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Overnight semolina sourdough with black sesame seeds.

WoodenSpoon's picture

Overnight semolina sourdough with black sesame seeds.

Hey o, 

This is what I made today,

450g bread flour

250g semolina flour

506g water

15g salt

150g 100% hydration chef,

Yesterday evening I made the dough and set it in the fridge to ferment overnight (16hrs) then shaped the rascals straight out of the fridge this morning and proofed em for four and a half hours.

embth's picture

Looks perfect and I bet it tastes even better.  Nice work!

isand66's picture

Looks terrific.

How did the crumb look?

WoodenSpoon's picture

The crumb is pretty nice, if there is any left tomorrow I will grab a photo to put up.


hanseata's picture

Always a good sign, if all is eaten before you even think of taking a photo.

Nice looking bread, and I'm sure the taste improved by the retardation.


dabrownman's picture

color only durum semolina can provide.  Very nice and

Happy baking