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Sweet Potato Sourdough with Walnuts

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Sweet Potato Sourdough with Walnuts

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We live in downtown Seattle with lots of good restaurants, however very few of them have good bread.  The other day, I went to a pretty upscale bistro nearby for lunch, great food but the "baked on site sourdough bread" was below average. The baguette was tight crumbed and hard to chew, the walnut sourdough was also tough with little flavor. It's a shame that a place with such fresh and imaginitive menu doesn't pay more attention to their bread offering.

Came home and made this walnut soudough to satisfy my bread craving. Threw in some sweet potato puree, ww flour, and maple syrup for more flavor.

Bread Flour, 228g
WW Flour, 70g
Sweet Potato Puree, 105g
Starter(100%), 105g
Water, 152g
Salt, 5g
Maple Syrup, 18g
Walnuts, 77g, toasted

1. Mix everything but walnuts, autolyse for 20 to 60min,mix @ medium speed for 3-4 min until gluten starts to develope, mix in walnuts.
2. Bulk rise at room temp (~75F) for about 2.5hrs. S&F at 30, 60, 90min.
4. Shape, put in basketes smooth side down, put in fridge over night.
5. Next morning take the dough out to finish proofing, about 70min for me. Score.
6. Bake at 450F with steam for 15min, lower to 420, bake for another 25min.

Sutle sweetness from sweet potato works great with sourdough, maple syrup, and ww flour. Walnuts adds fragrance and crunch.

Cheese, red wine, good sourdough bread - my idea of a perfect meal.

I found a very good cheese shop nearby, this German limburger cheese is deliciously stinky (it was compared to "body odor", and I still bought it!).


Using the same batch of sweet potato puree, I made some muffins

With topping and some cream cheese filling so they are extra yummy. Forgot exactly which recipe I used, but I do remember it's a good basic pumpkin muffin recipe I based these on. 


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I love the ideas you have with different ingredients and this latest is no exception.  Both look very nice and tasty.

Maybe you should bake one of your loaves and take it down to the bistro and let them have a sample?  Who knows, you might be able to land a night job :-)

Just what you need with your busy schedule  :-0

Thanks for the post and the recipe.

Take Care,



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Thanks Janet! That bistro has a brick oven too, maybe I need to bring them some bread so that I can use it. ;)

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Great looking bread, love that your crumb is so open.  Sweet potato, maple syrup walnuts and sourdough sound like a wonderful combination.

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Your bread looks awesome.  Great recipe.


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Thanks isand66!


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You're very welcome...I posted a recipe this morning using pecans, ale and roasted garlic. I actually wanted to add some potatoes but I forgot unfortunately.  I think it came out pretty good for my first sourdough with nuts.  Will have to give yours a try soon.  Working on a roasted potato, corn, cheese bread right now....

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Lovely, txfarmer!


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Thanks David!

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Just wow, as breadness!



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"total braedness" - I like that phrase. ;)

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What an excellent bread! Lovely, Txfarmer. Apparently, Those Bistros are overrated (not that i have visited any).

Question: What is your steaming technique? and were do you place it in your oven?

Thanks in advance.

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I steam the conventional way: a cast iron tray underneath, pour some hot water, load, pour more hot water, close oven. 10-15mins into baking, open door to get ride of excess steam, keep baking. I place my loaves on the middle rack. Hope it helps!

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I'm with you all the way.  Good bread with good cheese and good wine is right up there with those 3 and some kind of  chocolate  yumminess for desert ! 

I found some sweet potato flour at my local Chinese market.  Have you ever baked with it?

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No I haven't baked with sweet potato flour, sorry, no help there.

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I imagine it would be similar to potato flour which tends to add some tenderness to the bread and longer shelf life.  I would think it would make the bread a little sweeter.

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Thank you, Txfarmer!

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Hi, I just tried this recipe for the second time.  The first time I baked the bread I mistook butternut squash for the sweet potato!!  It was still excellent ☺This time I used sweet potato.  Lovely recipe.  Thank you.