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Spelt Croissants

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Spelt Croissants

Made some spelt crossaints today using the straight dough formula from Suas' Advanced Bread and Pastry, except I used spelt flour. They tasted great. I'm really liking spelt flour and am trying to put it to all uses.

Sorry I don't have a shot of the crumb.


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Lovely croissants. I applaud you're using spelt for them. Was it 100% spelt or a combination?



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100% spelt flour

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That is a WOW! :) Can you post the recipe, please?! I am going to look for the book just because of your picture! Happy baking!

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Sustainable Eats

Yes, yes, recipe please.  I use spelt all the time so I would love this.  They are gorgeous!

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Was it White Spelt or Whole spelt flour?

They look great by the way : )