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Neo-Neapolitan Pizza from Reinhart's "American Pie"

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Neo-Neapolitan Pizza from Reinhart's "American Pie"

I tried out Peter Reinhart's Neo-Neapolitan pizza recipe from his book, "American Pie."

This made a very delicious crust with a nice chew.


* Organic diced tomatoes (canned) 

* Fresh oregano from the garden

* Chili flakes

* Pancetta

* Fresh mozzarella 

* Olive oil 

* Salt

* Pepper 

Here are a couple pics!

Pizza - Before the oven


 After - Out of the oven

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And looks delicious.


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Nummy, that looks really good!  Been thinking of making pizza, have pepperoni in the fridge that should be used up soon and those tomatoes look yummy on it.  Been married for 25 years and still can't convince my husband that tomatoes like that are really good!


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Have you bookmarked his site:

Some good stuff there.