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Community Baggie Bake - To the dark side and beyond!

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Community Baggie Bake - To the dark side and beyond!

Here is the combo black rice ground into flour

As many know, Lucy and I have tried to cultivate many different kinds of SD starters over the years but one we have not done is a rice starter.  We were looking at SD starters over the weekend and ran across a rice SD starter from Japan and said we have to do one.   We are on day 4 of a wild and black rice SD starter following or tried and tested rye one we learned from Perter Reinhart.    We will do one of Evon's fantastic breads from Malaysia to test it out.  Her sprouted black rice bread is a classic on The Fresh Loaf for those around at the time.  Last time we PM'd her she was having a bit of a problem with her son and had to stop posting for a while.  Hopefully she will come back one day and surprise us with one of her great breads

Day 1 - We started off on day one 30 g of Wild and Black Forbidden Rice flour mixed 1/3 to 2/3 rds and 30 g of water and letting it sit 24 hours under plastic lid.

Day 2 - We added 30 g each of the rice flour mix and water and let it sit 24 hours.

Day 3 - We tossed half and fed it 30 g each of the rice flour mix and water and let it sit 24 hours.

Day 4 - was just like day 2.

Day 5 - We tossed half and upped the feeding to 40 g each black rice mix flour and water. and let it sit 24 hours.

Day 6 - Perhaps not too oddly , the starter smelled a bit alcoholic - just like Sake - very cool !  We split the starter in half and fed half of it like day 5 - 40 g each of black rice flour and water and the other half we fed 50 g of bread flour and 50 g of water.  4 hours later it looked like this before we put both in the fridge.

Guess which one had half bread flour in it and which one only had black rice flour?  Tough to keep CO2 in one of them:-) Another successful SD starter experiment.  Now what to make with the bread flour levain after 48 hours in the fridge to mellow?  I was going to make Evon's bread above but now am on the community baguette too.  Fat Black Rice SD Baggies have a nice ring to it.  Stay tuned.

Soaked 9% (dry weight) Wild (1/3rd) and Forbidden Rice (2/3 rds) going into the sprouter for 20 hours aafter the 4 hou rsoak - so the baguette mix will have 330 g total of of black rice mixed flour and bread flour in it.  Funny to see the really long Wild Rice and the short stubby Forbidden rice together.

Here it is sprouted

 Overall the hydration ended up right at 80 % and the two black rice lours were 12% and the white flour was half LaFama AP and half KA Bread Flour at 44% each. The leavain was 9% pref-ermented flour total half black and half white at 100% hydration.  It sure looked more black then grey when the hit the white flour before the Biscuit Mix Technique was applied.

After the Biscuit mixing was done with the fingers like you were cutting the butter in to the dry biscuit mix,  we did 40 slap and folds to get the levain and dough water incorporated.  We held back 5% water water and let the whole thing sit for 30 minutes to get the  flour hydrated.  We made a well on top and out the Black Smoked Sea Salt in it with the 5 % water to get it sort of dissolved during the rest.  Smoked salt should up the flavor some - no that the rice levain and flour wouldn't.  Here is the smokey black salt sitting in the well with the reserved water.

Then we mixed the salt in with a spoon and did 3 sets of 100 slap and folds on 10 minute intervals to get everything Kosher.  After the 3rd set there was a nice smokey grey windowpane.

Then we divided the dough in half for (2) 270 g baggies and in one of them we added the 20% black rice sprouts.

We used Strutting Peacock Fan Folds for the first set of folds to get them all in there.

Here is what it looked like after the first set of folds.  These were small enough we could cover both of them with the SS mixing bowl between folds.

We did 2 more sets of Sleeping Ferret Folds all on 40 minute intervals before pre- shaping and shaping - 20 minute later.  We dusted our towels with the black rice mix to j=keep the baggies from sticking and we shaped them fat without any taper on the ends.  We just throw the ends away if they are tapered.  They don't taste as good as smoked burnt ends of pork.  This way the whole loaf can be used for dipping.

We got to use our very cool bamboo fat baggie proof holder too.  Just line it with rolled up towels dusted in black rice flour and away you go.

Thin baggies will soon proof up to fat baggies

 They puffed themselves up nicely.


The parchment half sheet and the peep fit the Fat Baggie Proofing Mold perfectly making for easy flipping over, slasj=hing and sliding on the bottom stone.

The plane Fat Baggie really popped its top and sprang so big it blew out the scores.  The one with the sprouts add ins was subdued for bloom and spring.  They both blistered up moderately after 12 minutes if Mega Steam with Lava Rocks

The cracks were wide for one and 'Meh' for the other


We have to wait for breakfast to see the crumb.

Above is plan crumb and below is Sprouts added crumb

Now for the bad part.  There is a bacteria that lives on rice called Bacillus Cereus that are harmful to humans and may not be killed by alcohol, heat to 212 F or low pH like a SD starter.  Read here

I ate some of this bread this morning as toast for breakfast and it tasted fine, I am tossing my starter and the bread away so as not to have any problems.  I guess there is a reason people don't make rice starters.  It was still fun and I hope I don't die:-)  Thanks to Mini Oven for the  heads up



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Rice starter??? I did not know that this was a thing! I'm so looking forward to seeing this!! 

Happy baking Dab


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 beer, an egg and lime juice:-)  Forbidden Rice is a grain and wild rice is supposedly a grass that is also a grain and we know that wee beasties love to plant themselves on the seeds of grain in the field because they always want to be close to their food source and the wee ones will eat any carb, starch or sugar if it all get wet together with the right enzymes.  This one was easy to get going like a rye starter!  Easy as pie for the PIE MAN!

Stay tuned Ru ....we might make some Black Lambic Beer with this starter - Bud has rice in it......:-)

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Can't wait to see how the bread comes out.

What is the community baguette bake and how did I miss that one?

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This rice starter is pretty cool.  Very black, very active and smells like sake:-)

Happy Baggie Baking Ian

Community Bake - Maurizio's SD Baguettes - Everyone is Welcome
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This is one that I've never seen, as I didn't arrive here until 2014. I have bookmarked it for future reference. Very inspiring.... It makes me want to go bake RIGHT NOW!  marybeth

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Her black rice loaf deserves a black rice SD starter though:-)

Happy baking Marybeth

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Wow, great stuff. Evon is really creative.

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breads all the way from Malay! Can't wait to get to her bread with a black rice starter.....

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I bake Wild-Rice-Sourdough regularly, but never thought of sprouting the wild rice. Using your method, I sprouted other grains, and I will definitely try this.

You are lucky to have such an adventurous apprentice, my lazy bunch doesn't show up for work but only sneak into the kitchen to grab some Friskies.

Happy Baking,


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it was the best bread ever

and here

I put all kinds of sprouts in it but I think I didn't sprout the wild rice either time!

I think that once this baguette community bake is over I am going to bake my take on your bread with real sprouted while and forbidden rice in it this time and using a the black rice starter too!  It is still one of the est breads ever!

Happy baking Karin



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from 2015.  I wonder what happened to Dobie anyway?