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Parmesan Batter Bread - so easy, so quick

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Parmesan Batter Bread - so easy, so quick

Recipe is from KAF(, I used instant yeast rather than active dry, which means I could skip the "warm milk to proof" bit, and make the whole thing even easier. Also skipped the cream cheese on surface, since I didn't have any. Very delicious though, a good base for all kinds of add-ins, next time I will try green onion and bacon.


I highly recommend using a cast iron pan to make this, the crust is perfection


And a fluffy soft delicious crumb


Sending this to Yeastspotting.


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txfarmer, that surely looks good to a hungry man... I am off to see what KAF says..

Thank you for another one for the list ;-)


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You must be on vacation!  A new loaf a 'to bake list' just keeps expanding and expanding :-)

This looks like a great quick loaf that, like you stated, can go with a number of different add-ins for a quick and hearty meal.  No 2 days prep time needed here!  

Take Care,


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bill bush

When I saw this recipe this morning, I was immediately attracted by the butter and cheese.  Itt did not hurt things a bit that it was to be made in an iron skillet.  I mixed it up and was a little thrown by the directions to "pour" the batter into the skillet, since I had a dough, not a pourable batter (as in pancakes).  I added 1 Tbs. of water and stirred some more, then decided "when all else fails, follow the directions" and scraped it into the skillet, then smoothed it with a nylon scraper.  One hour later it was at 190F, as per recipe, so out, slice and eat!  Delicious.  I did not use the cream cheese because I didn't have any and I wanted to taste the base bread so I could plan future variations.  This is as easy as corn bread and tastes great!  Thank you so much for an addition to my repertoire.   

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bill bush

I use Fleischman's Bread Machine Yeast, in a brown bottle about 3 inches tall.  It specifies 2 and 1/4 teaspoons as the equivalent of 1 packet of yeast.  I used just that, not the "scant tablespoon" the recipe mentions.  I mention this because there are so many yeast formats.  I think that for my brand of yeast, a whole tablespoon would have been excessive.

For what it is worth, this bottle of yeast is what I got after using up half a dozen of the small packets when I first started baking a little, using Bittman/Lahey no-knead as a starting point.  I'm amazed how long it has lasted in the fridge.