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Whole Multigrain SD Bread with Scald, Seeds and More Aromatic Seeds

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Whole Multigrain SD Bread with Scald, Seeds and More Aromatic Seeds

Continuing our merry end of the work weekly bread bakes, we kept to or recent 100% whole grain multigrain bread formula inspired by Karin’s recent challenge.  The twist this time was to limit the whole grains to Kamut, wheat, spelt and rye since we ran out of farro (einkorn).


For dough liquid we used the left over whole berry soaking water from last week’s bake and we added additional seeds of the aromatic kind: Caraway, anise, coriander and fennel.  Karin also got us using them in higher percent rye breads and we thought this bread was over 20% rye so why not toss some in?


We added some honey this time because Lucy wanted to and you don’t mess with that without risking a vicious ankle attack when you least expect it.  We dropped the red malt because we ran out last week and forgot to get around to sprouting  and roasting any more this week  Age has it’s privileges especially if you are lazy like my apprentice – who is off to the beauty parlor today and AWOL from today’s bread bake.


The starter smelled especially sour this time when coming out of the fridge.  It’s been in there for 3 weeks and getting more and mote sour in the cold.  We followed or usual levain build by grinding the grain for this bake in our trusty little Krup’s coffee mill and using the sifted out 25% portion of the hard bits to feed to the starter.


In this case, we ended up with 72 g of hard bits and we used 15 g of starter instead of our usual 10 g.   The levain ended up being 19% of the total weigh instead of our usual 12%.  Since the temperature in this AZ kitchen is now down to the mid 70‘s from the mid 80’s (after last weeks break in the weather to the mid 90’s )everything takes 25 % longer.


Our normal 3 stage 2.5 hour each  levain summer schedule is now 3.25 hours each in the fall.  Once the levain had risen 25% after the 3rd progressively larger feeding, it went into the fridge for a 48 h\our retard to increase the labs in comparison to the yeast by a factor of 3 which results in much a more sour producing levain.


Once the levain came out of the fridge it took 3 hours for it to finish doubling.  That time was used to make the scald by simmering the berries for 25 minutes and letting them soak and by autolysing the 75% extraction flours and the rest of the ingredients less the scald.


Once the levain and the autolyse came together we did 3 sets of slap and folds, per Josh’s recent example we have been following, of 8, 4 and 2 minutes that were spaced 10 minutes apart in order to develop the gluten.  At 86% hydration this was a wet dough in the beginning but not too difficult to work with after the first set of slap and folds.


We then did 3 sets of S&F’s, 4 stretches each time from the cardinal compass points, on 15 minute intervals to develop the gluten further and to incorporate the scalded and soaked berries on the 2nd set.  The scaled was fully incorporated by the end of the 3rd set.


Home made bacon wrapped Ahi Tuna - Yum!

We pulled out 65 g of dough before the scald went in to use for old dough for Saturday’s pizza.  We added 35 g each of AP flour and water to this whole grain old dough and let it double before making a 72% hydration AP dough for the pizza crust = which we will retard for 48 hours too.


After a 10 minute rest the bread dough was pre-shaped and then shaped into a squat oval to fit this week’s basket and into the fridge it went for an 18 hour retard. We have been using a 20-24 hour retard and the dough has been proofing to 100% in the cold so we thought a little less time would be better.


SD pancakes go well with any sides and set up a healthy, tasty lunch.

The bread warmed up on the counter for an half an hour before the mini oven was fired up to 500 F and Sylvia’s steaming cups were heated in the microwave which takes 15 minutes.  The dough was un-molded onto the top of the mini’s vented broiler pan that was covered with parchment paper.


Mis en place for Thai green chicken curry.

It was slashed, with a single edge razor, in a basket weave pattern we saw Josh use in his last post.  Sadly, our slashing technique, even on this cold dough, was hampered because of the scalded seeds getting in the way and a lousy slasher holding the blade.  Where is Lucy when you need her?


Into the mini the poorly slashed dough went with 2 of Sylvia’s steaming cups.  We tossed in 1/4 C of water into the bottom of the oven to supply some instant steam before closing the door and let the bread bake with steam at 500 F for 5 minutes before turning the oven down to 475  F.


At the 15 minute mark the steam came out the temperature was turned down to 425 F, convection this time.  After 20 more minutes rotating the bread 180 degrees every 5 minutes, the bread registered 203 F and the oven was turned off and the bread removed from the oven to a cooling rack when it reached 205 F.


It had browned up boldly with the typical mini blisters the whole grain breads seem to get in the mini oven.  Not much bloom or spring though.  It sure smelled great when baking due to the aromatic seeds.  The crust was crunchy and di not go completely soft when cooled.  It was very tasty and thick - just the way we like it.  Will have to wait on the crumb but expect it to be like the other whole grain breads.  Well the crumb hots are in and while not as open as some this crumb is very moist, soft and open.  The chew of the scalded berries is especially nice. 

What makes this bread better than other recent interactions that have beer, whey, YW additional grains and nuts is that this bread tastes the best. More earthy and deeply sour,  less confusion with the nuts gone from the mix but, the aromatic seeds are what put it over the top and made it better.  This is a fine natural, nutritional,  healthy whole grain bread that tastes too good - to be that good for you .  This is possibly the best whole grain bread we have managed and that is saying something  since we have baked so many of late - all were good though.  Maybe the bread turned out better than the rest because Lucy was missing and getting her hair done.


This bread made for a fine lunch sandwich with the usual suspects for sides. 


 Build 1Build 2 Build 3Total%
Multigrain SD Starter1500153.73%
Whole Rye468184.47%
Whole Kamut468184.47%
Whole Wheat468184.47%
Whole Spelt468184.47%
Multigrain SD Levain %   
Levain % of Total18.97%    
Dough Flour %   
Whole Spelt256.21%   
Dark Rye256.21%   
75% Extraction Multigrain22455.65%   
Whole Wheat256.21%   
Dough Flour32380.25%   
Soaker Water28069.57%   
Dough Hydration86.69%    
Total Flour403100.00%   
Soaker Water 280, Water 8036089.32%   
T. Dough Hydration89.32%    
% Whole Grain100.00%    
Hydration w/ Adds86.17%    
Total Weight838    
Add - Ins %   
White Malt40.99%   
Ground Flax, Sesame Seed143.48%   
Aromatic Seeds153.73%   
VW Gluten122.98%   
The Multigrain extractions are equal parts of whole:   
Kamut, rye, wheat  and spelt    
Aromatic seeds include: caraway, fennel, anise and   
Weight of Scald is the dry weight of the seeds.   
Wet weight was 197 g. Weight of dough was   
933 g with wet scald and 65 G of Old dough removed.  



Skibum's picture

Once again my saliva jets are going full drool!  The bacon wrapped Ahi tuna looks spectacular!!!  Oh yes, the bread looks pretty tasty too! And well your pretty little apprentice needs a nice treat.

I hope to get my pork belly tomorrow and start down the home made bacon road. The smoked steelhead was so good, I have another larger piece going on today.  The smoked chicken breast from yesterday will go with a pesto alfredo sauce tonight over pasta.

Beautiful food dab, you are truly an inspiration! Now give that pretty little dog a nice treat from her uncle skibum . . .

dabrownman's picture

like the fish Ski!  With all the great fresh fish you get up there, I would seriously consider wrapping some home made bacon around a 2" thick piece of fresh caught pike or walleye or white fish - even lake trout.  It would be so much better than this example of doing it with tuna.  Smoked salmon can't be beat either - it has to be fantastic.  Glad you like the post Ski - I have to tell you it is better to eat it all :-)

Happy baking Ski

gmabaking's picture

are wonderful. If there was a challenge to pick the favorite one I am sure Lucy would win first place but then the decision between bread and ah those meals..... Great looking bread, lunch and dinner! Who needs DO"s when you can and do, cook and bake like this!


dabrownman's picture

beauty parlor her old gorgeous self and she smelled better too - with her pink and purple ribbon she was cute as a button.  She is better than the food...but she can be pushy .....So far she hasn't taken everything completely over....but it isn't for a lack of her trying,  She does eat better than me though.  She eats everything I make and her own food too which so far I have managed to stay away from.  She will bring a piece of her food and put it in my lap just to try to get on my best side after biting my ankle - she is very tricky :-)

Glad you like the post Barbara.  Lucy is sending another picture that shows of her pretty bow!

Happy Baking. 

Casey_Powers's picture

This is a food cornucopia of goodness! I am such a novice the % make my head spin.  Your story and pics are well crafted art.  Lunch and dinner at your place is a treat I am sure.  Beautiful!

Warm Regards,



dabrownman's picture

Since we can't seem to do much else worth doing, we try to cook and bake well enough around here so we don't starve.  We did get the winter vegetable garden planted this past week once the temperatures in AZ broke the 100's into the 90's.  Now we will have 6 months of great weather and be able to bake indoors again.

Don't worry about %, I dind't follow the convention for them anyway.  There are all kinds of breads for novices to try on nteh site or under the lessons tab but this recipe sounds more difficult than it is - otherwise a retired guy and his baking apprentice, beauty queen dog couldn't make it!.   Once you know the basics of bread baking and you will get the hang of it in no time just like the rest of us did, bread baking will be easy.  The one thing we all have in common is that were once novice bakers and cooks.  Baking is fun rewarding and very tasty almost always just like cooking.  Plus it is harder to starve if you make your own healthy and nutritious food :-)

Thanks for the kind words and 

Happy baking Casey

bakingbadly's picture

Very, very nice bake, Dab! Substantial and nutritious, just as I expected. And your homemade bacon wrapped tuna... wow. I wish I had some of that right now, not to mention the pancakes and un-revealed chicken curry.


dabrownman's picture

First i forgot a large portion of the mis en place in the photo - the green curry, garlic, 3 kinds of onions and ginger to name a few.  Then I didn't take any photos of making it or plating it.  Then i told myself we will take pictures when we eat the left overs for lunch - but forgot,  Now I have a smidgen left, to finish off at lunch today, where all the goodies have been picked out of it and it is a brown blob.  But no worries here it is :-)

This is one of those keeper breads.  Very tasty.  The tuna was nice and any fish wrapped in bacon and grilled would be tasty plus it won't stick to the grates either!   Glad you liked the post ZIta and

Happy baking!

isand66's picture

I had to lOckham Max in his room after he saw how pretty Lucy looks after her Spa treatment.  :)

Looks like you came up with another winner with a beautiful crumb.  

Live that bacon!  Hopefully I will have my latest breads posted tomorrow.

Max says hi!






isand66's picture

I had to lock Max in his room after he saw how pretty Lucy looks after her Spa treatment.  :)

Looks like you came up with another winner with a beautiful crumb.  

Live that bacon!  Hopefully I will have my latest breads posted tomorrow.

Max says hi!






dabrownman's picture

about who she is getting all dolled up for ....

You would like this bread.  Hearty, healthy, nutritious and it tastes great too.- just like a good home made beer only you don't want to eat 6 of them:-)  Pretty soon it will be beer making weather here - can't wait.

Did get most of the the garden in this past week and everything has managed to pop up in a couple pf days with the 95 degree heat.  Got it in early this year to have plenty of veg by Thanksgiving.  Lots of different lettuce varieties with my favorite red romaine, spinach, Swiss chard arugula,.a couple of tomato plants and I planted the seeds for the yellow, purple and black heirloom tomatoes that never have done much of anything in the past.  All I have left is the cucumbers and squash but ran out of room.

Glad you liked the post Ian and

Happy baking