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The Fresh Loaf Handbook

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The Fresh Loaf Handbook

I'm fairly new to this site and have enjoyed gleaning information from the daily postings.  I also like to "google around" and have just discovered that The Fresh Loaf has compiled a wonderful handbook!  For others who are newbies (or not), take a look at the following:

I have bookmarked this page on my computer and there's also the option to print a hard copy.  True in general to the The Fresh Loaf site, you will not be disappointed.


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There's a link in the top navigation bar too. :)

see across the top where it has:

Home/Forum/Lessons/Handbook/Videos/Book Reviews/FAQs/Baker Blogs/The Bread Feed/Store/Tools/Links
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Well duh ......  I'm so busy searching, I never even saw it.

Thank you -

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Mary Fisher

... it's excellent! 

Bang goes the rest of my day :-)