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123 Poolish Lafama AP Cocktail Loaf for Turkey Breast Dressing Tomorrow

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123 Poolish Lafama AP Cocktail Loaf for Turkey Breast Dressing Tomorrow

My wife and daughter said I had to make Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday a few days late because they missed our dressing, sides and especially the Cognac gravy for the sweet and golden potato smashed that wasn't served at cousin Jay's.  I missed the brown sugar carrot and butternut squash and braised / baked little cabbages.known as Brussels Sprouts.  For the dressing,  we always mix some yeast white, cornbread and some sourdough for the dressing bread mix.

This time we got out the last of Yippee's Bordinsky for the sourdough portion and made the cornbread and poolish white bread from scratch.  The 123 was made to total 300 g of Lafama flour total, including the 1 of the poolish so the cocktail loaf would fit in the Mini Oven easily along with the Mega steam.

If you have ever wondered how Lucy gets her maga steam in the Mini oven she takes a Pyrex 1 cup measure and puts 2 lava rock in it and fills it nearly to the brim with water.  She microwaves it for 2 minutes to get it hot and then puts it in the back of the oven preheated at 450 F to get it really steaming after 5 more minutes - then i  the bread goes for 10 minutes before the steam comes out and we bake at 425 F convection for another 15 more minutes to get it to 207 F.

This one had no autolyse but did get 2 sets of slap and folds of 125 and 25 slaps each and then 2 sets of 4 stretch and folds all on 2 minute intervals after the 100% hydration poolish got bubbly 3 hours after it was mixed.  It went into the cocktail pan a bit small but really puffed itself up over the next 2 hours to rise 1/2 inch over the rim in the middle and then it got the 3 B;s and sprang well above the rim by 2" in the middle to look like a little bloomer in the UK - very cute.

If you are going to make foot long buns you should at least make the sausages a foot long too instead of have them come in at 10".  I really need a new apprentice :-) These are spicy Italian.  Our latest batch of Dijon mustard is still way to hot to use and needs at least another 2 months of aging and maybe even 90 days.

We won't cube it up until it cools down later so the cubes can dry out by tomorrow afternoon.  My daughter hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up in 7 hours today so I hope she will be recovered enough by tomorrow afternoon to help make dinner or I will be very cross with her for sure.  Bloomers get me talking British it seems:-) 



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Double Thanksgiving, double bloomer. It is a beautiful loaf you got there.


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for turkey sandwiches but she finished it up yesterday and now Lucy is making her a nice SD loaf with 50% or so whole grains for the rest of her sandwiching pleasure. Mixed with cornbread, 2 kinds of sausage, mushrooms, cranberries and walnuts with he usual onions and celery this loaf made some fine dressing for sure. 

Glad you like it Pul and happy baking 

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to make bread from scratch to make stuffing, but in the end, it's all worth it!  I'd like to know your gravy recipe, as mine turned out to be so-so in the past.  This year I used the one that came with the turkey, which was delicious.  But I still need to have a master recipe on hand.  Thanks. 

BTW, your cousin Jay was missing out on great flavors if he doesn't know what a carcass can do to the broth!  Bones and carcass are a must to any great broth/soup. 

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The first thing that my wife and daughter do is to throw the drippings packet away that comes with the bird.  It is always way over slated to keep it from spoiling in the bird.  One year we put it in and rued the entire batch of gravy and the meal!  I always make the bread for the dressing.  I make bread for everything else so why not?   It is way better bread than any old dry stuff you get in a box for $2 on sale!.

Yep the day Cousin Jay makes stock will never come but I sure like to get the extra bones.

Happy baking and gravy making Yippee