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 Hi everybody,

 I remeber on March this year that everybody was very hot about new book "ADVANCED BREAD AND PASTRY" by Michael Suas,but I did not heard that anyone bake from it. If yes,what recipe and pictures.

     Thank you


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Can anyone give me a few bakers or restaurant supply places.  I only have a round baking stone and need a large rectangular one.  Also needed are digital scales, scoring knife, and parchment paper.

I live in Burleson, Tx., just south of Fort Worth, so if there were any places around here, that would be great.  I've checked the yellow pages under Bakers' Equipment/Supplies, but nothing.  Ace Restaurant Supply only had huge (400#) scale and parchment paper in sheets, by the case (makes me feel very insignificant).  Please advise.  I know I've seen equipment suppliers mentioned on this site, but I can't find the posts now.  Thanks,