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Next Community Bake - Guess Who?

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Next Community Bake - Guess Who?

Kristen of Full Proof Baking will be our featured baker for the next Community Bake (CB). The next CB is scheduled to take place in late October.

 Kristen’s of Full Proof Baking is a gifted home baker that is turning out world class breads. She is an exceptional teacher and her videos are first class. 

 Many TFL users were introduced to the lamination technique through Kristen. Each time I watch her videos, and I’ve studied them countless times, I am amazed at how precise her movements always are. She handles dough like an elite professional. This gal is perfection, personified!

 Kristen is known for her outrageously open crumb, but I’ve used her formulas and methods to bake more modest and equally gorgeous moderate crumb. My breads took a quantum leap, when I studied her methods and techniques. Her batard shaping examples in the videos are producing better batards than anything I’ve produced before.

 Check out images of her gorgeous and unusual breads at her Instagram page. You are sure to see breads that are absolute art. Some of her breads would be at home in a museum!


 She is very active on Instagram with 89,300 subscribers.

And YouTube shows 15,000 current subscribers


Check her work out... Every baker that participates in this Community Bake is destined to improve their skills. All skill levels are encouraged to participate. Community Bakes (CB) are our best effort to share a kitchen, in a cyber sense, with bakers, the world over. See links below for previous CBs.

 The following are links to our past Community Bakes

 I’m excited for our next Community Bake and she is too...



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Great idea! I've really learned a lot from her videos as well. 

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Well done Dan - a great choice. You (and Kristen) are ensuring that the Community Bake - and TFL - remain bang up to date and looking to the future, not just the past.


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I‘m thinking about her Basic Open Crumb Sourdough as a recommended starter loaf. It is fantastic and has the potential for phenomenal oven spring, bloom and ear. But also open up her vast array of unique breads for more advanced bakers.

Here is one of many Basic Open Crumb Sourdoughs (BOCS) that jumped out of my oven. NOTE - I did reduce the hydration from 80% to 72-74%. I’ll need help perfecting the original 80%.

The above was a earth shattering departure frm my normal bakes.


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This sounds great again!  I’ve been following Kristen on Instagram and have watched her videos as well.  I haven’t yet tried lamination and perhaps this CB would be a good opportunity to do so.


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It will be great to bake together based on Kristen's approach and can't wait to see what we shall find out! Kristen's loaves are just so beautiful and lacy and she has such a passion for baking that is contagious....

Fabulous bake Dan and has your amazing steam invention been used at the time? Happy baking everyone... Kat


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Thanks Dan, I have just successfully baked Hamelmann’s bread from the last CB. Will post. This looks like a great CB to learn from!