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Buckwheat Levain From "Local Breads" - plus some buckwheat noodle

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Buckwheat Levain From "Local Breads" - plus some buckwheat noodle

Thank goodness for TFL, and good thing I did a search here before making this formula (I always do that with this book, just too many errors). The starter amount is wrong in the book, should be 75g rather than 300g. With that corrected, the process was pretty painless.


I was careful not to overproof since the dough has quite a bit of gluten-less buckwheat flour in it, and it's hot hot hot here in Dallas. Nice open scoring marks with good volume.


Crumb is more open than I expected, especially with all that kneading. I love the nutty taste of buckwheat, crumb is chewy, crust is crisp, very fragrant.


It's a bread I will definitely make this bread again.


I finally bought a hand cranked old fashion pasta roller, made buckwheat noodles! Told ya I love buckwheat.


Took a few tries to get it right, but it worked once I figured out the appropriate recipe. It's from my Cooks Illustrated Pasta and Noodle book, but here's an online version that's similar:


A nice light dinner.



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Txfarmer these look delicious!

I have tried myself to bake Leader's buckwheat levain but the starter was too dry- I mean like crumbling in my hands and it didn;t turn out well. You did an exelent job!



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Did you adjust the levain according to your starter hydration? For my 100% starter, I used 65g starter, 10g more water, after that the levain was indeed pretty dry, not the "smooth pasty dough" in the book. It does stay together though.

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Your bread looks wonderful. Considering the written recipes in that book, you did a great job.

The noodles and soup are very life like. Excellent composition and lighting. Your graduation certificate is in the mail.:>)


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So where do I register for the advanced class? :P

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Ok, I received a nice pasta maker for Christmas and have used it several times the following week.  When making most of the flat type pasta's I've had no problem at all.  HOWEVER, when ever i switch to that square spaghetti type cutter the thing always clogs.  Anyone have any idea why this is happening.  The cutters clog up and the dough gets all gummed up in the cutters.

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Do you use a hand cranked one? I only have the attachment that comes with the machine, only flat type cutter. I did read that if the cutter is clogged, you have to thoroughly clear it, otherwise the following batches would clog.

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louie brown

Is there an accurate formula for this bread on TFL? I don't have the book, but I do have some buckwheat flour, some of which is intended for blinis. Any other ideas besides pancakes for using the balance would be welcomed also.