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Mill ideas.

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Mill ideas.

Due to balancing work and school I don't have as much time to devote to baking as I used too. (I've only baked twice this summer)

One of the big things is that I like fresh flour and making 6 loaf batches; This worked when I had time and energy to mill 4-ish lb of flour in the evenings, but now it really isn't feasible.

I was in the process of motorizing a Country Living mill and it struck me that it would be easier to just use the power takeoff on my 20qt mixer. Is there some reason why this wouldn't work?

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A 20qt runs a slow enough rpm to power a mill and not overheat either the mixer or flour..  A Hobart runs at something like 60rpm up to as much as 200rpm and the GrainMaker motor attachment runs at about 60 if I remember correctly.