terrorist too stupid to understand the real bread rules by the Real Bread Baking World during Real Bread Week.  We have enough problems with flies around here as it is.


The levain used for this bread was the last of the 3 day old whole rye starter we made two weeks ago for the pumpernickel bake that was retarded for 2 weeks in the fridge at 36 F. It came in a 13% pre-fermented whole flour.   Even though it was very young and retarded early, it didn't seem to mind at all and was a vigorous as it was on day 3.  None of Lucy’s Bread Balm needed there.


The sprouted whole grains came up to 40% and with the 20 g of baked scald of whole rye, red and white malt at 100% hydration and with the 100% hydration whole rye starter the overall hydration came in at 78%.


We did our usual 2 hour autolyse with no levain or salt as the levain warmed on the counter.  Once everything cam together we did out usual 3 sets each of slap and folds and stretch and folds on 20 minute intervals.   The extra 65 grams (dry weight)  of 4 grain sprouts were incorporated on the first set of stretch and folds. 


Another version of the apple, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry galette.

The sprouted dough flour and the sprouts were equal amounts of wheat, spelt, Kamut and rye.   The dough was pre-shaped into a squat oval and then shaped and placed into a rice floured oval basket and then immediately bagged in a used trash can liner and placed in the fridge for a 12 hour retard with no bulk ferment on the counter.


This is where things went terribly wrong.  Instead of a 12 hour retard it ended up being a bit under 18 hours.  At first glance I knew it was horribly over proofed.  Normally I would just have done a couple of stretch and folds, reshaped it and done the real final, final, proof on the counter but I had my secret weapon - Lucy’s Bread Balm - so no worries.


With CA apricots just hitting the produce store, how long can it be before we are making that Southern favorite - Apricot Hand Pies?.

Sure enough as soon as the dough was slashed it starting to spread faster then butter on a hot car hood in the AZ summer.  I covered it with the bottom of the WagnerWare MagnaLite turkey roaster and hoped for the best.  I also forgot to turn the oven down to 450 F from the 500 F preheat though.... so the first 18 minutes under the cloche, it was hotter than normal – no worries though..... I had Lucy’s Bread Balm at the ready.


In keeping with this week's thene of flat bread that taste great - the Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Bread made a great anchor for this fine lunch sandwich plate,

When the lid came off it was true to form.  The dough had spread out to a typical oval Frisbee shape if they made oval Frisbees,  The higher temperature just made the spreading worse than a normal, massively over proofed loaf  12 minutes after the lid came off the bread seemed done with a total baking time of 30 minutes for this 1,000 g puddle of a loaf .


We love grilled salmon and it is extra special with grilled onions peppers and mushrooms with the first white corn of the season.

Will have to wait to lunch time to see how bad the crumb turned out.   At least the flies like it and we like that.  Looks flat, tastes great!  Looks flat, tastes great!  The crumb is a bit open if squished thinner than we like.  It is very moist and soft.  The taste is absolutely superb!  Thank goodness for small favors!  I ate 3 plain pieces of this bread before you could say Lucy's Bread Balm 3 times.  We love sprouted grains, baked scalds and the great bread they make ....even if shaped like an oval Frisbee.  Now Lucy has to back work on her bread balm improvements. 




2 Wk Retarded Rye Starter






Whole Sprouted Grain



Bread & AP Flour 50/50



Dough Water






Add In Sprouts






Total Weight w/o Scald



Total Hydration



Whole Sprouted Grain



Pre-fermented Flour



The 10 g of whole rye and 5 g each of the red and white malt and the 20 g of water are not included in the above weight – total weight is 1,009 g.

And Lucy reminds us to not forget the salad!

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We had that great 3 day whole rye starter from last Friday’s pumpernickel bake.  We had thickened it up some to store in the fridge for this week’s bake and some for next week’s bake too.


Since it wasn’t 100% hydration we added extra water and since there was so much whole and sprouted grain we upped the hydration to 75% from the standard 71% of 1:2:3 recipes.  The levain weighted 130 g with 75G of whole rye in it at 75% hydration


We sprouted equal amounts of WW and rye totaling 102 g over Tuesday night and dried them on Wednesday.   We took the levian out of the fridge to warm up on Thursday making the starter /levain a whole week old, and did the autolyse of the dough flour and water with the salt sprinkled on top.


The dough ended up being 38% whole grains with 16 % whole rye and 22% sprouted whole rye and wheat.  The dough flour was the 102 g of sprouted rye and wheat and 144 grams each of Sprouts unbleached AP from their bins and King Arthur bread flour.


We like the mix of sprouted whole grains, AP and bread flour and find that this mix has plenty of protein and gluten to make a great loaf of bread without the overkill and high cost of bread flour alone.


After a 2 hour rest we added the levain and mixed everything together and then did 6 minutes of slap and folds followed by a set of half a minutes and one of 6 slap and folds all on 20 minute intervals.  3 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points, also on 20 minute intervals


We rested the dough for a 1 hour bulk ferment on the counter before putting the dough in the fridge for a 16 hour bulk retard.  The next morning the dough had more than doubled in the fridge. 


We let the dough warm up for an hour before shaping the dough into a boule and placing it in a rice floured basket seam side down since we planned on baking this bread in a Combo Cooker seam side up with no scoring.


We fired up BO Betsy to 500 F an hour after the bagged counter proof started so that the proof on the counter would be somewhere around 2 hours.   We upended the dough onto parchment on a peel and transferred it to the CI CC and put it in the oven on the bottom stone while turning the oven down to 450 F for 18 minutes of steam.


Once the lid came off we turned the oven down to 425 F convection and baked it another 5 minutes before taking the bread out of the CC to let it finish baking on the stone.  12 minutes after the lid came off the bread thumped done on the bottom and it was allowed to crisp on the bottom stone for 5 minutes with the oven off and door ajar.


It bloomed sprang and cracked on the seams well enough and browned up to that mahogany color we love so much.   A nice looking loaf overall.  We will have to wait to see how the crumb came out and see how it tastes for lunch.  The crumb turned out soft, moist glossy and fairly open for this kind of bread.  It tastes wonderful and made a fine sandwich for lunch.  Nothing like sprouted grains in bread to really bring out the best flavor.

And Lucy reminds us to not forget that salad with that grilled salmon dinner


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This was the weirdest pizza dough we have ever crafted.  We too some of our discard from the 3 day old rye starter and feed it some white flour and then a 1:2:3 SD mix with it for a planned pizza the next day.  Sadly, things got in the way after we punched this dough down after the bulk ferment and put it in the fridge.  It sat there for a full 72 hours before we got around to making pizza - which I do not not recommend - 24 hours is plenty for the retard.

In this case, all the sugar was used up in the fridge and the dough didn't brown properly due to a lack of sugar left in the dough.   So i left it in the oven longer which made the toppings darker than our usual.  it wasn't burned but the whole pizza had a caramelized taste - not bad but different.  So if you plan on pizza the next day i would stick to the schedule.

We do something new for Cinco de Mayo every year.  Sometimes mole, carnitas or burritos or enchiladas or tamales from various parts of Mexico since they all have their own varieties of flavors.  This year we did street chicken tacos from Veracruz.  It takes all day to make the flour and corn tortillas, tiny ones in this case, the green and red sauces, marinate the meat, make the beans, guacamole, pico di gillo, grill the onions and fresh chilies, roast the tomatillos, re-hydrate the red chilies, shred the cabbage and cheeses and marinate the pickled red onions and, cucumbers and green chilies - whew!  But if you want authentic Mexican, just like a good SD bread, it has to be home made and it takes time to do it right - not that Lucy is much help being German but after nearly 11 years she has picked up a few of the basics.

Plus, if you aren't from Veracruz you have to find out what the street tacos are supposed t be like there too:-)  in any event the chicken came out delicious.  Veracruz is  my new favorite way to grill chicken.   The marinade has a lot of stuff in it but it is worth it.  Before re-hydrating the dried chilies for the red sauce - 2 arbol ,1 each: ancho, hot and mild new Mexican, Guajillo, negro and chipotle chilies - take half of them and grind them in a spice mill until it becomes powder.

This powder is the basis of the marinade along with some achiote paste, garlic, red onion, Mexican Key lime, silver tequila, orange juice, agave syrup, cumin, coriander, fresh cilantro, olive oil with S&P.   I put a bit of green habanero in there to really spice things up - a different more harsh and less fruity taste than the orange ones.  Just yummy after it sits for 4 hours in the fridge - Make sure to use thighs and drumsticks for the chicken.


Hope everyone had a fine Cinco de Mayo even if you didn't get to slave in the kitchen all day Veracruz taco style like Lucy did.


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After seeing greedybread post the dark pumpernickel from ITJB.  I just knew that Lucy would want to make her version of this bread since she is nuts about pumpernickel and sometimes just plain nuts.  Here are 2  posts


What really got us about this recipe is that you spend the first 3 days making a whole rye starter from scratch over (3) 24 hour stages  feeding it 75 g of whole rye and 55 g of water for the first 3 days and throwing half away before the 3rd feeding.


Our starter rose 50% the first 24 hours and 100% after the 2nd 24 hours.  The 3rd 24 hours it doubled 4 times!  Unbelievable, so I took some of it and made a levain for some white bread for yesterday’s normal Friday bake.  This starter broke Joe Ortiz’s record for fastest starter to make a decent loaf of sourdough bread by 24 hours.


At the 72 hour mark you feed it again and then 6 hours later you do it again both times with increasing rye flour and water that ends up making a soupy mess  that is then refrigerated overnight – in our case 12 hours  You wouldn’t believe how much this was bubbling away when it went into the fridge for the retard so I took a picture!


Lucy made some other changes – doesn’t she always?  She used some coarse sprouted whole rye for some of the coarse whole rye before the retard and she used some coarse sprouted whole wheat for some of the bread flour after it came out of the retard.  This got the whole and sprouted whole grain up to 60% of the total with the rest being KA bread flour


Instead of using instant yeast in the final dough I jut dropped it.  This sourdough was too powerful to need it as a crutch.  Since we dropped the instant yeast, we treated the dough like a SD with 60% whole grains by doing 3 sets of slap and folds and knowing that the bulk ferment and final proof would be much longer too.


We also decided to bake this bread two ways by adding raisins, walnuts, caraway and pumpkin seeds to 725 g of the dough and baking it in a DO while baking the remaining 800 g plus under the Magnalite cloche.  We scored the plain loaf like a Jewish Deli Rye and scored the fruit nut and seed boule in a T-Rex.


We baked the breads for 30 minutes under cover at 350 F and then did another 25 minutes at 340 F convection once the lids came off and we let the bread sit on the stone for 5 minutes after the oven was turned off.


For some reason, the bread did not get that dark color like greedybread’s example.  It was really kind of disappointing.  Still the bread did bloom, spring and brown OK with the boule getting a bit darker.  It needs to cool for a few hours before cutting them open.

This bread is first and foremost delicious.  Secondly the crumb is soft, glossy  moist and open.  I've never had a pumpernickel with home made caramel and sprouted grains.   it was worth the 5 days of work to get it made.  For the life of me I don't know why the bread didn't come out as dark as it was supposed to.   I'm pretty sure I followed all the recipe instructions correctly and baked it right.  I've never had a bread come out so different before..... no is terrific just as it is and made the best ever fresh ahi tuna sandwich for lunch


SD Levain Build

Build 1-3

Build 4

 Build 5



Whole rye






Sprouted rye and Sprouted Wheat
























Levain Totals






Whole Rye












Levain Hydration






% Prefermented  Flour












Dough Flour






KA Bread Flour






Coarse Whole Rye






Whole Sprouted Wheat






Total Dough Flour


















Dough Water












Total Flour w/ Starter


















Hydration with Starter and Scald






Total Weight






% Whole & Sprouted Grain


















130 g of starter was discarded before the 3rd feeding.  The first 3



 feedings were 75 g of whole rye and 55 g of water










After dividing in half, we added 50 g each of pumpkin seeds, walnuts and


raisins and 5 g of caraway seeds to one half.






Lucy reminds us to have a salad with that bean, cheese, onion, red and green pepper, crema, chicken and verde mole enchilada. 


dabrownman's picture

Hey look Mom!  No sprouts in this bread…….We had planned on making a Dark Pumpernickel based on the IJTB formula that greedybread made a few weeks ago.  But this recipe calls for making a rye starter from scratch that calls for a discard at the end of 48 hours.


Well, you know how much I hat to discard any food, so I took the discard from the 2nd feeding at the 48 hour mark here and feed it again to make this basic 1:2:3 sourdough bread.  We were out of white bread anyway and this one came out 15% whole rye which is white bread around here.


This starter had risen 50% in the first 24 hours and had doubled after the 2nd feeding at the 48 hour mark.  The amazing part was that it doubled 4 times, stirring it down each time after the 3rd feeding and by the end of 72 hours.  Wow! That is when we knew it was ready to raise a loaf of white bread if not the heavy pumpernickel it would raise tomorrow


We originally made the dough at what we thought was the standard 71%  or this recipe but forgot the levain was not 100% hydration like the recipe calls for but only 73% hydration.  So we added enough water to get it up to an overall 71% hydration.


After trying to slap this dough around we knew it was still too dry since the rest of the flour was bread flour from Winco’s bins.  We added another 50 g of water to get the dough to where it felt like a 71% hydration dough that you could do 2 slaps to 1 fold with. 


After 3 sets of slap and folds on 20 minute intervals and 3 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points on 30 minute intervals we did 90 minutes of bulk ferment on the 88 F counter. Before pre-shaping and after a 10 minute wait for the final shaping, the dough was placed seam side down in a rice floured basket.


It was bagged and left on the counter for a 90 minute shaped proof and then placed in the fridge for 1 hour shaped retard.  Once the dough came out of the fridge to warm up we firs up BO Betsy to a 500 F preheat with the combo cooker on the bottom stone


Once BOB said she was ready we un-molded the dough onto parchment on a peel and then slashed it in a triangle and slid it into the combo cooker for 18 minutes of covered steam while turning the oven down to 450 F when the bread went in.


Once the lid came off we turned the oven down to 425 F and continued baking for 5 minutes when we took the bread off the bottom of the combo cooker so it could finish baking on the bottom stone.  After 7 more minutes when the bread thumped done on the bottom, we then turned of the oven and left the bread  on the stone for 5 more minutes with oven door ajar to really crisp the skin,


The bread sprang bloomed and browed very well for a 3 day old starter.  It even got some blisters on the skin too.  Can’t wait to cit into it for dinner and see hoe the crumb fared – so far so good.  Can’t wait to make the dark pumpernickel tomorrow with this same starter the old school way.  

Lucy reminds us to not forget that great salad to go with the Ahi Tuna Tacos


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Lucy loves her science.  We were watching a show on the Science Channel where noted physicists were predicting their favorite way of how the earth could be destroyed – a lovely topic if there ever was one ....and sure to make one as comfy as could be.


All the ways were really kind of frightening and there wasn't much we could do about most of them it seems - another comforting thought.  A gamma ray burst from a large exploding near by star would wipe us out and fry us for an alien’s dinner too. Or, being hit by a rouge planet would easily do the trick and a rouge star could come close enough to fling us out of the solar system where we would freeze in deep space near absolute zero.


Then there was the ever present wandering black hole that could gobble us up and maybe spit some our remains into the void of space.  It also seems that the earth loses its magnetic field every 640,000 years or so as the poles switch from north to south.  During this switch, comic rays will bombard the earth frying every living thing to irradiated dust since there would be no magnetic field to divert these pesky rays away


I especially liked this one since it has been about 640,000 years since the poles last switched and it seems the magnetic field of the earth is weakening right now heading for a switch and has already lost 10% of ability to divert cosmic rays.  Then there was the large comet or asteroid hitting the earth and wiping us out like the dinosaurs.  Then there was the ever present notion of us killing ourselves by blowing ourselves up with nukes causing a nuclear winter - not that we notice a real climate change since we would all be dead.


But, by far and away, Lucy’s favorite was Strange Matter.  This strange matter is made in the massive gravity present on the inside of neutron stars.  It seems under great pressure, some building blocks of matter; quarks, can merge in an unusual way where strange quarks merge with other strange quarks to make Strangelets.  These strangelets can apparently exist outside the confines of a neutron star which means that our earth might run into one of them in space as we fly around in it all willy nilly.


It seems that when regular matter touches a strangelet the result is that the regular matter turns into strange matter which is like an amorphous sticky goo.  Right off Lucy though that for sure this might be the reason why some of our dough turns onto goo if it is over proofed and over fermented   But, when I told her that if a strangelet came into contact with the earth, the entire earth would turn to strange matter goo, she then thought maybe that is why people and their barking, baking apprentices should always be wary of strangers.  I think she might be right about that,


That’s enough of ‘Death by Stranger’s' and now it’s time to move on to this week’s bake that thankfully didn’t turn into goo.  At first glance, it might look like a similar bake to our more recent penchant of baking sprouted grain bread …..and it is with a couple of exceptions   First we cut the sprouted grains down to around 25%  and used Guinness for the dough liquid.


We also changed our method by doing: 2 hours of dough development, 2 hours of bulk ferment on the counter, 3 hours of retarded bulk ferment in the fridge.  We then warmed the dough on the counter for 1 hour warm up on the counter, pre-shaped and shaped the dough into a boule, placing it in a rice floured basket, bagging it and retarding for 12 more hours.. 


After an hour warming on the counter the next morning, we preheated the combo cooker to 500 F. slashed the loaf T-Rex style and baked the bread for 18 minutes with the lid on and 15 minutes with the lid off.  It sprang, bloomed, blistered and browned well enough but we will have to wait until lunch time to check out the crumb.  My wife is taking this loaf to work for her Friday, after work, get together for drinks and food.  Hope they like it.  This bread is delicious, sour and the Guinness came through in taste as well as color this time,.  The crumb is soft ,moist and glossy but we didn't have it for lunch since we had a fantastic sausage in a YW bun instead.  If there is some left over from the party maybe we can have a sandwich tomorrow


SD Levain Build

Build 1

Build 2

 Build 3



6 week Retarded Rye Sour






Sprouted 26% Extraction 4 Grain






74% Extraction Sprouted 4 Grain
























Levain Totals






Sprouted 4 Grain Flour












Levain Hydration






% Pre-fermented  Flour












Dough Flour






LaFama AP






74% Extraction Sprouted 4 Grain






Total Dough Flour






























Dough Hydration






Total Flour w/ Starter & Scald






Guinness 240  + Water












Hydration with Starter and Scald






Total Weight






% Whole Sprouted Grain






Red and White Malt












The baked scald is 20 g of sprouted 4 grain 78% extraction



plus 5 g each of red and white malts with 30 g of water










4 grain sprouted flour is equal amounts of wheat, rye, barley & spelt


Lucy says not to forget the salad...... or the apple, strawberry and blueberry tart either.


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Lucy has had a bit of Desert Durum berries burning a hole in her pantry.  We can’t get any more until this year’s AZ crop comes in since last year’s crop is all sold out.  She decided to use it up with some whole sprouted and milled 4 grain consisting of rye, spelt barley and wheat.


With some LaFama AP this bread came in at 64% whole grain and half of that was sprouted.  Per our recent usual, we used 6 g of 5 week retarded rye sour starter and fed it the sifted hard bits from the Desert Durum and sprouted grains for the 3 stage levain build over 10 hours and then refrigerated it for 24 hours to bring out the sour.


The sprouting started on Tuesday, with the drying, milling and levain building on Wednesday.  On Thursday we baked the scald for 2 hours and did a 2 hour autolyse with the dough flour and water and salt sprinkled on top as the levain warmed up on the counter. 


Once the levain and baked scald hit the mix we did 3 sets of slap and folds on 8.1.and 1 minutes followed by 3 sets of stretch and folds – all on 20 minute intervals.  The pumpkin, poppy, ground flax and chia seeds were incorporated into the mix during the first set of stretch and folds.


The 40 g of chia and poppy seeds were soaked in 60 g of water which was not included in the hydration calculations.   Once the gluten development was done we moved away from out usual methods and decided to let the dough ferment on the counter for 2 hours before pre-shaping and shaping Altamura style.


The dough was then placed in a bartard shaped, cloth lined basket with the folded side up (so the fold wouldn’t be squished) for final proofing in the fridge over 12 hours.  After warming up on the counter for an hour, we had to use a flipper board to get it out of the basket and flipped to folded side up on the parchment covered peel when it was time for the oven.


Because of the fold, no slashing was necessary.  The bread slid easily onto the bottom stone in a Mega Steamed oven at 500 F.  Once the oven door was closed, the oven temperature was immediately turned down to 450 F.  The bread was baked with steam for 12 minutes.  Once the steam came out, we continued to bake, at 425 F convection until the bread hit 208 F. 


The oven was then turned off but the bread was left on the stone till it hit 210 F our favorite temperature for sprouted grain breads.  The bread blistered, bloomed and sprang pretty well.  It also browned up beautifully to the mahogany color we love so much.  The crust was very crisp.


We will have to wait till after lunch to see how the crumb came out and have a taste.  The crumb came out a little more dense than we wanted but ,with so much whole grain and seeds in there, it wasn't too bad.   Soft moist and very tasty with the sprouted flour and seeds really coming. through,  A very deep , complex and earthy taste for sure.  We like it a lot and so would you. 


Real authentic Altamura bread would be made with at least 80% durum, 20% stiff levain and a hydration of around 60% using water from Altamura and baked by a baker there too!  So this isn't anywhere near a real Altamura but, it is shaped like one (not the Pope’s hat though) so it qualifies a semi sorta like Altamura in Lucy’s kitchen :-)

This bread made for fine sandwich for lunch today with the usual salad, fruits veggies, cheese, salty olives with some pickled red onion and jalapenos.


SD Levain Build

Build 1

Build 2

 Build 3



5 week Retarded Rye Sour






15% Extraction Desert Durum






Sprouted 22% Extraction 4 Grain
























Levain Totals






Sprouted 4 Grain Flour












Levain Hydration












Dough Flour






85% ExtractionDesert Durum






LaFama AP






78% Extraction Sprouted 4 Grain






Total Dough Flour






























Dough Hydration






Total Flour w/ Starter & Scald


















Hydration with Starter and scald






Total Weight






% Whole Sprouted Grain






% Whole Grain






20 g ea Sesame, Flax & Poppy Seeds






Pumpkin Seeds






Red and White Malt












The baked scald is 10 each g of sprouted 4 grain 72 % and 85% extraction

Desert Durum plus 5 g each of red and white malts with 30 g of water








4 grain sprouted flour is equal amounts of wheat, rye, barley & spelt








The flax seeds were coarsely ground.  The poppy and chia



seeds were soaked in 60 g of water That was  not included in hydration




And Lucy reminds us to never ever forget that fine salad. 

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It had been forever since we had last used our yeast water – months in fact.  It had been hiding out in the fridge like a forgotten SD starter.  We wondered if it was still alive.  After building the 3 stage levain, and waiting for 16 hours for it to double we decided to feed the YW starter and let it hide out in the fridge some more.


We retarded the YW levain for 24 hours like we do most levains and hoped it would be a little better the next day but decided to add 1/8th tsp of instant yeast to the initial mix just in case.  Lucy whipped up a fast recipe that was sort of a weakly enriched dough with butter, egg and sugar using half AP and half bread flour from Winco and skim  milk for the dough liquid.


We also got to use our KA mixer for the first time in ages and really only use it for enriched dough now a days. We tossed everything in except the butter and beat the heck out of it for 4 minutes on speed 4 and then added the butter reducing the speed to 2 for another 4 minutes and back up to 4 for 2 more minutes.


We then let the dough rest for 30 minutes before doing 10 slap and folds followed by another 30 minute rest followed by 10 more slap and folds followed by an hour rest this time .  We did a stretch and fold to see how the dough was doing and decided to let it ferment for another hour before shaping.


After shaping the dough was left to proof for 2 ½ hours before brushing on the egg wash and firing up the oven to 375 F.  We baked then for 10 minutes before turning the pan around to get an even color on the buns.  Once they got good and brown we moved them to the cooling rack.


They sure looked good but will have to wait and see how they taste and look on the inside once dinner rolls around.  The buns were perfect.  Open soft and moist but sadly, no sourdough taste we love much.  Still these were fine hot dog buns and we are glad we keep YW around just for such things..


YW Levain Build

Build 1

Build 2

 Build 3



Yeast Water
























Levain Totals






AP Flour












Levain Hydration






Levain % of Total Flour












Dough Flour






Winco AP & Bread Flour 50/50






1/8th tsp of Instant Yeast
























Dough Hydration






Total Flour w/ Starter






Water and Milk 248












Hydration with Starter






Total Weight
























Egg (1 large)






Total Add Ins












Total Hydration w/ Starter & Adds








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