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Hello from Northeast Ohio!

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Hello from Northeast Ohio!

Hey, everyone!  I am pretty new to the site and am a bit shy, so haven't posted before.  I live near Akron, OH and I am fairly new to breadbaking;  I did some about 7 years ago and am getting back into it.  I bake every weekend and have been concentrating most of my efforts on getting my basic hearth bread to where I want it first before branching out more.  I could spend hours looking around here and have already learned a lot.  Are there many other amateurs here?  The photos in the gallery were great, but my bread sure doesn't look that nice!    

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Hi Susanmarie

Yes there are a lot of armatures, and novices, like me.  My bread never comes out looking as good as it does in the pictures, neither.  It's getting much better, though.  One thing about bread making, most of the mistakes can be eaten, even if it's the squirrels that eat.

I sure hope you enjoy this as much as i.  There's so much to learn.


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> Are there many other amateurs here? The photos in the

> gallery were great, but my bread sure doesn't look that nice!


Ask away. We are all beginners here in one sense or another. And having been here for about a year, I can assure you that many people's pictures of their first loaves didn't look anything like the cookbook-quality results that they are posting today! I know mine didn't.