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Courgette sandwich loaf

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Cuisine Fiend

Courgette sandwich loaf

My recent effort in defiance of the 'vegetables belong with your main course only' claim: courgette (or zucchini to many) loaf - here's the link to the detailed recipe. Sliced and cooked courgettes plus some mashed potatoes - the bread has great texture, slices well so a good sandwich loaf, and it toasts like a dream.

It is a very simple sandwich loaf, the dough proves overnight, so fairly flavoursome. It actually is a twist on one of Dan Lepard's recipes for a deli bread (here's a link to the recipe) which has cooked onions in the mix. It's excellent but quite strong on onions, so I thought I'd temper the flavour with bland courgettes. very much successful - only I underestimated the liveliness of the dough and it went to town during the final prove - hence the muffin top.


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Lechem (not verified)

Never heard of courgettes in bread but sounds delicious! Looks delicious too.


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I'm more familiar with courgettes use in quick breads. This has to be tasty. The crumb looks very pillowy and soft.