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Lucy was intrigues by David Snyder’s recent repost of his 2011 WW yeast bread from BBA using txfarmer’s intensive kneading technique.  We aren’t much into yeast breads or enriched yeast breads but any technique that might lighten the load of whole grain SD breads is worth a try. 

This bread will serve as the base line as my normal way to make whole grain sandwich breads that use a mix of natural starters, sprouted and whole grains with sprouted grain add ins.  We did a 4 starter combo levain using 2 SD, Witch Yeast and Cooked Potato Starter.  Lucy didn’t hold anything back with this formula.

The levain had a total of 20 g of starters and was fed the 15% bran extraction of the sprouted and whole 11 grain mix.  A little less than half the grain used was sprouted emmer, rye, wheat, oat Kamut, spelt and barley in equal amounts and these same grains were used for the non-sprouted whole grain portion of the flour.

The levain was built over 3 - 4 hour stages at 100% hydration and when it doubled after the last stage we retarded it for 24 hours.  We changed things up a bit this time, after the 2 hour autolyse of dough flour and water. We did get the levain out of the fridge, like normal, to warm up but instead of sprinkling the pink Himalayan sea salt on top of the dough ball for the autolyze, we reserved some water and the salt.

We then mixed in the levain and let it sit for 30 minutes before adding the salt and reserved water to the mix.  We did 1 set of 60 slap and folds to get everything incorporated and then did 2 more sets of 30 slap and folds – all on 15 minute intervals.  We then did 3 sets of stretch and folds and incorporated the 100 g (dry weight) of wheat sprouts during the first set.

All stretch and folds were done on 30 minute intervals.  Once finished we let the dough bulk ferment on the counter, in an oiled bowl, on a heating pad at 80 F for 2 hours – something we hardly ever do in the Arizona heat….. but it is winter time and the kitchen is only 65 F.

We then pre-shaped the dough into a loaf and 10 minutes later final shaped it and put it I a standard, non-stick sprayed, bread pan.  It was a bit small for the pan but we went ahead anyway since no other pan on hand would have been better.  We bagged it in a trash can liner and put it in the fridge for an 15 hour 38 F retard.


When we took the tin out of the fridge the next day we noticed that it has risen 100% in the cold we decided to bake it immediately.  We decided to bake the tin in a closed oval DO so that the possibility of steaming differently between the two breads would be minimized.

Yes... it is a real home made mince meat pie with real home made mnce meat that actually has meat oin it!

We fired the oven up to 450 F regular bake with the baking rack and the DO between the upper and lower stones.  Once Big Old Betsy beeps saying she was at temperature, we waited 15 minutes before loading the tin into the DO, added 1/8 c of water and baked it lid on at 425 F for 18 minutes before removing the tin from the DO and baking it directly on the rack for the next 22 minutes at 425 F convection.  When it tested 208 F in the middle, we remover the bread from the tin and moved it to the cooling rack.


I just noticed that every large hole has a whole sprouted berry in it.

It didn’t spring at all but it thankfully didn’t collapse either.   It browned well but we will have to wait for the loaf to cool down for the crumb shot.  Since it didn’t collapse, we got as much of an open crumb as we could with this 100% whole grain loaf … the test will still be valid if the 2nd intensively mixed next loaf next Friday proofs 100% in the fridge like this one did.  This bread ended up fairly open for 100% whole grains, nearly half s[roiuted and the added in large amount of wheat sprouts.  It's best feature is the full flavored. hearty earthy taste.  Delicious!



SD Levain Build

Build 1

Build 2

 Build 3



8 Week Retarded Rye Sour






Witch Yeast






Cooked Potato Starter






2 Week AP / Rye Starter






15% Extraxtion 7 Grain






15% Extraction Sprouted 7 Grain



















Levain Totals




15 Ext. Half Sprouted 7 Grain








Levain Hydration



Dough Flour




85% Extraction 7 Grain




85 % Extraction Sprouted 7 Grain
















Dough Hydration



Total Flour w/ Starters



Total Water



Red Malt




Wheat Sprouts




Hydration with Starter



Total Weight



% Sprouted 7  Grain



% Whole and Sprouted 7 Grain



7 grain flour is equal amounts of: emmer , barley, spelt, Kamut, rye, wheat & oat


Don't forget that salad to go with that pie.  This bread made for a tasty bologna sandwich for lunch today.  The bread was a bit more dense the bottom 1/2"

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I should have figured that once Lucy found out that I wanted to try out dobie’s no baking equipment except an oven, bowl and hands, she would try to make my life miserable with this weeks bread recipe – 11 grain sprouted ciabatta rolls, with wheat sprouts in the baked scald,

Normally the water content of ciabatta is critical and developing the gluten in a mixer is almost a must… with mo scale, mixer, dough scraper or even a spoon this was a challenge to say the least.


I would love to tell you the recipe since these came out so well but alas, I have no idea what it really was and just a faint hint of what it was supposed to be since the recipe Lucy gave me to follow was on my new computer and it blew up – probably because it found out that no technology was allowed!

The 11 sprouted grain flour was supposed to be 25% of the mix with the rest LaFama AP.  10 of the 11 sprouted grains were the same as last week’s bake with the addition of buckwheat which I picked up to make soba noodles,  The sprouted wheat berries in the 3 hour, baked scald were supposed to be 12.5% with 30 g each of the dough flour and water mixed in as well.


The hydration was supposed to be 90% overall with the Witch Yeast, Cook Potato and Rye SD combo starters at 15 g total coming in at 15% pre-fermented flour and 100% hydration.  We fed the 11 sprouted grain bran to the levain for the first of 3 feedings with the other (2) 4 hour feedings being the 80% or so extraction.  The dough liquid was easy at 12 fl oz of Shiner’s Black Lager and it was used for the 2 hour autolyse with the dough flour and the salt sprinkled on top.


That is about all I can remember and, true to Lucy’ form, most of this stuff isn’t supposed to even be in ciabatta but that never stops a wild child let loose on a poor, unsuspecting and nearly defenseless world.  Jeeze what a mess!  Might as well not have even mixed it all together but, when you are older, you can easily forget how much your baking apprentice hates you much less remember where you live. 

Scald before the scald

After a couple of minutes of slap and folds we cleaned off out fingers as best we could, covered the glop with the bowl and hoped the somewhere around the 20- 30 minute wait to the next set would help this soupy mess – no clocks allowed either.  It did firm up  a bit but it was way easy to fling onto the floor and ceiling both. 

Lucy cleaned up the floor and the stuff on the ceiling will eventually dry out, turn to dust and fall off over the net 200 years.  After 4 sets it has firmed up enough to do 3 sets of stretch and folds.   We have no idea how much bench flour we used but it was about a handful a couple of times all total.

We had planned to make (8) 135 g personal ciabatta buns after looking at Lucy’s recipe.  We have no idea how big these bins ended up but there were 8 of them when we finished wet hand shaping – if you could call it that.   We divided these into eight pieces by grabbing a hunk of dough and plopping it onto a floured parchment lined baking sheet 

After messing with them to get them half decent looking and sprinkling some flour on top so the plastic bag it was wrapped in wouldn’t stick,  we bagged them and chucked them in the fridge overnight.  We were shooting for an 18 hour retard but it was at least 16 hours I’m guessing.

After taking them out of the fridge to warm up and take a peek, we had some breakfast, read the paper, had a couple of cups of coffee before watering the lettuce garden and trying to get the new laptop fired up to check the market…… only to find out the curser wasn’t working making the laptop totally worthless. 

After firing up the old backup and getting some work done we decided to fire up the oven and bake these little, bunnish beauties up.  I would guess they were out of the fridge 2-3 hours before the oven was lit.  We set her for 450 F and when Big Old Betsy beeped we waited a bit before putting the Mega Steam on the bottom rack so that the stones could catch up to BOB. 

A few minutes later, when we could see steam billowing out of Betsy’s vent, we loaded the sheet on the bottom stone while turning the oven down to 425 F.  We looked through the glass door to see them puff up nicely.  Once we thought the spring hand sprung, we took out the Mega Steam and turned the oven down to 425 F convection. 

After a few minutes we rotated the sheet and let them bake until they looked a bit brown and tapped hallow on the bottom.  Normally we would bake them for 8 minutes with steam and 10 without but we guessed as best we could since timing anything was verboten as Lucy likes to say often enough.

These little slippers had an open crumb, tasted terrific and were wonderfully sour.  I would love to show some photos, but keeping with the spirit of dobie’s challenge – Lucy said no to the camera being used…..sad too since there were about the best little rolls ever!  You will just have to take my word on it.

Yea!  Lucy changed her mind when I told her I couldn't use a food taster for these rolls either so the camera came out and she wanted to make sure i put last nights sunset in the post.

 Here is the recipe Lucy gave me.

SD Levain BuildBuild 1Build 2 Build 3Total%
6 Week Retarded Rye Sour60061.09%
Witch Yeast60061.09%
Cooked Potato Starter60061.09%
20% Extraction Sprouted 11 Grain2400244.37%
80 % Extraction 10 Grain026325810.56%
Levain Totals %   
Whole 10  Grain91.516.65%   
Levain Hydration100.00%    
Dough Flour %   
LaFama AP31256.78%   
Durum Semolina10018.20%   
80 % Extraction 10 Grain468.37%   
 Black Lager & Water 3038570.06%   
Dough Hydration84.06%    
Total Flour w/ Starters550    
Total Water477    
Wheat Sprouts305.46%   
Hydration with Starter86.72%    
Total Weight1,116    
% Sprouted 11  Grain25.02%    
11 grain flour is equal amounts: Pima Club, barley, spelt, buckwheat 
Sonora White, einkorn, Kamut, rye, oat , wheat & emmer  
Scald is 30 g of 80% extraction sprouted  11 grain   
30 g of sprouted wheat berries and 30 g of water   
All included in above     

 Don't forget to top off the finished baked scald to the original 90 g with some extra water when done. 

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After last week’s brick bake of a no levain pumpernickel Lucy decided to get some sourdough in there and cut back on the long, low bake by 5 hours and upping the heat.  It is loosely based on Mini Oven’s fine rye bread here Mini's 100% Dark Rye & Chia Recipe ...Love at 104% hydration.

I say loosely but it was worse than that.   We mixed the salt and water with the dough flour first, then added the seeds and nuts and mixed that and then added the levain.  We also made a rye starter from scratch our pumpernickel way starting on Sunday for Thursday mixing and baking on Friday.  We used 27.5% pre-fermented flour.

The starter was made using 30 g of rye with 25 g of water.  After 24 hours we fed it with 30 g of rye and 25 g of flour.  At the end of 48 hours we cut the mix in half and fed each half 30 g of rye and 25 g of water and stirred it every 6 hours after it doubled each time.  At the 72 hour mark we fed each the same mix one more time and then refrigerated both after 6 hours when they had doubled again.  We used one of these starters for this bread at 220 g after it had been retarded for 24 hours.

We dropped the chia seeds and the hydration to 100%.  We didn’t use an altus either but did make a rye berry scald and we added caraway, anise, coriander and fennel for aromatics along with some walnuts, pepitas and sunflower seeds.

We used a different pan, cocktail size, sprayed with non-stick and lowered the temperature after 15 minutes from 400 F to 350 F and baked it an hour and 10 minutes total. Instead of using gargantuan pine nits to cover we used sunflower seeds and pepitas instead.  We also baked it for 40 minutes covered in a combo cooker with a bit of water in the bottom before uncovering to brown the crust.

We also retarded the dough for 8 hours after panning and bagging and let the dough finish proofing on the counter for 4 hours before baking.  Other than that, we followed Mini Oven perfectly by using whole rye, water and salt for the important part.

One gf the things you miss when baking in a combo cooker is the marvelous smell of 100% rye bread baking - one of the greatest smells in the whole world.  But, when the lid came off ….wow … was worth the wait.   This bread did puff up some and crack while baking which is always a good sign and way better than having it collapse in the oven.  Once the bread hit 205.5 F on the inside we took it out of the pan and left it on the stone with oven off and the door ajar for 5 minutes to dry out the crust that had been covered by the pan.  Once totally cooled it was wrapped in plastic for 24 hours to let the moisture redistribute and soften the crust.and make slicing easier.

I didn't get around to making a panettone this year but I did get a chocolate chip one as a gift.  Not SD and not as good as home made, but still fine with French Silk ice cream on top

The moisture redistributed well and the bread was easy to cut in 1/4" slices with no gumminess or crumbling.  For a whole rye bread with lots of stuff in it, I was sort of taken back by how mild the taste was.  The bread spice was subtle at 2%.  If I didn't know better I could call this a light deli rye.  For those who don't like high percent rye breads, you might like this.  Lucy says this bread would be better with a baked scald, more bread spice and baked pumpernickel style to really bring out the flavor = she might be right

The formula is

100% Whole rye freshly home milled  

100% Water

2% Salt

2% Aromatic seeds

6.25% each sunflower and squash seeds

12.5% Walnuts

27.5% pre-fermented flour


A salad goes well with anything on the plate

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After the last over bake of no levain, old school pumpernickel which made a brick that couldn’t be cut with a ban saw, Lucy decided to go back to 3 starters for this bake.  We had some left over olives from the New Year’s pizza and we have always wanted to make SD version of that dough to bake as an olive Italian style bread or focaccia.  We finally got around to it.


We followed our usual procedure of 3 stage, 12 hour levain build but no retard of the levain this time.  We did our usual 1 hour autolyze with the dough flour and water with the salt sprinkled on top.  Once the levain hot the mix we did 3 stets each of 30 slap and folds and 4 stretch and folds on 30 minute intervals with the olives, sun dried tomatoes and rosemary going in during the first set of stretch and folds.

We did not use a heating pad to speed things up this time and just let the 68 F kitchen temperature do its thing.  We let the dough bulk ferment for an hour in an oiled bowl before shaping and placing the bread in a rice floured batard basket for an 18 hour, shaped cold retard in the fridge.

We unmolded and slashed the batard before baking it at 450 F on a stone with Mega Steam for 15 minutes after warming up and finishing proofing on the counter for 3 hours the next morning.   We turned the oven down to 425 F convection and continued baling for 15 more minutes after the steam came out.

It sprang blistered and bloomed well under steam and browned up nicely after the steam came out.  We will wait for the crumb shot and hope it is better than the last bake.  

This is one tasty bread.  The olives really come through as do the sun dried tomato and rosemary.  An Italian table in one bite.  The crumb is open, soft and moist.  We like the sour and the thin crust too.  We like this bread a lot.  Can't wait to grill it and dip it.


SD Levain Build

Build 1

Build 2

 Build 3



5 Week Retarded Rye Sour






Witch Yeast






Cooked Potato Starter






20% Extraction 10 grain






80 % Extraction 10 Grain



















Levain Totals




Whole 10  Grain








Levain Hydration



Dough Flour




LaFama AP




Durum Semolina




80 % Extraction 10 Grain












Dough Water




Dough Hydration



Total Flour w/ Starters



Total Water



Mixed Olives




Hydration with Starter



Total Weight



% Whole 10  Grain



10 grain flour is equal amounts: Pima Club, barley, spelt,


Sonora White, einkorn, Kamut, rye, oat , wheat & emmer


1 T each of sun dried tomatoes re-hydrated and Rosemary



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After Gerhard posted the video of a Westphalian bakery making old school pumpernickel the same way since 1537I knew Lucy would be getting it on the bake list pretty fast since she claims the only real bread is pumpernickel if you are German like her.


The recipe for this one is about as short and easy as it gets – rye meal and water at 100% hydration and 2% salt.  Lucy, being the con conformist and whack job she is wont to be couldn’t leave it alone and added 12% scalded rye berries and 5% aromatic seeds where half were caraway and the other half equal amounts of anise, coriander and fennel.

But that is it.  No sourdough, no yeast.  It is then baked low and slow in monstrous Pullman pans for 24 hours in the video.  I was making a tiny one, in a cocktail pan totaling 981 g with everything in it. So I cut the baking time down to 12 hours total – 1 ½ hours at 325 F and 10 ½ hours at 225 F.

This is a mix everything, autolyze for 1 hour and dump it in the pan recipe.  Then I covered it with foil to keep the moisture in and then put the pan in a pot with 1 1/2“ of water in the bottom and then covered the pot with foil too.  Then into the mini oven it went.  You don’t want this bread to dry out because it will become harder than a brick and last longer than one as a building material too.

Not only is this a fine eating bread but it has to be the most aromatic one when baking too.  The smell is intoxicating and addicting.   The foil stuck to the top on one edge and discolored that spot.  This one needs to sit for 24-48 hours before slicing if you want 1/8th” slices like Lucy does.  So now we wait and then wait some more as the wrapped bread redistributes its retained moisture.

The holidays scream for a an eggnog cheese cake with a gingersnap crust to go with those pork ribs and salad.



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We have a tradition of doing pizza for New Year’s Eve.  We also have a tradition of making resolutions too.  This year, Lucy’s resolution was to dedicate herself to AI programming so that she could help mankind transition from biological beings to machine ones eventually ….. so that we would have a fighting chance to defend ourselves against future robots that humans will create will eventually turn on us and want to kill us.  Isn’t that precious?

 The combo starter bubbling away.

This year’s total AP flour crust had a 4 hour combo starter of 17% pre-fermented AP flour (75g) using 5 g each of Witch Yeast and cooked potato starters at 100% hydration.  The total dough weight was 750 g making (3) 12” pizzas of 250g each.  Total hydration was 70%.  We incorporated the fresh rosemary, rehydrated sundried tomatoes and fresh minced garlic into the dough during the first set of stretch and folds after our usual 3 sets of 30 slap and folds on 20 minute intervals.

This was an 11 hour start to finish crust so no retard was utilized – but it would have made the crust even better I’m guessing.  The AP flour made this crust wonderfully extensible and easy to roll out 1/16” thick.  We love thin, crispy crust – no thick, floppy, foldable NY style crust allowed - even if piled high with toppings

Super thin.

We had the usual battery of toppings – homemade sauce, mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, shaved parmesan, fresh Thai basil, hot Italian sausage, pepperoni, red peppers, caramelized onions, caramelized crimini mushrooms, red onions and scallions.

Very crisp

The girls said this was the best crust ever and that Lucy is no longer allowed to experiment with new crust formulas.  I find this notion to be totally anti libertarian and unacceptable on so many levels so…… we will ignore them even though we both nodded our heads in agreement to keep the peace on the last day of the year.  The crust was a very good one indeed and the pizzas were fine but still….. 2016 is a new year and who knows what it holds for even better crust


On the peel heading for the 500 F heat.

We wish you all a great 2016 and hope you too will find your bread making liberating, rewarding and tasty.

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After 2 weeks of making new weird stuff; a witch yeast and a cooked potato starter, Lucy decided to combine them with our rye sour starter to make a triple levain bread quite unlike many other triple levain breads usually available everywhere else.

 My daughter’s fiancé was visiting and he said, out of all of our breads he has tasted the past couple of years, he likes the seedy, sour multigrain ones the best.  So Lucy decided to send him back to Denver with a seedy and nutty triple levain something or other bread along with a hunk of the witchy, figgy pistachio and another hunk of the potato white bread.

We took 6 g or each of the starters and combined them with 72 g of whole six grain flour that was comprised of equal amounts of rye, wheat, spelt, oat, Kamut and barley with equal amounts of water over 3 builds of 2, 3 and 3 hours each.  The triple levain actually tripled at the end of 8 hours – a very spunky mix even if warmed on a heating pad at exactly 82.6 F.   It ended up bit over 18% prefermented flour all of it whole grains.


I know it was exactly that temperature because my daughter’s fiancé got me a nifty point and shoot infrared thermometer for Christmas to go along with the dehydrator from last year.  We had quite a time taking the temperature of everything in shooting distance and I mean everything!

This guy is a keeper for those two things alone.  I should have made some sprouted grain bread for him to see the dehydrator in action but there wasn’t an extra day available to do so.  At least the other two breads he is going home with do have sprouted grains.

I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t using the dehydrator as often as possible so I let him have a taste of my latest batch of beef jerky I have stashed away so no one can find it – especially Lucy who is now addicted to the stuff for some reason.

Picture with flash

We did our usual 1 hour autolyze of the dough flour and water with the salt sprinkled on top and did 3 sets of slap and folds of 30 laps each once the triple levain hit the mix.  We then did 3 sets of stretch and folds incorporating the chopped flax, pepitas and sunflower seeds with the pecans and walnuts on the first set of S&F’s.  All dough manipulations were done on 30 minute intervals.

We then pre-shaped the dough, final shaped it, placed it in a rice floured oval basket and bagged it before placing it on a 83 F heating pad for 1 hour before retarding it in the fridge for 12 more hours.  It didn’t do much in the fridge so once it came out of the fridge we put it on the heating pad for 4 ½ hours before unmolding slashing and sliding it into the combo cooker preheated to 450 F for 18 minutes of covered steam.

My daughter has to have Thai Seafood Curry when she is home.

Once the lid came off we turned the oven down to 425 F convection and continued baking for 5 more minutes before removing it from the cooker to let it finish baking on the stone 15 more minutes.  It bloomed, blistered and sprang a bit under steam and browned OK without it.  Nothing to write home about without it.  We will have to see what the crumb looks like once it cools down for slicing.

This is a tasty bread for sure.  Seedy and nutty with that very cool purple tinge from the walnuts.  A soft, moist and fairly open crumb for a bread with near 20% whole grains and 40% seeds and nuts.  The sour came through too.  A very nice bread overall that makes some killer toast.


SD Levain Build

Build 1

Build 2

 Build 3



4 Week Retarded Rye Sour






Witch Yeast






Potato Starter






20% Extraction 6 grain






80 % Extraction 6 Grain



















Levain Totals




Whole 6 Grain








Levain Hydration



Dough Flour




LaFama AP












Dough Water




Dough Hydration



Total Flour w/ Starter



Total Water



Cracked Flax Seeds




40 g ea Sunflower and Squash Seeds




40 g ea Pecan s and Walnuts




Hydration with Starter



Total Weight



% Whole 6  Grain



6 grain flour is equal amounts of: of rye, spelt, Kamut, barley, oat and wheat





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With Lucy’s success, after 3 tries, at the Methodist Ladies, 1906 Witch Yeast, Lucy thought she could move on to a more difficult starter - especially now that she has finally passed the last of the aluminum foil wrapped Hershey’s Kisses she ate a couple of days before Christmas – nearly a whole bag of them.  So much for chocolates being poisonous for dogs too.

When it comes to Bernard Clayton’s Complete Book of Breads, you never know where he came up with some of his starters, or what he was thinking, since most of them have commercial yeast in them.  This one is fairly odd though in that the first 3 days it doesn’t have any potatoes in it of any kind.


It could just as easily have been called Scalded Corn Meal and Milk Starter with some sugar and salt in it since that is how it begins.  You can find the recipe on page 284.  You just let this sit at 80 - 85F for 2 to 3 days, stirring it once a day until it ferments and becomes frothy.  How it does this I have no idea since the mix is scalded which should kill of f and denature most all the stuff in it that would make a starter.


Lucy says it is ‘wee beastie magic’.  Then you add boiled mashed potatoes, a huge amount of the potato boiling water, both cooled, along with some more sugar and salt.  You let it sit at the same temperature for another day, stirring every few hours, before refrigerating the soupy mass for 3 days to ‘age’ it.

So this another one of those no wheat flour potato starters but this one worked the first time because, unlike the Witch Yeast, the direction on how to make it were fairly clear and easy to follow.  When done it did smell a bit like a young fruity SD starter.  Clayton didn’t give a recipe to use it in, like he did the Witch Yeast, so we had no idea how to use it.

Holiday cookies aren't complete until the puff paste rugalach are done.

We cut the formula In half since the original would have ended up with 2 quarts of the stuff which seemed excessive – especially when the only things we keep in that mega size around here are beer, bourbon and wine.  Lucy thought we should just treat it like a finished levain but it was too soupy for my reckoning.

A nice small 8 pound Christmas Turkey.  Sweet limes (a new citrus for us) , butter, fresh sage and rosemary under the skin - after 24 hours in an apple cider brine.

So I, being the master in charge, overruled my apprentice and decided to feed 180 g of this stuff with 60 g of whole grains - 10 g each of rye, wheat, oat, barley, spelt and Kamut just to see if it could live once off a corn and potato diet and thicken it up to a more normal levain consistency.  4 hours later it seemed to be happily bubbling away so we fed it to the LaFama AP dough flour and some more potato water, this time half sweet potato water, until it felt like a 75% hydration dough.

Since the starter had so much salt in it, we had to guess at how much more was need and decided 1% the flour weight would work.  We sprinkled it on top of the dough ball and let it sit for 30 minutes so the white flour could hydrate.  We then did 3 sets of 30 slap and folds on 30 minute intervals and 3 sets of stretch and folds, from the compass points only, on 45 minute intervals.


Last week's Witch Yeast, Fig and Pistachio bread with a nice smoked pork. chili spiced, noodle soup.

 Once shaped we put it in a rice floured basket and then bagged it for a 20 hour cold proof.  We took it out of the fridge the next day and let it warm up on the counter for 2 hours hoping it would finish proofing since it didn’t do much in the fridge.  These young starters tend to be weak so you have to be patient or just love potatoes more than you do the average, aluminum pooping, bread baking apprentice!

We decided on using a hot aluminum pot for a cloache so that Lucy would know what aluminum should really be used for……. instead of makeshift, intestine rippers.  We preheated to 450 F and baked at 425 F for 15 minutes with the lid on since SFSD is baked at lower temperatures and this was a smaller loaf to begin with at 850 g. 


Once the steaming was done, we continued to bake at 425 F, convection this time, for another 15 minutes until the bread thumped done. It bloomed, blistered and sprang well enough under cover and browned up nicely with the dry heat.  We will have to wait to see how the crumb came out when we slice it for dinner.

Got to have corn bread for Christmas Dinner!

For a brand new corn and potato starter only 5 days old, this bread really stunned Lucy.  It has only the mildest of sour but it is fairly open, glossy, soft and moist on the inside.  It isn't super open for a 15% whole grain bread but the rest of the sought after crumb characteristics are there in spades.   The girls are going to like the left over cranberry, stuffing and turkey sandwiches we will make with this bread.   This is just the kind of bread they love.  You have to love Clayton! 

Yea!  The oranges are finally ripe


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This week we were reminded once again that we aren’t as hip, modern and advanced as we think we are when to comes to bread and most other things.  We also don’t give our ancient ancestors as much credit and due as we should.  I published an article by Samuel earlier this week , Brewing and baking, in Ancient Egypt that shows how advanced they were in baking bread and making beer.

With all deference to Peter Reinhart’s Revolution, Egyptians were baking spouted grains and sprouted flour bread 4,000 years ago and they were putting porridge in their breads too.  They were also putting malt in their breads.  Lucy was crushed to find out they also put half sprouted and half whole grains in their bread mixes too.

Their beer making was just as sophisticated using malted barley and sometimes malted emmer in their beer and sometimes making 70% malted and 30% whole grain (barley and emmer) beers just like we do today.  They also found large amounts of yeast but only traces of LAB in their beer vats but no traces of LAB in their ancient bread loaves where lots of yeast were found.

You can tell that Samuel is no baker when he says that you can’t make a good loaf of risen spelt bread because there isn’t enough gluten in emmer - which it totally wrong.  You can also tell he isn’t a brewer when he says they probably didn’t use the barm from beer making to make emmer bread because the shock of fermenting barley in beer and then having to ferment emmer would be too much for it.  We know this too is totally wrong because commercial yeast for bread making is nothing more than the yeast used to ferment beer.


This year's winter, pot, salad garden

Some folks get a bit upset when I tell them that the stuff we do with bread and beer today are just not that different than what the Egyptians were doing in 2,000 BC.  The only real thing, a great thing really, that the last 1,333 generations of bakers and brewers have been doing and can take credit for, is carrying on the tradition and craft of making great bread and beer.  So cheers to you all for a job well done!

Well, Lucy was still a bit peeved and wanted to do something with bread that the Egyptians couldn’t possibly have done 4,000 years ago - or anyone else for that matter.  The only thing she could find that fit the bill was still 500 years old.  Witch Yeast! 

Witch yeast is made from potatoes and the Egyptians wouldn’t have had any of those until the early 1500’s since they came from the New World.  Folks living in the New World before then couldn’t have made this bread either since grains didn’t exist here until they were introduced to the New World by Spanish monks in the 1500’s. Try as she might, she couldn’t find anything new in bread for the last 500 years.

You can find the recipe for Witch Yeast here half way down the page and all kinds of other yeasty and SD things  Lucy did want to her 500 year old bread to the 4,000 year old Egyptian one to link the old with the new so she used ancient grains of emmer, spelt, barley, Kamut and a bit of rye to go with the modern wheat.  Figs and pistachios were also big in Ancient Egyptian bread as were dates and almonds.

She also sprouted half the ancient grains and used the bran from the sprouted and whole grains to feed the Witch Yeast one time - once it got going at the end of day 2. It was perking right along before and  after the bran feeding.  Instead of autolysing the dough flour with the fig soaker water we also mixed in the Witch Yeast since much of the liquid for the bread was in this very liquid starter.  We did sprinkle the salt on top.

We figured, since this was a less than a 3 day old starter, that it would be weak so the extra hour of it mixed with the rest pf the dough ingredients, less the salt would be good for it to get going, We also figured the extra sugar in the fig water would also help to feed the little Witches.

We did our usual 3 sets of 30 slap and folds and 3 sets of stretch and folds to develop the gluten and folded the figs and pistachios in on the first set of stretch and folds.  We let the dough bulk ferment for an hour on the counter, on the heating pad, before putting it in the fridge for 21 hours of cold sleep.  It didn’t rise a bit on the counter and just a little in the fridge.

We let it warm up for an hour this morning before shaping it into a boule and placing it in a basket for more than 8 hours of final proof.  This bread was slow but it was a young starter of witchy origins so you have to expect these things if you want to lead a charmed life.

We finally unmolded, slashed it and chucked it into the hot DO with the lid on for 18 minutes of steam at 450 F.  We took the lid off and continued baking for 5 minutes at 425 F before taking it out of the combo cooker and finished baking it on the bottom stone. 

Bread on right is last Friday's 50% whole grain chacon, with a 2 week old SD starter, rose a bit better in 1/4th the time for final proof.  Hopefully this new Witch Yeast starter will gain some strength as it ages.

It sprang and bloomed well enough but nit exceptionally and then browned up over the 15 minutes of dry heat.  It smelled  very nice.  Can hardly wait till tomorrow morning to see how this bread tastes.  The crumb was fairly open for a bread with these large add ins.  It was soft and moist with just the slightest hint of sour that was overpowered by the fig's sweetness.  It tastes more like a combo yeast water bread that has a bit of SD starter in it too.  We will have to see how this starter ages over time.


Starter Build

Build 1

Build 2

 Build 3



20 % Ext. Sprouted & Whole 5 Grain

























Levain Totals




Potato & 5 Grain Bran








Levain Hydration



Dough Flour




LaFama AP




80% Ext Sprouted & Whole 5 Grain




Total Dough Flour












Fig Soakin Water Water




Dough Hydration



Total Flour w/ Starter



Fig Soaking Water 200 & Water



Hydration with Starter



Total Weight



% Whole Sprouted Grain







Figs (Dry)




Sprouted and Whole 5 grain flour is equal amounts


of rye, spelt, Kamut, barley and emmer


The starter also had a tsp of salt and 1/8 C of  sugar


The hydration is misleading because it doesn't count the water in the potato



dabrownman's picture

This year's pot garden for salad fits the bill for 2 who love salad.

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2/13/2012 - Shiao-Ping's Orange Turmeric Pain au Levain with Yeast Water

2/14/2012 - Happy Valentine Cupcakes w/ Strawberry Hearts

2/16/2012 - PiPs Walnut and Sage 100% Whole Wheat.

2/17/2012 - Let's Make Some Fresh Cheese

2/17/2012 - Birthday Chocolate Crusted Orange Cheese Cake with Ganache, Truffles and Chocolate Shavings

2/18/2012 - David Snyders' SD Pugliesi Capriccioso With Some WW and Rye

2/22/2012 - teketeke's Japanese Yeast Water White Sandwich Bread - 'This Bread Is Not Your Slimy Old White Slice'

2/23/2012 - Pips Vollkornbrot - Nearly 100% Rye with A Tiny Bit of Spelt

2/24/2012 - teketeke Bread

2/27/2012 - Rustique Pain Comté de San Francisco

3/1/2012 - Chad Robertson's Country SD - Modified

3/1/2012 - I've been working on a new home made Gas Regeneration BBQ /Smoker

3/3/2012 - Miscellaneous stuff at the end of the week

3/5/2012 - Pain Rustique au Levain du Sud-ouest

3/6/2012 - Pain Rustique au Levain du Sud-ouest - Retarded

3/7/2012 - Yeast Water, Rye, WW, Garlic Chive, Onion, Cheese and Chorizo Bialy’s

3/12/2012 - Tartine Everyday Rustic Country Sourdough

3/14/2012 - St Paddy's Day Dutch Oven Sourdough - Tartine Method

3/14/2012 - Corned Beef and Cabbage - 2 ways - possibly more

3/15/2012 - Just look at the pictures my new old camera takes!!

3/17/2012 - Yeast Water, Glazed, Spiced, Walnut, Bourbon Fruit, Chocolate Chip, Almond Granola Streusel Polish Babka

3/23/2012 - Making Red Rye Malt

3/24/2012 - Gingered, Tres Apple, Almond, Vanilla Granola Crisp with Bourbon Dried Fruit

3/29/2012 - A Blend of Seigle d’Auvergne and Borodinski

3/29/2012 - Jam and Bread Crust and Crumb Color

3/31/2012 - Revising isand66's Bacon, Potato, Onion with Cheddar Sourdough Bread

4/1/2012 - Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Sweetbird Buckwheat Apple SD Bake with Buckwheat SD Pancakes Today

4/2/2012 - Dabrownman Butchers Sweetbird’s Lovely Buckwheat, Apple and Apple Cider, Buckwheat Groat Bread with Insane Thoughts and Deeds

4/9/2012 - Super-grain Challah w/ Whey Water, Sprouts, Potato, Lentil, Sunflower Seeds and 2 Starters - SD and YW

4/10/2012 - Retarded Super-Grain Challah

4/14/2012 - Lemon Curd and Cream Cheese Puff Paste

4/14/2012 - Italian Corner - Cellos with Squash Lasagna and David Snyder's Pulgliese Capriosso

4/15/2012 - 20% Rye and WWW Potato SD Baggies Meet the Same Made with YW

4/15/2012 - Weekday Springtime Yeast Water Breakfast at Dabrownman's

4/17/2012 - Apple and Pear, Bourbon Dried Fruit, Ginger with Apple Jam Cream Cheese Puff Sleds

4/19/2012 - Sweetbird's Apple, Buckwheat with Groats, Insanely Modified, Makes for a Fine Toast or Lunch

4/20/2012 - SD Hemp Bags - txfarmer method with Hanseata's Seeds

4/20/2012 - Tired Monday's - YW 20% Whole Grain Bag Lunch

4/30/2012 - 50% Multigrain SD W/ Rye Scald, Rye Sprouts, Borodinski Altus and Pepitas, Caraway and Flax Seeds

5/2/2012 - Yeast Water Fake Pretzel Rolls

5/4/2012 - With Cinco de Mayo Yesterday - Hope You Had a Happy One! Cinco Sunset, Moon Rise and Dinner

5/8/2012 - Multi-grain SD w/ Multi Sprouts 2 Nuts and Seeds Somewhere

5/9/2012 - Yeast Water Hamburger Buns with Cinnamon Roll Same Dough Kicker

5/11/2012 - 1 - Day Multi-Grain Bread, Soft White Wheat, Spelt, Scald and Seeded with SD and YW Combo Starter

5/12/2012 - Banana Bread Cake

5/14/2012 - Mothers Day YW Apple, Pecan Buckwheat Pancakes with a Nice Chicken and Brie Sandwich for Lunch

5/15/2012 - Altamura Shaped Semolina Multi-Grain SD with Seeds and Sprouts

5/16/2012 - Having the daughter

5/18/2012 - Semolina, Rye, WWW Ciabatta w/ Chia Seeds, Herbs and Sun Dried Tomato

5/20/2012 - Apple Strawberry Ginger Crisp, Teriyaki and Lunch for Two

5/22/2012 - txfarmer's Croissant and Dainish Converted over to SD and YW - 3 Ways with Chia Seeds

5/24/2012 - Pretzel Roll P&J and Grilled Chicken Lunch with Pickles

5/25/2012 - Hanseata’s Wild Rice SD w/ Yeast Water, Multi Seeds, Prunes, Beer and Sprouts

5/26/2012 - Brown Plate Special with a Little Green, Brown Ale and Brown Bread

5/28/2012 - T-Rex Meets Floyd’s Sweet Potato Bread & Brownman’s SD & YW Combo Starter

5/29/2012 - Bread Baskets - A Serious Illness Revealed

5/31/2012 - Recent Breads for Lunch, Last Jacaranda Bloom and Desert

6/1/2012 - 40% Whole Multi-grain SD and YW Altamura Style Chacon

6/1/2012 - 24 Hours of Not Baking Bread

6/8/2012 - The SD / YW Chacon Revisited – 90% Whole Grain, Multigrain Sprouts, Walnut and Sage Paste, Pumpkin Seeds and Whey Water

6/9/2012 - Friday night P & P - Pizza and Pide

6/12/2012 - Let's Have Some Lunch and Other Stuff

6/15/2012 - Jasmine Tea, 50% Whole Multi-Grain SD & YW Durum Atta Bread with Wheat Germ, Flax and Chia Seeds

6/19/2012 - Buckwheat 60% Multi-grain YW / SD Bread with Walnuts, Sage, Flax, Wheat Germ, Apples, Prunes and Groats

6/21/2012 - Sourdough Durum Atta Bread – Pharaoh’s Mastaba Style

6/24/2-12 - Twisted Sisters Chacon : 67% Whole Rye & Wheat with Sprouts & Seeds.

6/28/2012 - Franko finally got to the top of the list

6/29/2012 - English Muffins - kjknits Converted to YW and SD Combo levain

6/29/2012 - Without Cheesecake For Desert - There May Be No Need for Bread

6/30/2012 - SD and YW Semolina Cheese Bread and Pizza with Sun Dried Tomato, Rosemary, Mojo de Ajo and Garlic

7/4/2012 - SD and YW Multigrain Bagels - The Stan Ginsberg Method

7/4/2012 - Catching up on some lunches and other stuff

7/4/2012 - Lunches and Other Stuff Continued - Happy Birthday America!

7/5/2012 - YW Naan with Paneer, Green Onion, Cilantro, Garam Masala and Garlic - Plus a Loaf - Added Lunch Shot

7/6/2012 - Joe Ortiz Pain de Champagne with Rye and WW Sprouts

7/10/2012 - Dinner in Houston

7/15/2012 - AZ Monsoon and Breakfast

7/17/2012 - Mocha Chocolate Chip Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

7/20/2012 - What To Eat With That Rustic French Country Sourdough Bread -Smoked Etouffee!

7/22/2012 - SD YW English Muffins - Some Fried As Donuts Per gmabaking With Apricot, Nectarine Ginger Glaze

7/24/2012 - Herbed Bialy's – Multigrain, Caramelized Onion, Chorizo and 4 Cheeses

7/27/2012 - 50% Rye SD Knotted Rolls With Wheat Germ, Barley Scald, Caraway and Sunflower Seeds

7/27/2012 - hanseata's Wild Rice Bread Revisited - 'The Wild One' - w/ Beer, Sprouts, Seeds and Prunes

7/30/2012 - Parade of Sandwiches and Other Stuff

8/5/2012 - YW vs Desem SD - Caramelized Onion, Basil, Bacon, Parmesan Rolls

8/7/2012 - 15% Whole Wheat Bagels with YW and SD Desem Combo Starter

8/11/2012 -YW / SD Olive Bread with Rosemary and Bulgar Scald

8/17/2012 - 100% Whole Grain Rye with Rye Sprouts – YW & SD Combo Starter

7/19/2012 - 25% Whole Wheat English Muffins Revisited - Over and Over Again - kjknits

8/22/2012 - Chacon Catastrophes Moka - Ian’s Mocha Disaster Chacon

8/24/2012 - Multi-Grain SD & YW Combo with Chicken Stock, Soaker & Seeds

8/27/2012 - 35% Whole Grain YW & SD Semolina, Durum Atta White Bread with Soaker

8/29/2012 - Rewind - YW & SD Semolina, Durum Atta, W. Germ, Malts & Honey - Deja Vue

9/2/2012 - Spelt, Rye and Whole Wheat Soudough Boule with Flax Seed, Honey and Malts - A Simple but Tasty Bread

9/5/2012 - 100% Hydration, 100% Whole Grain Kamut Flat Boule with YW and SD Combo Starter

9/7/2012 - Andy’s Roasted Brazil Nut and Prune Bread - Sourdough Variation with WW Scald

9/9/2012 - 8 Hour SD YW Saturday Night Pizza and Friday Shrimp Kabobs

9/14/2012 - 100% Whole Spelt Sourdough at 100% Hydration

9/15/2012 - Happy Rosh Hashanah!

9/20/2012 - 17% Whole Multi-Grain SD / YW Bagels – The Stan Ginsberg Method

9/21/2012 - 57% Whole Grain Multi-grain SD with 20% Seeds and Whey

9/25/2012 -15% Multi-grain Bread With YW and SD Combo Levain

9/28/2012 - 15% WWW Fat Bag with Desem SD Starter ala Ian and Phil

9/28/2012 - English Muffins- YW and SD Levains - 16% Whole Wheat

9/28/2012 - Banana Nut Bread with Seeds, Chocolate and Bourbon Dried Fruits

10/2/2012 - Judy's 45 % Whole Multi-Grain Sandwich Bread

10/6/2012 - 16 % Whole Multi-grain SD Baguettes – txfarmer’s Method only 40 Hours

10/9/2012 - Name Change - Gussied Up Franz Joseph's Emperor Rolls With Seeds

10/13/2012 - Parade of Sandwiches and Other Stuff - Partola Uno

10/14/2012 - Parade de sandwichs et d'autres choses - partie 2

10/14/2012 - Parade of Sandwiches Continues - Part 3

10/15/2012 - Desfile de Sandwiches - Parte 4

10/15/2012 - Parade der Sandwiches - Teil 5

10/17/2012 - World Bread Day - SD Multigrain with Figs, Anise, Pistachios and Sprouts

10/18/2012 - Pierre Nury's Rustic Light Rye with Whole Grain Multi-grain YW / SD Levains and Coffee

10/24/2012 -Tuesday Pizza Night - Crust 3 Ways with 25% Whole Grains

10/25/2012 - San Franciso Sourdough - 15% Whole Grain

10/27/2012 - Extended - SD Starter Experiment - 24 hour Countertop SFSD and a Seeded, Fig and Pistacio

10/30/2012 - Two DO Chacons Couldn’t Be Any Different

11/2/2012 - Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week one

11/2/2012 - Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week Two

11/2/2012 - 26% Whole Grain YW / SD Bagels with Sprouts

11/5/2012 - 24 hour 10% Whole Grain SFSD & SD Seeded Fig Bread with Pistachios - 1 g of Starter - No Levain

11/9/2012 - 60% Whole Grain SD / YW Bread With Caraway, Rye Chops, Coffee and Cocoa

11/9/2012 - Prune & Brazil Nut Sourdough with Bulgar Scald, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds

11/14/2012 - Not So Stollen

11/16/2012 - Thanksgiving Multi-Grain Marble Chacon

11/20/2012 - SD Stuffing Bread

11/21/2012 - Poolish Stuffing Bread

11/23/2012 - Not So Stollen - Thanksgiving Take

11/23/2012 - Daughter Does French Slap and Folds for Her Poolish Thanksgiving Rolls

11/27/2012 - A Chacon for Eric

12/7/2012 - 75% Whole Grain YW / SD Caramelized Onion, Wild Rice, Sprouts & Baltika Porter Bread

12/14/2012 - Multigrain SD / YW Porter Bread with Roasted Onions, Sprouts, Malts and Seeds

12/17/2012 - Puff Paste Experiments

12/18/2012 - Puffy So Not Rugelach

12/21/2012 - Christmas Sourdough Chacon - Figs, Pistachios and Seeds

12/25/2012 - Christmas Bi-Color Rose - 30% Whole Grain, Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato

12/25/2012 - Not So Stollen - 6 Weeks later

12/29/2012 - 25% Whole Grain Multi-grain Bagels



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