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For Franbaker, Fran is on 100% whole grain quest much like Lucy

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For Franbaker, Fran is on 100% whole grain quest much like Lucy


is and has a hard time finding 100% whole grain recipes.  SOI though we should post our favorites from TFL that we have made over the years right here for her.   Lucy thought we would start it off with a more difficult one but one that tastes fantastic.  



#4  this one is only 95% whole grain









#13 is your lucky number

#14 Couldn't leave you on 13


Happy whole grain baking Fran


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The half sprouted whole spelt sourdough tastes out of the world! It's become my favourite formula.

Thanks for the tips offered that I'm now able to produce that myself too!

By the way, if you're reading this now, Fran, you might take a look at my blog posts. Most of them are 100% multi whole grains as well :)

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I'm sorry I didn't see this post for so long. These breads look fantastically, temptingly, delicious! What I find particularly inspiring is how you seem to be able to 'wing it' according to what ingredients you have on hand and what you feel like doing that day -- the way I usually cook. I'm so impatient to get to the point where I know what I'm doing enough to be able to try these!

Right now I'm trying to get a grip on how to bake a basic loaf of 100% whole wheat sourdough bread. I absolutely do not yet have a good feel for judging dough development or fermentation time. Instead of writing out all the details here I think it should have a thread of its own...

I love Lucy ;-)  Thanks! I really am inspired by all these. I'll get there someday!


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and follow the recipe.  At 100 years old she has seen it all and can look in her pantry and say, now what can I do this week to make his life miserable:-)  600 different breads later, now even I can figure it out when she is on strike or being obstinate.  It is just a matter of doing it and moving on to the next bake trying to learn from the last one and learning the skills it takes to get to more difficult and better tasting bread . I have no fear that you won't get there before you know it.  Just keep chugging along and not worry about it and the next thing you know it will all be behind you and just part of the journey.  Lucy says we only have 9,400 recipes to go!

Happy baking