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Now Lucy has her teeth cleaned too!  She isn’t happy about it like we are and bit every vet she could clamp onto before and after the procedure.  Her breath is 1,000% nicer for sure.  So now she will get her teeth cleaned every year since we now have an insurance policy on her through Pets Mart.  She doesnlt know about that yet….

She was feeling funky the day after and wasn’t in the mood to supply me with anything interesting or new for this Friday’s bake so I was left to my own devices, a dangerous thing for sure and likely to cause a small house fire or a police raid of the entire neighborhood if we were lucky.

Picked a ripe pear shaped, cherry tomato this week the 2nd one from a plant that I managed to save through the summer heat from last winter and it bloomed again this fall.  Both the green salad bowl and red romaine lettuce is up and thriving from the seeds I harvested from last year’s crop.

We some pizza and it was very good.  We have thee Smoked Bianco Sausage pizza down pat.

It has been unusually warm this fall so the lettuce didn’t get planted in time for a Thanksgiving salad like usual - but it will be ready for Christmas for sure.  We haven’t had any rain at all for over 3 maybe 4 months but it is cloudy today and it might rain but I’m not holding my breath.

A Brioche Bun Hamburger with cheese and a home made Kosher dill pickle.

Lucy has been outside on the still green grass taking note of the no sunshine and just relaxing so I could get a photo of her without her squinting into the sun.  The Minneolas and navel oranges will be ripe right after Christmas and it is time to fertilize them again for the late rush to ripen.  So things are back to normal around her for the first time in a year.

The 2'fer

This week I decided to bake my favorite SFSD style bread in a way I usually don’t make it.  First off, it is  30% whole 6 grain using my favorite varieties – white and red wheat, Kamut, oat, Spelt and rye in equal amounts with the rest of the flour Albertson’s bread flour that was on sale for 30 cents a pound last week.

The 4 most unusual things about this bake is that I didn’t use any whole grains in the 12% pre-fermented flour, 100% hydration levain, it was all in the dough flour.  None were sprouted either.  I used a 2 hour autolyse to compensate but forgot to add the levain when I put the dough water and salt in and started the 3 sets of slap and folds of 50, 10 and 4 slaps - 30 minutes apart.

We love home made smoked chicken noodle soup for lunch

So the autplyse was 3.5 hours, half with salt and the gluten developed before the levain hot the mix.  I know you are asking -  where was my totally, irresponsible apprentice when this horrible mistake was made?  She was no where to be found and asleep somewhere I’m sure.  She had that look of it’s not my problem master bro- tatochip!

I pretended that there were no slap and folds ever done and just redid them with the levain nicely tucked away inside this time.  I let it rest for an hour after slapping it around for many hours, calling it a short bench ferment.   It didn’t seem to matter much in the end from the looks of things from the finished outside.  The other thing that was different is that I made a shape we don’t use often and a basket that needs to be lined with a rice floured towel.

I’m not a big baguette fan if Don Baggs isn’t making them but I do love Fat Baggies, as much as any fat lover and slightly weird baker could, and that is what this is.  I am pretty pleased with myself and ability to come up with something new and different that turns out pretty well with only a few nasty flaws that were covered up craftily .........and not one lousy, loafing, ankle biting apprentice required!

Since I was a few hours late finishing, I dumped it into an oiled SS bowl covered it in plastic and put it in the fridge for a 10 hour retard.

This morning I got it out of the fridge and let it rest and warm up for 2 hours before doing a quick pre-shape and final shape 20 minutes later.  It went into the lined basket for 1.5 hours of final proof which gave me just enough time to make a mini pre-celebration, ginger, apple pie with snockered cranberries and a secret layer of bananas on top as a surprise.

When making bread, once the mega steam comes out you turn the oven down to 425 F convection which is also the perfect temperature for the first half of a pie bake letting you finish the bread as you get the first half of the pie done.  We like getting a double dose of some good out of the oven with one heating.

This bread blistered, bloomed and sprang quite nicely which is good since I am giving it away.   I might get a crumb shot if he lets me cut it when I give it away as part of the deal-- The pie also browned up great with the egg yolk brushed on top right before it hit the heat.   We like a 2’fer success without being nagged by a whiny apprentice under foot even though she was underfoot just waiting for something to hit the floor.

A favorite winter bloom

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Over the last 5 years Lucy has baked a lot of bread.  Little did I know how famous she has become as a bread baker.  At the wedding, I can’t tell you how many people come up to me and said I’ve had Lucy’s bread before and it was great!  I thought how can this be, I don’t even know who this person is.

Well, it seems that my daughter and son in law over the years have been taking Lucy’s bread back to New Mexico, Chicago, Denver, Texas and who knows where else and the friends have had the chance to taste Lucy’s recipes and have been following this blog.   Several are now baking bread, even SD too!

The bread for a wedding reception appetizer was a hit as was the dipping sauce.  The guests wolfed them down, Including the large, 4.5 pound, signature H slashed bread pictured first, after her new last name - a sprouted 6 grain SD miche which was the centerpiece of the table until it was sliced up and eaten.

I did get to take half of it home until my sister in law from Texas and my nephew from Chicago split it and took it away too!  I did have a quart of pipping sauce left over but no bread to dip in it.  So, I made a couple of 6 grain SD loaves which my wife latched onto for gifts.  I’ve at least started some pizza dough yesterday for pizza tonight!

The two loaves were 10% pre-fermented 6 grain SD with the 10% whole grain all in the 100% hydration levain.  The bread came in at 78% hydration with 2% pink Himalayan sea salt.  The levain was made with a bit of new NMNF rye starter but was stored for a week in the fridge before using.

The dough was not autolyzed or retarded but was ready for the oven 8 hours after the initial mixing.  It smelled wonderful as it baked. It is nice to have the wedding behind us and be back to a more normal schedule.  The Newlyweds are off to Hawaii for their honeymoon - the same place my wife and I went 30 years ago – even the same Islands, Maui and Kauai.  How so much life changes as so much stays the same. 

Lucy reminds us to never forget the salad - so we enjoy them often.

My personal favorite bread of the wedding was this Seeded Multi-grain SD Chacon!

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2 Chacons the square one is a 6 stand braid and the other is a knot and ball and then a large batard with oats on top.  The 3rd batch is one huge miche that has 6 sprouted grains on the inside

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These 3 are different shapes but the same recipe.  12% 6 grain sprouted levain SFSD.  75% hydration all baked at the same time on two levels on stones with Mega Steam except the boule was in a combo cooler.  It was a singele stage levain of 20 hours using up the end of the NMNF starter.  The 6 grains were red and white wheat, rye, spelt, Kamut and oat and they were all in the levan.  The rest of the 88 % was La Fama AP


No retarding of the leavain or dough . The large batard weighs 3 pounds 8 oz after baking and the smalls squat oval and boule weigh 1 pound 12 oz.  It has been a long time since I had to make 1,000 g of levain.  It all didn't go into these loaves but half did.  I have the the same recipe fr 3 loaves with, sunflower seeds and pepitas in them In bulk ferment to make 6 loaves total - all different sizes and shapes  It won't be enough so I will do a miche in the Poulain style that has sprouts in it to make it different.



Happy abking

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The 2nd bread back from no bread for months, is similar to the one 2 weeks ago but the 20% whole grains were made up of only 7 different grains, the hydration was up a bit to 80% and we retarded it for 12 hours with no autolyse but did put the Pink Himalayan in the mix instead of on top of the autolyse.  We dropped the Emmer and Einkorn because Lucy said E’s are no longer the it in breadmaking anymore-  plus the pooches pantry was bare for them.

Lucy brought this recipe back from her 2 week trip to Meta Verse 1.0.  She has been in a funk since she got back but did say she loved it even with its flaws.  So…… I thought it was a good time to get her shots and teeth cleaned before the wedding - shots are done but teeth are next week.  The only one she hates more than bad pumpernickel bread or me is the Vet.


All I have to do is say let’s go to the Vet and she does a nose rip on me.  She is still too fast for me at 13 but she will get it back in spades when they clean her teeth.  She won’t let anyone brush her teeth and bites anyone who tries.  This is what she gets as a result - 500 bucks of pure hell.  At least they knock her out so she doesn’t remember too much if it.  It is fun messing with her while she is still loopy.

Short Ribs on butternut squash, carrot and sweet potato mash and St Louis Ribs

The 100% hydration levain contained all the whole grains and was single stage, stirred twice, over 16 hours.  It had more than peeked when it hit the mix.  3 sets of slap and folds over 1.5 hours and 2 hours of bulk were perfect before shaping and placing it in the rice floured basket.  Then in the fridge it went for the snooze. 

Green Chili Pork Stew and never eat soup out of can or Ramen when you can male your own chicken noodle soup from scratch

It looked a little low so t sat in the counter to puff itself up before unmolding, slashing and going into the 500 F DO for 20 minutes of stream.  Then it got 16 minutes of dry fan heat at 425F when it read 209.5 F and deemed done by Lucy.  It was a bit bolder than usual but we like it bolder.

It blistered, Sprang and bloomed well and it is nice looking loaf for sure.  We wrapped it in plastic after it cooled and let it sit till the next morning because SD always tastes better the next day and toasted.  This is about as good a SFSD you will ever eat and we like it a lot. 

The crust is the best but the crumb is tasty, soft and moist too. Made a great open face, breakfast sandwich toasted with butter, homemade jam, melted Colby cheese, hot Smithfield breakfast sausage and an egg on top.  Just delicious and way better than anything you can buy at Mickey D’s.  Had a P & J for lunch.

And Lucy reminds us all to never, ever forget the salads 


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We have been from TFL for months and months.  My daughter said I had to lose weight for her wedding and my doctor, the evil one, said I had to quit the carbs and start exercising again because my A1C was 7.1 and the sugar was out of control.  So…. no bread allowed.

I started swimming every day on his recommendations and now I am walking too.  The pool is getting cold and in about another week it will have to be all walking.  I only lost 3 pounds but the fat was turned into muscle and now my A1C is 6.4 – about as good as it can get for a type 2 diabetic not on insulin.

I knew if I logged into TFL I would be tempted, so I just stayed away.  But, all is well now and I baked my first loaf of bread in month yesterday.  I am amazed at how many of you were worried about me and sent me messages.  The folks here are so kind.  I will read them this week and get back to all of you.

There's the Girl Baby!

This bread is our favorite SF style SD.  20%, 9 whole grains:  Kamut, spelt, barley, oat, red and white wheat, rye, emmer and Einkorn in equal amounts.  The rest is half LaFama AP and Smart and Final high gluten to make a sort of home made bread flour.

Monsoon has come and gone.

We used all the whole grains in the levain and so it was 20% prefermented flour at 100% hydration - about twice as much as we would normally use.  We got started on Thursday and knew we would not have enough time to get the bread baked before my wife got home on Friday evening from work.

Made pizza once.  Smoked onion, smoked mushroom and smoked sausage with fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, spicy tomato sauce and Parmesan with freshbasil for garnish

This was a 1 stage levain that sat at room temperature 82 F for 20 hours.  We stirred it every 6 hours and it doubled 2 hours after the 3rd stirring at the 18 hour mark.  The rye NMNF starter had not been touched in months and was stored at least 5 months in the fridge.  It is impossible to kill that thing but it was a bit slow.   I will refresh it in another month or so.

Made brioche buns once for smoked pulled pork.

We autolyzed white flours with the dough water for 1 hour, bringing the total to 78% hydration with the Pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.  Once the levain hit the mix, we did 3 sets of slap and folds on 30 minute intervals of 60, 10 and 6 slaps.   We than let the dough sit for an hour and half to bulk ferment.

Shrimp Kabobs

We shaped it into a squat oval and placed it in the rice floured basket seam side up.  It was ready to go in the oven after an hour and half.  We unmolded it onto parchment on a peel, slashed it twice and slid it into the 500 F combo cooker for 20 minutes of steam at 450 F.

We love Ahi Tuna

When the lid came off it liked like it was a bit under proofed because the spring and bloom were killer.  We turned the oven down to 425 F, convection this time, and it was at 208 F after 18 more minutes of lid off baking.

Smoked Chicken

We didn’t slice it this morning’s breakfast open faced sandwich of 1/2 slice of toast, butter, home made jam, melted pepperjack cheese, hot sausage and fried egg on top with a side of melon.  It was fairly open, moist, soft and sour – just the way we like it.  Ahhhh…… to have home made SFSD bread again!

And Lucy has her thing for salads and breakfast

Lucy is also fine and trying to sleep day away as usual.


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After last week’s 99% white bread, Lucy nearly went into shock with the Dark Side Heebie Jeebies.  Yes, there is such a thing as fatal HJ’s but Lucy has an app for that.  So, this week she went dark starting with prunes and Deshuette’s Black Porter, 61.3% wholegrain rye and 38.7% whole grain red and white wheat. 

These odd percentiles would upset any full-blooded German to no end.  She didn’t plan on it but she decided to toss in 20 g of red rye malt and since that is whole grain sprouted rye, it threw off the wholistic bread making percentages she usually lives and dies by.  If this wasn’t dark enough, she then tossed in 1% each cocoa and espresso.

She normally would not use the last two dark side elements but I told her she couldn’t bake the bread low and slow, pumpernickel style, in the mini oven outside on the patio.  I wasn’t going to be out there in the AZ heat for hours and hours checking on her latest DaPumperized loaf.  She was worried it wouldn’t be dark enough so in they went.

She worries about the oddest things and could care less about important matters like getting groomed and summer clipped at the Paw Salon and Spa this week and what kind of canned Alpo is going to get mixed in with her Purina Pro 100 dry food.  No, she isn’t getting paid by Purina and Alpo for these plugs but I think they should at least pay me.

Don't fprget to dock the top of the loaf with a toothpick before closing the lid and putting it in the oven.

Being a rye bread where abundant acid is the most important thing in controlling amylase action that destroys the crumb structure she upped the pre-fermented flour of levain to 17.6%.  the pre-fermented flour was entirely bran that was sifted from the whole grain and wheat after milling it to a medium constancy rather than our usual fine grind.

Potatoes butter rosemary and basil with 1/8th cup of water steamed woith lid on and then removed until browned becomes the best fried, herb potatoes ever!

The levain was our usual 100% hydration but was different in that it 20 g of our NMNF WG rye starter and was a single stage 6 hour affair that was not retarded.  We autolyzed the dough flour with a bottle of the Deshuettes Black Porter and some water and 5% barley malt syrup, for 1 hour to get the overall hydration up to 92.3% with the PH sea salt sprinkled on top.

We still eat grilled salmon just about every week

Once the levain hit the mix we did 4 sets of slap and folds of 60 20, 10 and 4 slaps and folds with the prunes and toasted, crushed, aromatic seeds going in at the 3rd set after trying to fold them in first.  All the slapping the dough into shape was done on 30 minute intervals.

This was chicken grilled veg cheese crisp wit pork chili verde - extra yum with guacamole, crema and pico!

We then shaped the dough into a loaf shape that would fit the pan release sprayed Exotic Oriental Pullman Pan.  We slid the lid in and put it in the fridge for a 12 hour retard after a short 40 minute proof on the counter.  Since the cold brings amylase activity down to a crawl you can retard your higher percent rye breads like any other one without worrying about the word ending – but Lucy has an app for that too.

Lucy says to have a great salad every night and this one was exceptional with perfect peaches and blueberries

After taking it out in the morning, it looked like it had puffed itself up weakly in the middle about .34“ without much movement anywhere else - pretty sad at the time.  So, we let it sit on the counter to warm up and finish proofing to fill that lovely pan up to the brim.  We expected this to taok many, many hours - over 8 in fact in the vein of this bread Purim and Sprouted Westfalian Rye

We were surprised when it took only 3 hours.  The levain had to be much nor active plus the kitchen was 25 degrees warmer too!  We decided to bake the bread the same way as we did last March but using the mini oven instead and adding 20 minutes to the steaming portion since the MO heats up so much faster than Big Old Betsy.  We started with the mini oven off, put the bread in, cranked it up to 450 F and steamed it for 30 minutes at 425 F after it hit temperature.  We then removed the lid and continued to bake for 1 hour at 375 F.

We were going to let the bread continue baking out of the pan at this point but I was already 206 F and a bit more than the 202 F we were shooting for - so onto the cooling rack it went.   We will now wait to see if the crumb came out as nice as it did in last March sans nuts and sprouts.  The crumb was not as moist as usual due to the over baking by 4 F we were looking for.

This shot not taken in direct sunlight and represents the real crumb color better .

The bread sliced very thinly and easily making  for perfect less than 1/4" slices.  The bread spices are more subtle than usual too..... 6% would have been better.  We still like this bread very much even if not as open as others but it is 100% whole grain bread in the classic 60 / 40 rye wheat split found all over The Netherlands - but the prunes are pure Andy of TFL fame and delicious in this bread.   I also like it better with Mini Oven's Toasted Walnuts and Lucy's sprouts as additional add ins.  It is still about the best thing since sliced bread none the less.

Breakfast was two slices toasted with a schmear and a tiny slive to taste all on its own untoasted.


17.6% preferment rye and wheat bran levain using 20 g of NMNF rye starter at 100% hydration.  This was a singe stage, non-retarded levain, that took 6 hours to double.


29.6% whole grain red and white wheat 50/50

49.5% whole grain rye

3.3% red rye malt

5% barley malt syrup

4% toasted and cracked seeds - half caraway and the other half anise, fennel and coriander in equal amounts

15% prunes – each one sliced into thirds

1.1% each cocoa and instant coffee

Enough water and 1 bottle of Deschuette’s Black Porter to make the hydration 90% without taking into account the water in the barley malt syrup.  Overall hydration would be 92.5% with the BMS

2% pink Himalayan sea salt

Here is the Girl Baby fresh from the salon and spa

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It has been over 117 F 3 days in row and today was the first break from the usual Late June heat in Phoenix -  only 113 F today.  So …..we took the mini oven outside for today’s bake to keep the kitchen from going over 90 F.


Nothing puts blisters on white bread like the mini oven and this one had some beauties.  The small space and ability to really crank up the steam is why we love the mini oven and look forward to summer patio baking even though it is so hot.

We have baked every kind of bread in the MO and have had success with all of them and this one was no exception.  We did a simple white SD bread that had exactly 6 g of whole grain rye in the NMNF starter and that was the entire amount of whole grains in this bread making it come in at 98.7% white flour.

Half the white flour was Lafama AP and other half was Albertson’s bread flour.  The levain was an 8 hour single stage affair that used 9% pre-fermented bread flour at 100% hydration. We autolyse the dough flour and water for 1 hour with the salt sprinkled on top and the overall hydration was 75%.

We love grilled tuna almost as much as ribs and sausage on the smoker

We did 4 sets of slap and folds on 50, 10, 6 and 4 slaps all on 30 minute intervals and then let the dough bulk ferment for 45 minutes before shaping and placing the dough in a rice floured basket seam side up. We then placed the basket in a plastic grocery bag and then into the fridge for a 12 hour retard.

E let the dough warm up on the counter for 2 hours before firing up the MO to 500 F regular bake.  We unmolded the dough onto parchment on a peel and slashed it T-Rex style before loading it into the MO, covering it with the SS bowl and tossing cup of water into the broiler pan underneath.


No dinner is complete without a salad according to Lucy

We immediately turned the oven down to 450 F and, after 18 minutes of steam, we took the SS bowl off and removed the broiler bottom pan leaving the vented top part for the bread to finish baking on.  We turned the oven down to 425 convection and baked it in the dry heat for 18 more minutes.

Lucy has a breakfast shot featuring the Ranier Cherries my Daughter brought back fro Seattle last Wednesday that went well with the other fruits, berries and toast with cream cheese

The bread was boldly baked and 210 F when we removed it from the oven to cool on a rack.  We will have to wait on the crumb but since it spread rather than spring it may nit be the most open white bread one could wish for........but we won't get to see it as it was given away in a weak moment to an admiring fan of SD bread.


9% pre-fermented bread flour 8 hour, 100% hydration, single stage levain using 10 g of NMNF Rye starter.


50% Lafama AP

41 % Albertson’s bread flour

2% Pink Himalayan sea salt

Enough water to make 75% hydration overall.

This bread cost 80 cents to make including the electricity!  What a bargain! 


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2/20/2015 - 4 Grain Sprouted Sourdough with Altus, Scald, Toadies & Porter - Going Darker

2/27/2015 - 100% Whole Spelt SD w/ 50% Sprouted Flour, Spelt Sprouts & Baked Scald

3/6/2015 - Lucy’s 5 Grain Sprouted Practice Sourdough Slash Bags with Scald

3/13/2015 - Lucy’s Practice Sprouted and Scalded Slash Bag - Take 2 - with a Boule too

3/16/10`5 - Cousin Jay’s Sprouted, Multigrain Sourdough with Flax Seed Scald

3/20/2015 - Sprouted Whole Multigrain Sourdough Bread with Malted scald & Pizza Kicker

3/27/2015 - Whole Sprouted 9 Grain Sourdough Bread with Walnuts and Sage

4/3.2015 - Sprouted 3 Grain Sourdough with Pecans, Cranberries and Malts

4/3/2015 - 3 Sprouted Grain Poolish Hot Cross Buns

4/10/2015 - Sprouted 4 Grain, Cheese, Jalapeno, Polenta and Baked Scald Sourdough

4/10 2015 - Yeast Water Hot Dog Buns

4/17/2015 - Sorta Altamura Style Sprouted 4 Grain with Desert Durum, Seeds and Baked Scald

4/24/2015 - Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough with Baked Scald and Guinness

5/1/2015 - 3 Day Old Rye Starter Makes a fine Sourdough the Old School Way

5/2/2015 - Old School Dark Sprouted Pumpernickel Sourdough – 2 ways

5/8/2015 - Sprouted Wheat and Rye Sourdough The Almost 1.2.3 Way

5/15/2015 - Real Bread Week - Spreading 40% Sprouted Whole 4 Grain Bread with Sprouts

5/22/2015 - A Request for Bread

5/29/2015 - Fig, Anise Sprouted 10 Grain Sourdough

6/5/2015 - Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough - 60% Whole Grain

6/12/2015 - Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough - 100 % Whole Grain

6/15/2015 - Yeast Buns with Rosemary, Sun Dried Tomato, Caramelized Onion & Mushrooms

6/19/2015 - Sprouted Kamut Sourdough - 75 % Whole Grain

6/27/2015 - Really Dark Old School Sprouted Pumpernickel – In memory of Barbra

7/3/2015 - Braune Mann aufgegangen mehrere Korn Sauerteigbrot für Unabhängigkeitstag

7/10/2015 - Double Levain SD with 5 Sprouted Grains

7/17/2015 - Bereit sind, arbeiten Sie hart und Opfern Sie viel Auswuchs Sauerteigbrot

7/24/2015 - Olive and Fig 9 Sprouted Grain Sourdough

7/31/2015 - Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough - 50% Whole Grain with Pecans and Cranberries

8/7/2015 - Double Levain Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough with Seeds

8/14/2015 - Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough White Bread with 40 Hour Retard and Yogurt Whey

8/21/2015 - Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough White Bread With 21 Hour Retarded Bulk Ferment

8/28/2015 - 50 Percent Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough with Dates, Walnuts and Guinness

8/28/2015 - SD / YW Combo Starter White Bread

9/4/2015 - Star Wars Sprouted Sourdough

9/4/2015 - Star Wars Sourdough Sandwich Slims

9/7/2015 - Yeast Water Labor Day Weekend Pizza

9/11/2015 - Lucy Combines 2 Dark Ways On A Dark Day – Westphalian Pumpernickel

9/18/2015 - 10 Grain Sprouted Sourdough

9/25/2015 - Double Levain 100 % Whole Wheat Half Sprouted At 100 % Hydration

9/28/2015 - Make Clour, or is it florn, Tortillas and Skip the Flour and Corn Ones

10/2/2015 - Ancient World Meets New One in Seeded Sprouted Sourdough

10/5/2015 - Nico’s Sourdough Pizza Crust and Focaccia

10/8/2015 - Sprouting and Malting Primer

10/9/2015 - High Extraction Sprouted Sourdough – Finally A Sort Of Real White Bread

10/16/2015 - World Bread Day 2015 - Sprouted Westphalian Sourdough Pumpernickel

10/22/2015 - 1849 Gold Rush Sprouted 12 Grain Sourdough Fruit Cake III

10/30/2015 - Bran Soaker Water Sprouted Multigrain Super Sour White Sourdough

11/6/2015 - 50 Percent Whole Sprouted 6 Grain Bran Soaker Super Sour Sourdough & Yeast Buns

11/13/2015 - YW SD Sprouted Multi-grain Bagels – 50 Percent Whole Grain

11/20/2015 - Sprouted Kamut and Wheat Sourdough with Filberts and Pepitas

12/03/2015 - Latvian Sprouted Saldskaaba Maize – Sprouted Sourdough Cider Rye

12/11/2015 - Germés pain au levain rustique avec les graines de lin

12/18/205 - Lucy’s Witch Yeast Fig and Pistachio Ancient Grain Bread

12/27/2015 - Cooked Potato Starter White Bread

12/30/2015 -Witchy Potato 6 Grain Sourdough with Seeds and Nuts





1/1/2014 - New Year’s Panettone - 2014

1/3/2014 - YW SD Spelt and White Whole Wheat Miche

1/5/2014 -  Saturday Night Pizza - 1/4/2014

1/7/2014 - YW SD ADY Poolish, Tang Zhong Rosemary, Sun Dried Tomato & Parmesan Buns

1/10/2014 - 28 % Whole Multigrain Sourdough with Corn, Potato, Farina and Oat.

1/12/2014 - Saturday Night Calzones – or are they Stromboli’s?

1/17/2014 - Go Tang Zhong Sour Cream, Seeded, Aromatic Sourdough Buns

1/18/2014 - Toady Tang Zhong Multigrain Sourdough Boule

1/23/2014 - Yeast Water and Poolish 42 Percent Whole Multigrain Walnut and Pistachio Bread

1/24/2014 - 50 Percent Whole Multi-grain Sourdough

1/31/2014 - 60 Percent Whole Multigrain Sourdough with Sprouts, Seeds & Yogurt Whey

2/1/2014 - 16 % Whole Multigrain SD with Sesame, Flax and Chia Seeds

2/7/2014 - Dark Russian Jewish Rye Bread with Porter, Prunes, Nuts and Aromatic Seeds

2/14/2014 - Lucy’s Take on Josh’s Version of Pane Maggiore On Valentines Day - 2 Ways

2/20/2014 - Lucy’s Take on Adri’s Westphalian Rye

2/28/2014 - Un-Smoked Spelt Sprouter with Turkish Figs, Seeds, Aromatics & Some Nuts

3/5/2014 - Poolish Calzones and Yeast Water Italian Bread

3/7/2014 - White SD Bread

3/14/2014 - St Paddy’s Day Challenge YW Shamrock on a !00% Whole Wheat SD Chacon

3/21/2014 - Too Pooped To Pop - 56.5 Percent Whole Multigrain Sourdough

3/26/2014- 107% Whole Grain 8 Grain Sourdough

4/4/2014 - 50 Percent Whole Grain 10 Grain Sourdough – One with Cranberries and Seeds

4/6/2014 - Poolish Naan

4/11/2014 - Plotziade Sourdough Chacon

4/13/2014 - Yeast Water Poolish Pizza

4/15/2014 - Lucy’s Take On Wolfgang Puck’s Passover Gefilta Fish

4/17/2014 - Banana Bread

4/18/2014 - Sourdough Hot Cross Buns - 50% Whole Grain

4/19/2014 - Pizza Civitavecchia

4/20/2014 - Last of the Easter Sourdough Bakes Turns Ugly in a Tasty Way

4/21/2014 - Re-Do of the Last Easter Sourdough Bake for BBQ

4/22/2014 - Sacaduros - 46 Percent Whole Grains

4/23/2014 - Half Whole Grain SD Garlic Naan, Onion and Cilantro

4/25/2014 - Seeded Sourdough Multigrain Chacon

5/2/2014 - Everyday 7 Grain Sourdough

5/6/2014 - Cinco de Mayo - 2014

5/9/2014 - Getting Ready for Ploetziade 2

5/16/2014 - Boule and Pumpernickel for Plotziade 2

5/23/2014 - 10 Grain 50 Percent Whole Grain Sourdough - Back To The Old Sourdough Ways

5/26/2014 - Memorial Weekend Pizza - 2014

5/30/2014 - 67% Whole 10 Grain Baguettes

6/6/2014 - Spelt, Farro, Rye and Wheat Sourdough – 50% Whole Grain

6/9/2014 - Italian Yeast Water Buns

6/11/2014 - Italian Style YW Pizza

6/13/2014 - No……. Not Those Pharaohs

6/17/2014 - Calzones and Triple Levain Madness

6/20/2014 - Götz von Berlichingen Ancient Age Sourdough Bread

6/23/2014 - Yeast Water Whole Grain Breakfast Rolls w/ Snockered Fruit and Dark Chocolate

6/27/2014 - Lucy’s Take on Einstein’s Swabian Potato Bread - Schwäbisches Kartoffelbrot

7/4/2014 - 4th of July – 15 Grain Independence Sourdough Challenge Bake

7/11/2014 - 3 Sprouted Grain SD with One No Sprout

7/14/2014 - Lemon and Corn Pie - Old Southern Favorite - Chess Pie

7/18/2014 - Sprouted Multigrain Potato Sourdough with Spelt, Rye, Emmer and Wheat

7/23/2014 - Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato Multigrain Pizza Focaccia

7/25/2014 - 6 Grain Fennel and Fig Sourdough

8/1/2014 - Sprouted Pa de Pagès Català Sourdough

8/8/2014 - Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough Chacon with Whey, Walnuts and Sage

8/15/2014 - Lucy’s Sorta Tzitzel Like Sprouted Sourdough

8/22/2014 - No Knead Sprouted Spelt, Barley & Potato Sourdough

8/25/2014 - Poolish Pizza Without Daughter

8/20/2014 - Sprouted Spelt, Barley, Rye and Wheat Sourdough with 5 Seeds and Brazil Nuts

9/11/014 - Spelt and Wheat Sourdough with Figs, Pistachios, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

9/18/2014 - 20% Multi - Whole Grain Sourdough - Lucy's 44 Hour Fat Bags

9/19/2014 - Lucy's Fruit Stupid -Version 2

9/23/2014 - Knishes

9/25/2014 - Porter, Prune & Walnut Multigrain SD Bread with a No Fruit No Nut Potato Water Version

9/28/2014 - Pie Parade

10/1/2014 - Cherry Yeast Water Buns.

10/3/2014 - Cherry Yeast Water Sourdough Italian Bread with Apricots, Seeds and Nuts

10/10/2014 -Cherry YW Sourdough Italian Boule with Apricots, Seeds and Nuts - Version 2

10/16/2014 - Yeast Water and Poolish Pizza

10/16/2014 -11 Grain, YW / Sourdough Enriched Buns

10/17/2014 - 11 Grain, YW / Sourdough Chacon with Apricots, Seeds and Nuts - Version 3

10/23/2014 - Lucy’s YW & SD Holiday Fruitcake

10/30/2014 - Multigrain SD Sprouted 2 Ways

11/7/2014 - Sprouted Multi Farro SD

11/26/2014 - Thanksgiving Sourdough Bread for Stuffing

12/5/2014 - Multigrain Sourdough Sprouter

12/12/2014 - Ancient Grain Sprouted Sourdough

12/19/2014 - 50 Percent Whole Grain 25 Percent Sprouted Porter SD

12/26/2014 - 50 Percent Whole Grain 25 Percent Sprouted 9 Grain SD with Whey






1/4/2013 - Panettone - The Last Bake of 2012

1/4/2013 - New Year's Day Pizza and Banana Bread Cupcakes

1/5/2012 - Hanseata’s Sausage Filled Puff Pastry with Cheese

1/7/2013 - Multi-grain Cream Cheese Sourdough with Multi-grain Scalded Soaker

1/11/2013 - Multi-grain Sourdough Chacon with Olives, Sun Dried Tomato, Garlic, Rosemary and 2 Cheeses

1/16/2013 - Multi-grain Sourdough with Sprouts, Scald, Seeds, Nuts and Prunes

1/17/2013 - Multigrain Yeast Water Bread with Sprouts, Scald, Seeds, Nuts and Prunes

1/23/2013 - White Whole Wheat with Combo YW, Poolish, SD Starter, Water Roux and Wheat Berry Scald

1/25/2013 - SD, YW, Biga, Rye, Spelt, Tang Zhong Bread with Scald, Seeds and Nuts

1/30/2013 - Practice YW Slash Bag

1/31/2013 - Origami Sourdough and Yeast Water Panettone

1/31/2013 - Another Batch of kjknits English Muffins – 12.5 % Whole Wheat

2/1/2013 - Fun With Short Crust and Puff Paste

2/1/2013 - Phil’s Savory Pumpkin and Feta Pie

2/2/2013 - A Born Loser Tells a Tale of Too Many Two’s and the Evil Twin

2/3/2013 - Superbowl Pizza – Great Pizza For a Lights Out, No longer a Blow Out Game

2/3/2013 - It's Been Exactly a Year Since Our First TFL Post - The Index

2/5/2013 - Multigrain SD/YW Brown Bread with Aromatic Seeds and Multi-Grain Scald

2/7/2013 - Big Combo Levain Whole Wheat Bread with Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds

2/11/2013 - Not So Pink Valentine Vienna Chocolate Rose

2/13/2013 - Sourdough Pink Valentine Hamburger Buns

2/15/2013 - Yeast Water Cinnamon Rolls

2/18/2013 - Multigrain SD Altamura - Not The Priest's Hat

2/21/2013 - Banana Bread

2/26/2013 - Old Dough VS Levain Multigrain SD With Bulgar and Flax Seed Scald

2/28/2013 - 100 % Whole Grain Rye and Spelt YW SD with Scald and Seeds - The Altus Test

3/5/2013 - SD YW Durum, Ricotta Bread with Pistachio Nuts, Pumpkin & Millet Seeds

3/12/2013 -

3/13/2013 - SD YW multi-grain Bagels

3/17/2013 - Enchanted Irish Lemon Curd Fairy Cakes

3/18/2013 - St. Paddy’s Day Feast, Sort of Ballymaloe 100% WW Brown Bread and Irish Ruben’s

3/20/2013 - If Ballymaloe Baked Sourdough Brown Bread with WW Scald & Guinness in a DO

3/23/2013 - WW SD YW Multi-Grain Pumpernickel

3/25/2013 - 50% Whole Wheat Matzoh

3/30/2013 - Hot Cross Buns - 25 % Whole Grain

3/31/2013 - Poolish & Y W Chocolate Walnut Easter Babka with Streusel & Snockered Fruits

4/2/2013 - 100 Percent Whole Multi-Grain Aroma Bread with 2 Soakers & 11 Seeds

4/4/2013 - Whole Grain DaPumpernickel Aroma Bread

4/8/2013 - Two Way 75% White Bread - DaPumperized with Scald and Seeds

4/12/2013 - Italian Tang Zhong, Fig, Hazelnut & Ricotta Cheese Sourdough Chacons

4/14/2013 - Dinner for 2 from the Pots

4/19/2013 - Fig Water, Multigrain, Apricot, Walnut, Whole Wheat Sprouter

4/24/2013 - Tang Zhong, Ricotta, Scalded Multigrain with and without, Cranberries & Pecans

4/30/2013 - They Call Me Mellow Yellow

5/3/.2013 - I Got the No White Bread Blues

5/5/2013 - Happy Cinco de Mayo - Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

5/7/2013 - Lucy's Jewish Deli Rye - Take 1

5/15/2013 - Dark Russian Jewish Deli Rye with Porter, Onion, Sprouts and Aromatic Seeds.

5/16/2013 - Whole Wheat and Spelt Sourdough with Sprouts and Seeds

 5/17/2013 - Friday Pizza Night

5/21/2013 - SD and YW Emperor Franz Joseph Buns with Same Dough Challah

5/24/2013 - Multigrain SD with Japanese Black Rice, Seeds, Prunes & Dried Edamame

5/24/2013 - YW & Poolish Hot Dog Buns

5/30/2013 - Ezekiel's Chacon

6/6/2013 - Multigrain Sourdough with Scald, Seeds and 3 Nuts

6/10/2013 - White Hamburger Buns Turned Dark

6/14/2013 - Multigrain Combo Levain with Seeds & Sprouts

6/18/2013 - It all started out simple enough

6/21/2013 - Everyday Multigrain Sourdough with Scald

6/25/2013 - Yeast Water, Tang Zhong Hot Dog Buns

6/28/2013 - Buttermilk and Greek Yogurt Multigrain SD with Seeds and Sprouts

7/5/2013 - Snails with Tails

7/8/2013 - Yeast Water and ADY Hot Dog Buns

7/12/2013 - Multigrain Caramelized Pickled Veggies, Parmesan, Flax & Sesame Seeds, Barley Boil & Toadish Sourdough

7/19/2013 - Whole Multigrain Sourdough Loaf

7/21/2013 - Saturday Night Pizza

7/26/2013 - 75% Extraction Mulit-grain Sourdough

8/2/2013 - Prince George's Chacon

8/9/2013 - Sourdough Tzitzel

8/12/2013 - Yeast Water 70% Whole Grain English Muffins

8/14/2013 - 100 % Whole Multi Grain, Yeast Water & Sourdough Bagels

8/16/2013 - 99.89% Whole Grain Sesame & Flax Seed Sourdough with Whey

8/22/2013 - Too Fast - Poolish Cream Butter Buns

8/23/2013 - Multi-grain Sourdough with Figs, Walnuts, Whey and 4 Seeds

8/26/2013 - Lucy’s Fruit Stupid - Nutella, Peach, Plum and Plantain Pizza and No Fruit Bagels

8/28/2013 - Lucy’s Take on Cleo’s and Ian’s Hamburger Buns

8/30/2013 - Multigrain Sourdough with Sesame and Flax Seeds Toadies and Malts

8/31/2013 - Three Levain Friday Night Pizza Night - With a Surpise Ending

9/4/2013 - Happy Rosh Hashanah – A Holiday Challah

9/6/2013 - Tzitzel – Take 3 with Triple Levain

9/6/2013 - For those who wanted "Aunt Beverly’s Sweet and Hot Brisket'

9/7/2013 - Meat Week

9/11/2013 - Yeast Water 35% Whole Wheat Hamburger Thins and HD Buns

9/13/2013 - Pistachio, Prune and Pumpkin Seed Multigrain Sourdough with Malty Toads

9/20/2013 - Hanseata Multigrain SD YW and Sunflower Seed Challenge Bread

9/27/2013 - The 100% Whole Grain, Multigrain - Mashed by Melon Test - 3 Ways

10/4/2013 - Whole Multigrain SD Bread with Scald, Seeds and More Aromatic Seeds

10/7/2013 - Multigrain Old Sourdough Makes 2 Retarded Pizzas

10/11/2013 - B…..B….B…. Babka - the Yeast Water Way to Gugelhuph Land

10/11/2013 - Prunish Multigrain Sourdough with Scald and Seeds

10/14/2013 - Poolish Buns the Girls Actually Like and Smoked Brisket Sandwiches

10/17/2013 - Mice Guarding the Punkin

10/18/2013 - 20% Whole Grain 9 Grain Sourdough

10/18/2013 - Pumpkin Nutella Swirl Bars

10/25/2013 - Lucy is Runner Up with Her Mice Guarding the Pumpkin Entry

10/25/2013 - Same Dough Two Ways with a Pizza Crust Later

10/27/2013 - Saturday Night 6 P’s SD Focaccia Romana Pizza

10/29/2013 - YW Primer

11/1/2013 - Owlloween White Buns made with a Poolish & SD Levain

11/1/2013 - 38 % Whole Grain Multi Grain SD with Sprouts, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

11/6/2013 - What is the Best Thing You Can Put On Pumpernickel?

11/9/2013 - 15 % Whole Grain SD and YW Orange, Cranberry Walnut Bread

11/15/2013 - Almost Twin White Breads - One YW / SD and One SD

11/15/2013 - YW & SD 50% Rye with Scald, Onions & Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

11/17/2013 - Lucy’s YW White Bread for Thanksgiving Croutons

11/22/2013 - Mini's 100% Hydration Rye, Walnut and Seed Bread with Soaker Water & Dopplebock

11/22/2013 - CeciC’s Crackers with Added Yeast Water.

11/25/2013 - Two Thanksgiving Pies and the Blog Index

11/30/2013 - Josh’s Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Stollen

12/6/2013 - Big Levain Multigrain Sourdough with Figs, Seeds, Potato & Poolish

12/7/2023 - Sinclair’s Bakery Potato Rolls - Made With Poolish

12/12/2013 - Half Whole Multi-Grain Sourdough with Fax & Sesame Seeds

12/12/2013 - Christmas Chocolate Chunk Cherry Chacon

12/12/2013 - Holiday Puff Paste Heath Bar and Chocolate Chip Rugelach

12/17/2013 - Not So Stollen – Christmas 2013

12/19/2013 - 3 Christmas Fruit Cakes - One For Everyone

12/21/2013 - Friday Night SD YW Pretty Plain Pizza

12/22/2013 - Panettone Forced English Muffins

12/23/2013 - White SD YW Bread with Walnuts for Christmas Turkey Stuffing

12/25/2013 - Christmas Fruit Cake – SD YW Gold Rush Take 2

12/26/2013 - Arizona Christmas Tree and Blog Index




2/3/2012 - My first bread after joining TFL - DSnyder's San Joaquin

2/3/2012 - Brachflachen Mehrere Vollkombrot

2/3/2012 - Loaded Pizza

2/3/2012 - Pierre Nury meets DSnyders SFSD

2/3/2012 - Putting the Rye in Pierre Nury's rustic Light Rye

2/3/2012 - Too Many Red Pears and Blueberries

2/3/2012 - Make your own Greek yogurt

2/4/2012 - Minneola / Apple Yeast Water Semolina Bread

2/4/2012 - Raspberry SD Pancakes

2/4/2012- 1930's Magnalite Wagner Ware Roaster Used As Cloche for Multi-grain SD Challah

2/5/2014 - Sourdough English Muffins

2/5/2012 - Southwest Hummus Anyone?

2/5/2012 - I have some miscellaneous baking and foodie

2/7/2012 - Brachflachen Mehrere Vollkombrot - Version 4

2/7/2012 - Baked off PiPs (Phil's) new post on 40% Sourdough Rye w/ Caraway today

2/9/2012 - The Chellos - that don't play music.

2/9/2012 - PiP's 40% Rye w/ Caraway Meets Hanseata's Seeds and a Restless dabrownman

2/9/2012 - Whole Wheat Crusted Apple Caramel Galette w/ fresh ginger and assorted bourbon dried fruits.

2/9/2012 - Blueberry SD pancakes this time,

2/10/2012 - How to Make Yogurt - 'So Your Muffins Taste Betta'

2/10/2012 - isand66's SD Avocado Bread Meets Its Sunflower Seeded Guacamole Heart

2/11/2012- I Confess My Deepest Darkest Baking Secret

2/13/2012 - isand66's Bacon, SD, Potato, Onion with Cheddar Bread Meets Pork Jowls, Aged White Cheddar, Potato Flakes and Caramelized Onion

2/13/2012 - Shiao-Ping's Orange Turmeric Pain au Levain with Yeast Water

2/14/2012 - Happy Valentine Cupcakes w/ Strawberry Hearts

2/16/2012 - PiPs Walnut and Sage 100% Whole Wheat.

2/17/2012 - Let's Make Some Fresh Cheese

2/17/2012 - Birthday Chocolate Crusted Orange Cheese Cake with Ganache, Truffles and Chocolate Shavings

2/18/2012 - David Snyders' SD Pugliesi Capriccioso With Some WW and Rye

2/22/2012 - teketeke's Japanese Yeast Water White Sandwich Bread - 'This Bread Is Not Your Slimy Old White Slice'

2/23/2012 - Pips Vollkornbrot - Nearly 100% Rye with A Tiny Bit of Spelt

2/24/2012 - teketeke Bread

2/27/2012 - Rustique Pain Comté de San Francisco

3/1/2012 - Chad Robertson's Country SD - Modified

3/1/2012 - I've been working on a new home made Gas Regeneration BBQ /Smoker

3/3/2012 - Miscellaneous stuff at the end of the week

3/5/2012 - Pain Rustique au Levain du Sud-ouest

3/6/2012 - Pain Rustique au Levain du Sud-ouest - Retarded

3/7/2012 - Yeast Water, Rye, WW, Garlic Chive, Onion, Cheese and Chorizo Bialy’s

3/12/2012 - Tartine Everyday Rustic Country Sourdough

3/14/2012 - St Paddy's Day Dutch Oven Sourdough - Tartine Method

3/14/2012 - Corned Beef and Cabbage - 2 ways - possibly more

3/15/2012 - Just look at the pictures my new old camera takes!!

3/17/2012 - Yeast Water, Glazed, Spiced, Walnut, Bourbon Fruit, Chocolate Chip, Almond Granola Streusel Polish Babka

3/23/2012 - Making Red Rye Malt

3/24/2012 - Gingered, Tres Apple, Almond, Vanilla Granola Crisp with Bourbon Dried Fruit

3/29/2012 - A Blend of Seigle d’Auvergne and Borodinski

3/29/2012 - Jam and Bread Crust and Crumb Color

3/31/2012 - Revising isand66's Bacon, Potato, Onion with Cheddar Sourdough Bread

4/1/2012 - Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Sweetbird Buckwheat Apple SD Bake with Buckwheat SD Pancakes Today

4/2/2012 - Dabrownman Butchers Sweetbird’s Lovely Buckwheat, Apple and Apple Cider, Buckwheat Groat Bread with Insane Thoughts and Deeds

4/9/2012 - Super-grain Challah w/ Whey Water, Sprouts, Potato, Lentil, Sunflower Seeds and 2 Starters - SD and YW

4/10/2012 - Retarded Super-Grain Challah

4/14/2012 - Lemon Curd and Cream Cheese Puff Paste

4/14/2012 - Italian Corner - Cellos with Squash Lasagna and David Snyder's Pulgliese Capriosso

4/15/2012 - 20% Rye and WWW Potato SD Baggies Meet the Same Made with YW

4/15/2012 - Weekday Springtime Yeast Water Breakfast at Dabrownman's

4/17/2012 - Apple and Pear, Bourbon Dried Fruit, Ginger with Apple Jam Cream Cheese Puff Sleds

4/19/2012 - Sweetbird's Apple, Buckwheat with Groats, Insanely Modified, Makes for a Fine Toast or Lunch

4/20/2012 - SD Hemp Bags - txfarmer method with Hanseata's Seeds

4/20/2012 - Tired Monday's - YW 20% Whole Grain Bag Lunch

4/30/2012 - 50% Multigrain SD W/ Rye Scald, Rye Sprouts, Borodinski Altus and Pepitas, Caraway and Flax Seeds

5/2/2012 - Yeast Water Fake Pretzel Rolls

5/4/2012 - With Cinco de Mayo Yesterday - Hope You Had a Happy One! Cinco Sunset, Moon Rise and owDinner

5/8/2012 - Multi-grain SD w/ Multi Sprouts 2 Nuts and Seeds Somewhere

5/9/2012 - Yeast Water Hamburger Buns with Cinnamon Roll Same Dough Kicker

5/11/2012 - 1 - Day Multi-Grain Bread, Soft White Wheat, Spelt, Scald and Seeded with SD and YW Combo Starter

5/12/2012 - Banana Bread Cake

5/14/2012 - Mothers Day YW Apple, Pecan Buckwheat Pancakes with a Nice Chicken and Brie Sandwich for Lunch

5/15/2012 - Altamura Shaped Semolina Multi-Grain SD with Seeds and Sprouts

5/16/2012 - Having the daughter

5/18/2012 - Semolina, Rye, WWW Ciabatta w/ Chia Seeds, Herbs and Sun Dried Tomato

5/20/2012 - Apple Strawberry Ginger Crisp, Teriyaki and Lunch for Two

5/22/2012 - txfarmer's Croissant and Dainish Converted over to SD and YW - 3 Ways with Chia Seeds

5/24/2012 - Pretzel Roll P&J and Grilled Chicken Lunch with Pickles

5/25/2012 - Hanseata’s Wild Rice SD w/ Yeast Water, Multi Seeds, Prunes, Beer and Sprouts

5/26/2012 - Brown Plate Special with a Little Green, Brown Ale and Brown Bread

5/28/2012 - T-Rex Meets Floyd’s Sweet Potato Bread & Brownman’s SD & YW Combo Starter

5/29/2012 - Bread Baskets - A Serious Illness Revealed

5/31/2012 - Recent Breads for Lunch, Last Jacaranda Bloom and Desert

6/1/2012 - 40% Whole Multi-grain SD and YW Altamura Style Chacon

6/1/2012 - 24 Hours of Not Baking Bread

6/8/2012 - The SD / YW Chacon Revisited – 90% Whole Grain, Multigrain Sprouts, Walnut and Sage Paste, Pumpkin Seeds and Whey Water

6/9/2012 - Friday night P & P - Pizza and Pide

6/12/2012 - Let's Have Some Lunch and Other Stuff

6/15/2012 - Jasmine Tea, 50% Whole Multi-Grain SD & YW Durum Atta Bread with Wheat Germ, Flax and Chia Seeds

6/19/2012 - Buckwheat 60% Multi-grain YW / SD Bread with Walnuts, Sage, Flax, Wheat Germ, Apples, Prunes and Groats

6/21/2012 - Sourdough Durum Atta Bread – Pharaoh’s Mastaba Style

6/24/2-12 - Twisted Sisters Chacon : 67% Whole Rye & Wheat with Sprouts & Seeds.

6/28/2012 - Franko finally got to the top of the list

6/29/2012 - English Muffins - kjknits Converted to YW and SD Combo levain

6/29/2012 - Without Cheesecake For Desert - There May Be No Need for Bread

6/30/2012 - SD and YW Semolina Cheese Bread and Pizza with Sun Dried Tomato, Rosemary, Mojo de Ajo and Garlic

7/4/2012 - SD and YW Multigrain Bagels - The Stan Ginsberg Method

7/4/2012 - Catching up on some lunches and other stuff

7/4/2012 - Lunches and Other Stuff Continued - Happy Birthday America!

7/5/2012 - YW Naan with Paneer, Green Onion, Cilantro, Garam Masala and Garlic - Plus a Loaf - Added Lunch Shot

7/6/2012 - Joe Ortiz Pain de Champagne with Rye and WW Sprouts

7/10/2012 - Dinner in Houston

7/15/2012 - AZ Monsoon and Breakfast

7/17/2012 - Mocha Chocolate Chip Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

7/20/2012 - What To Eat With That Rustic French Country Sourdough Bread -Smoked Etouffee!

7/22/2012 - SD YW English Muffins - Some Fried As Donuts Per gmabaking With Apricot, Nectarine Ginger Glaze

7/24/2012 - Herbed Bialy's – Multigrain, Caramelized Onion, Chorizo and 4 Cheeses

7/27/2012 - 50% Rye SD Knotted Rolls With Wheat Germ, Barley Scald, Caraway and Sunflower Seeds

7/27/2012 - hanseata's Wild Rice Bread Revisited - 'The Wild One' - w/ Beer, Sprouts, Seeds and Prunes

7/30/2012 - Parade of Sandwiches and Other Stuff

8/5/2012 - YW vs Desem SD - Caramelized Onion, Basil, Bacon, Parmesan Rolls

8/7/2012 - 15% Whole Wheat Bagels with YW and SD Desem Combo Starter

8/11/2012 -YW / SD Olive Bread with Rosemary and Bulgar Scald

8/17/2012 - 100% Whole Grain Rye with Rye Sprouts – YW & SD Combo Starter

7/19/2012 - 25% Whole Wheat English Muffins Revisited - Over and Over Again - kjknits

8/22/2012 - Chacon Catastrophes Moka - Ian’s Mocha Disaster Chacon

8/24/2012 - Multi-Grain SD & YW Combo with Chicken Stock, Soaker & Seeds

8/27/2012 - 35% Whole Grain YW & SD Semolina, Durum Atta White Bread with Soaker

8/29/2012 - Rewind - YW & SD Semolina, Durum Atta, W. Germ, Malts & Honey - Deja Vue

9/2/2012 - Spelt, Rye and Whole Wheat Soudough Boule with Flax Seed, Honey and Malts - A Simple but Tasty Bread

9/5/2012 - 100% Hydration, 100% Whole Grain Kamut Flat Boule with YW and SD Combo Starter

9/7/2012 - Andy’s Roasted Brazil Nut and Prune Bread - Sourdough Variation with WW Scald

9/9/2012 - 8 Hour SD YW Saturday Night Pizza and Friday Shrimp Kabobs

9/14/2012 - 100% Whole Spelt Sourdough at 100% Hydration

9/15/2012 - Happy Rosh Hashanah!

9/20/2012 - 17% Whole Multi-Grain SD / YW Bagels – The Stan Ginsberg Method

9/21/2012 - 57% Whole Grain Multi-grain SD with 20% Seeds and Whey

9/25/2012 -15% Multi-grain Bread With YW and SD Combo Levain

9/28/2012 - 15% WWW Fat Bag with Desem SD Starter ala Ian and Phil

9/28/2012 - English Muffins- YW and SD Levains - 16% Whole Wheat

9/28/2012 - Banana Nut Bread with Seeds, Chocolate and Bourbon Dried Fruits

10/2/2012 - Judy's 45 % Whole Multi-Grain Sandwich Bread

10/6/2012 - 16 % Whole Multi-grain SD Baguettes – txfarmer’s Method only 40 Hours

10/9/2012 - Name Change - Gussied Up Franz Joseph's Emperor Rolls With Seeds

10/13/2012 - Parade of Sandwiches and Other Stuff - Partola Uno

10/14/2012 - Parade de sandwichs et d'autres choses - partie 2

10/14/2012 - Parade of Sandwiches Continues - Part 3

10/15/2012 - Desfile de Sandwiches - Parte 4

10/15/2012 - Parade der Sandwiches - Teil 5

10/17/2012 - World Bread Day - SD Multigrain with Figs, Anise, Pistachios and Sprouts

10/18/2012 - Pierre Nury's Rustic Light Rye with Whole Grain Multi-grain YW / SD Levains and Coffee

10/24/2012 -Tuesday Pizza Night - Crust 3 Ways with 25% Whole Grains

10/25/2012 - San Franciso Sourdough - 15% Whole Grain

10/27/2012 - Extended - SD Starter Experiment - 24 hour Countertop SFSD and a Seeded, Fig and Pistacio

10/30/2012 - Two DO Chacons Couldn’t Be Any Different

11/2/2012 - Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week one

11/2/2012 - Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week Two

11/2/2012 - 26% Whole Grain YW / SD Bagels with Sprouts

11/5/2012 - 24 hour 10% Whole Grain SFSD & SD Seeded Fig Bread with Pistachios - 1 g of Starter - No Levain

11/9/2012 - 60% Whole Grain SD / YW Bread With Caraway, Rye Chops, Coffee and Cocoa

11/9/2012 - Prune & Brazil Nut Sourdough with Bulgar Scald, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds

11/14/2012 - Not So Stollen

11/16/2012 - Thanksgiving Multi-Grain Marble Chacon

11/20/2012 - SD Stuffing Bread

11/21/2012 - Poolish Stuffing Bread

11/23/2012 - Not So Stollen - Thanksgiving Take

11/23/2012 - Daughter Does French Slap and Folds for Her Poolish Thanksgiving Rolls

11/27/2012 - A Chacon for Eric

12/7/2012 - 75% Whole Grain YW / SD Caramelized Onion, Wild Rice, Sprouts & Baltika Porter Bread

12/14/2012 - Multigrain SD / YW Porter Bread with Roasted Onions, Sprouts, Malts and Seeds

12/17/2012 - Puff Paste Experiments

12/18/2012 - Puffy So Not Rugelach

12/21/2012 - Christmas Sourdough Chacon - Figs, Pistachios and Seeds

12/25/2012 - Christmas Bi-Color Rose - 30% Whole Grain, Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato

12/25/2012 - Not So Stollen - 6 Weeks later

12/29/2012 - 25% Whole Grain Multi-grain Bagels


dabrownman's picture

Lucy was trying to get back to her bread roots with lots of add ins.  This is also the 5th year since we started sprouting our own grains and adding them into breads.  Originally we sprouted them and added them into the mix when the stretch and folds began and then later started drying them and grinding them into flour too.

So Lucy went back to her roots and took half the sprouted grains for grinding and making the bran levain and left the other half to fold into the crumb like we did so long ago.  Then she decided to get some cranberries and pistachios in the mix too.  So this turned out to be an old school Lucy bread.

The 5 sprouted grains were: Kamut, red and white wheat, spelt and rye in equal amounts – half ground for the 9% pre-fermented flour, 100% hydration, single stage bran levain that took 8 hours to double. After stirring at the 4 hour mark.

The dough flour and enough dough water to get to 85% hydration were autolyzed for 40 minutes with the Pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top and an extra 3% water sprinkled on top of the salt for a double hydration that totaled 88%.  We did 3 sets of slap and folds of 50, 20 and 10 and then 3 sets of stretch and folds with the add ins going in on the first set.

SD pancake breakfast

All the dough manipulations were done on 30 minute intervals.  After a quick pre-shape we shaped the dough in to a taunt, squat oval and plopped it into a rice floured oval basket that had some conn meal sprinkled into the bottom at the last minute.  It was then retarded for 13 hours.

Light P&J Rib lunch

We let the dough warm up on the counter for an hour before firing up the big oven to 500 F.  When it hit temperature, we put the lave rocks half full of water; Mega Steam, in and let it really get going for 15 minutes before the bread was unmolded, slashed and slid onto the bottom stone for 16 minutes of steam.


Shrimp Lo Mein Stir Fry with broccoli, purple cauliflower, green bean, squash, yellow & red pepper, Hatch green chili, 2 kinds of mushrooms, red. white & green onion with some chocolate graham cracker cheesecake with strawberries.

When the steam came out we turned the oven down to 425 F convection for another 28 minutes of dry heat.  When we took it out it read 208 F.   It had puffed itself up, bloomed and browned nicely as well.  We think the crumb should be fairly open, for a bread with so much stuff in it.

This bread is nice open, with a soft and moist crumb, that is tart and sweet due to the cranberries yet hearty healthy and nutty from the sprouts and pistachios.  It is one fine tasting bread for sure.  I will n=make some fine toast for sure.


9% sprouted 5 grain bran and high extraction single stage, 100% hydration, 8 hour levain that was stirred at the 4 hour mark.


4% high extraction sprouted 5 grain

43% LaFama AP

44% Albertson’s bread flour

2% PH sea salt

12% Sprouted 5 grains – whole

15% Dried cranberries

15% Pistachios


Have a salad after that appetizer dipping plate



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