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Index for My Blog Entries - will keep updating and linking to it

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Index for My Blog Entries - will keep updating and linking to it

My favorite 36 hours Sourdough baguette and its many variations:

Other baguettes:

Sourdough breads can be very soft and fluffy:

100% whole wheat breads can be very soft and fluffy too, SD or not:

My obsession for laminated dough:

Other stuff made with starters:

Other non-sourdough stuff:


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This is GREAT!!  Thank you, txfarmer. :)

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Thank you!

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Fantastic, TxFarmer!


A wealth of info, so much work you put into it... and we profit from it all!

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Thank you! 

Sylvia : )

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This is going to come in handy, thanks!


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Thank you for consolidating all of these links/threads/topics into an easily accessable format for those of us who get lost easily :-).

I really appreciate all of the time and effort you put into this and have made available for all of us here.

 I, for one, have learned a lot by following your baking adventures and by bringing them into my own kitchen.  My concept of baking with sourdough has expanded tremendoulsy due to your willingness to bake 'out side of the box'.


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Hello txfarmer,
I can't help but think this index would make a splendid Table of Contents for a "Txfarmer Bread Book"!
Thanks for indexing all of your beautiful posts - a wonderful reference.
:^) from breadsong

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I can't help but think this index would make a splendid Table of Contents for a "Txfarmer Bread Book"!

If such a happy day will come some day, please make sure it'll be sold on this side of pond, too! :)

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I thought an index would help me to organize and find what I have done, it's great that some of you find it helpful too! Thank you everyone for the kind words!

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Much appreciated - thank you!  and what a wonderful collection!!

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Txfarmer, Thank you, thank you!

impressive collection! It's easier to search a recipe now, and I appreciate the fact that you took the time to categorise all the good "stuff" you baked.


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Thank you for sharing your recipe links. I make sandwich bread weekly for my daughter, the soft sourdough loaf is the next on my list. Your photography is top notch!


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didn't try to do this after a couple of hundred bread baking experiences.  That would be to much for anyone - except for the super baker extraordinaire txfarmer who has way more than that hidden away somewhere.  I fully expect a concrete bread made with a nuts an bolts scald,  Portland cement and steel reinforcement bars to find its way onto your fine list before you are done :-)

Thanks for all of your efforts.

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Thanks for sharing and updating, Txfarmer!


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Just saw your amazing index.  Please put it all (well, the ones you love the best) in a book--and keep us posted..  


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I am not good at getting around the internet and I need help with the sandwich recipe.  however,if someone answers I hope I can find it.  Will come back to this blog looking for a response.  this will be my 3rd attempt.  I'am about to the point of leaving my email in hopes of anyone to help me.



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sourdough bread (actually, all of your white and whole wheat sourdoughs). Is there anywhere else I might find them, or a way you could repost the pictures? I'm particularly interested in your kneading technique, the pictures of the shaping. I've been agonizing over this! I so so so want to make beautiful, soft sourdough likes yours.