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Straight Dough AB&P Croissants

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Straight Dough AB&P Croissants

Hey guys,

I prepared and shaped a double test batch of the straight dough croissant formula last night, tossed them in the fridge overnight, then proofed and baked them at my baking & pastry arts skills class this morning.

I could have proofed them a bit longer but I had to get out of there as another class was getting ready to start. These were done all by hand. I guess I'll start trying the sheeter at work or school now.


Croissant Dough from Suas' Advanced Bread and Pastry

Ingr.                          Bakers %    Test

Bread Flour                100.00         1lb 1 5/8 oz

Water                        38.00           6 3/4 oz

Milk                           23.00           4 oz

Sugar                        13.00           2 1/4 oz

Salt                           2.00             3/8 oz

Osmo. Instant Yeast   1.20             1/4 oz

Malt                          0.50             1/8 oz   *I didn't have any so I cut it out

Butter                       4.00             3/4 oz

Roll-in Butter             25.00           8 oz      **Butter for roll-in is a percentage of the total dough weight

Added everything to my KA and mixed for about 5 mins on 2nd speed. Bulk fermented for about 3 hours at RT, then rolled in butter in 3 single folds. Shaped, retarded for about 12 hours, then proofed for maybe 3 hours. Eggwashed and baked at 400f.





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They don't appear underproofed to my eyes, but they do look very well shaped with some excellent looking lamination in evidence as well. You should be quite pleased with this product. Well done!


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I'd second Franko's comments. They look well shaped. The color is nice, how many wash treatments did they get?  I'm wondering how the crumb slice looks. You lost me a little with your description of your laminating schedule.


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Hi Eric,

They received two washes in total. One about 1.5 hours into the proofing, and another right before baking. I didn't elaborate on my laminating schedule because I find it differs so much depending on where you live, whether the dough has a preferment, arm strength, etc.. But here's what I did;

Popped dough in freezer until it was about same consistency as butter block,

Took butter block out of fridge and re-plasticized it,

Encased butter block and did 1 single fold,

Put dough back in fridge for 30 mins then did another single fold,

Repeated once more for 3 single folds,

Put dough in fridge for about 1h15m, rolled out, then proceded to shape.


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It very looks like croissants from french bakeries. Congrats !