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Poolish Ciabatta from BBA

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Poolish Ciabatta from BBA

Hi just wanted to share

Only been baking for the past 6-8 weeks - mainly been using FWSY Ken Forkish, and I have made all/most his recipes sequentially in the book - Overnight Country Blonde is where I'm currently at.

Just had a go at Ciabatta from BBA using his Poolish recipe - Very wet and sticky, but that's pretty much all I'm used to TBH :)

I'm very pleased with the result - Crust was crispy coming out of the oven, but soon softened - I honestly never knew ciabatta could be this good !!! - In the UK we usually get something pretty dry and uninspiring.

I used Allinson's Strong White flour and their Active Dried Yeast (Yellow/Orange tub), A Cast Iron Baking Steel with a stream bath & sprayer for the oven @ 250'C (Fan) down to 230'C


Cheers Tmax


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Nice bake.  Your crumb looks spot on.