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Hey guys,

I prepared and shaped a double test batch of the straight dough croissant formula last night, tossed them in the fridge overnight, then proofed and baked them at my baking & pastry arts skills class this morning.

I could have proofed them a bit longer but I had to get out of there as another class was getting ready to start. These were done all by hand. I guess I'll start trying the sheeter at work or school now.


Croissant Dough from Suas' Advanced Bread and Pastry

Ingr.                          Bakers %    Test

Bread Flour                100.00         1lb 1 5/8 oz

Water                        38.00           6 3/4 oz

Milk                           23.00           4 oz

Sugar                        13.00           2 1/4 oz

Salt                           2.00             3/8 oz

Osmo. Instant Yeast   1.20             1/4 oz

Malt                          0.50             1/8 oz   *I didn't have any so I cut it out

Butter                       4.00             3/4 oz

Roll-in Butter             25.00           8 oz      **Butter for roll-in is a percentage of the total dough weight

Added everything to my KA and mixed for about 5 mins on 2nd speed. Bulk fermented for about 3 hours at RT, then rolled in butter in 3 single folds. Shaped, retarded for about 12 hours, then proofed for maybe 3 hours. Eggwashed and baked at 400f.




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Hey all,

Made my first brioche today and I haven't posted in a while so here it goes.


The formula is from Advanced Bread & Pastry by Suas.


Bread Flour                       100.00%

Water                                65.00%

Instant Yeast                       0.10%

Mix and ferment 12-16 hours at RT.


Final Dough:

Bread Flour                        100.00%

Milk                                      7.00%

Eggs                                   72.00%

Osmotolerant Instant Yeast     1.60% *I used instant yeast but added 30% more

Salt                                       2.60%

Sugar                                   22.00%

Butter                                   65.00%

Sponge                                 54.00%

Mix all except butter until well developed. Add butter gradually until fully mixed.

First fermentation 1 hour

Preshape, rest 30 mins in fridge.

Shape, proof 1.5 hours.

Bake 400f ~15mins.

Very light and tender. Think I'll try txfarmer's 100% butter brioche next time.



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Been working on my own sourdough formula named after where I live and from where the culture was grown. It's not finished so I won't be releasing the formula just yet.

Turned out very well this time although I think I need to increase the hydration a tiny bit as I want a more holey crumb. Maybe make the levain a bit more stiff for increased sourness too.

On another note, I'm moving to Toronto in 5 or so weeks for my 2 year Baking and Pastry course. My new apartment only has a small gas oven. I hear those don't work too well for bread baking. Oh well I guess the huge steam injection ovens at school will have to suffice haha.

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Here are my sourdough croissants from Daniel Leader's Local Breads. It's the nicest croissant dough I have worked with thus far.




Baker's Percentage

Whole Milk

Liquid Levain

Instant Yeast

300 gms

100 gms

15 gms




Unbleached AP flour

500 gms


Unsalted Butter (for dough)

60 gms


Granulated Sugar

15 gms



Unsalted Butter (for roll in)

10 gms

200 gms





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Definitely the best but most rich cinnamon buns I have ever had. Used Suas' croissant formula, then I threw together some cinnamon sugar and cinnamon icing.


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Made some spelt crossaints today using the straight dough formula from Suas' Advanced Bread and Pastry, except I used spelt flour. They tasted great. I'm really liking spelt flour and am trying to put it to all uses.

Sorry I don't have a shot of the crumb.

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Didn't change much from the original formula, except I added about 5% rye and only did single strech n folds.

Took a pic of them cooling with my phone.


Then I decided I wanted to take a pic using my camera 10 mins later. Where did the rest of the loaf go?



Crumb shot.



Flavour is great. I'll definitely be making these again.

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I really enjoyed the loaves I made last time so I made a few more this weekend. These ones had a bulk fermentation time of about 40 hours. I'm really enjoying this new whole wheat starter. Has great flavour, crazy active and only a couple weeks old.

Shape, no grigne but still very good looking loaves.


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Had another go at Bouabsa baguettes. I probably could have kept them in for another minute but I decided I would try a lighter crust today. These only had about a 12h bulk ferment.





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Changed the directions to fit my schedule a bit (~34hr bulk ferment, skipped french folds).

Made 2 baguettes, 1 with traditional scoring, 1 with straight slash.


My baking stone isn't big enough right now, you can see one end kinda went over. Ordered a 15x20 Fibrament but they're backordered for 3-4 weeks.



My scoring and shaping is definitely getting better. I'll post a crumb shot and let you know how it tastes when it has cooled.




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