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Weekend Bake; Ottawa Sourdough

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Weekend Bake; Ottawa Sourdough

Been working on my own sourdough formula named after where I live and from where the culture was grown. It's not finished so I won't be releasing the formula just yet.

Turned out very well this time although I think I need to increase the hydration a tiny bit as I want a more holey crumb. Maybe make the levain a bit more stiff for increased sourness too.

On another note, I'm moving to Toronto in 5 or so weeks for my 2 year Baking and Pastry course. My new apartment only has a small gas oven. I hear those don't work too well for bread baking. Oh well I guess the huge steam injection ovens at school will have to suffice haha.


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Postal Grunt

No apologies needed for those loaves.

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Great looking bread!  I look forward to the formula when you are ready to share.

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Look gorgeous and yummy!



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Any bread that nice is ready for prime time! Love the scoring and nicely done crust.



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Beautiful loaves, great crust and crumb.  Now where's the butter or brie? And, I second, bring on the recipe----you tease!

Bernie Piel

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Beautiful breads!!  Where are you going to school in Toronto?  George Brown?

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Yes I'll be taking the Baking and Pastry Management course at George Brown. Can't wait to start.