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need some help before doing my first bread workshop!

January 5, 2010 - 10:26am -- mabaker



Iv'e graduated from a culinary school and started to do some workshops.

My next one is breads. At home I'm using parchment papaer- to put the shaped and pre-shaped doughs

After that I transfer them to a sheet pan that has been already heated in the oven (otherwise the bottom will burn).

I had success moving the parchment with breads to the oven, and using the sheet pans.

I don't use cloth nor special baskets....but I want this workshop to look more professional.

What would you advise me to get?

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Hints on finding the right mill

November 3, 2009 - 1:34pm -- violet

I know there are a number of excellent mills for different applications, so I hope I get this detailed enough to really pinpoint which will work best for me. Thanks in advance for your advice!

I'm looking for a mill that can accomplish the following;

can mill coarse or very fine flours (dry grains) for baking, pasta, hot cereal, pastries, gravies, cakes, breads, etc.

does not heat the flour (over 120 farenheit)

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Cookie sheet to 1/2" Baking Stone - different temps and/or cooking times?

June 1, 2008 - 3:26pm -- somegeek

I have a bread recipe that calls for 30 minutes at 425ºF on a cookie sheet. I've prepared this recipe a half dozen times and it always turns out great. It's not broken, but I'd like to fix it. :) I have a 1/2" pizza stone. Would baking on the stone yield a better finished result? If I go the baking stone route, would I tweak temps or baking times?

Hans - AKA bread noob

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New Stone Experiment


I got a new 15x20' FibraMent stone, but Sunday was my first chance to temper/predry it. After slowly getting it up to 550 over 7 hours, I knew I'd want to bake something on it, so I made three slightly different loaves. I set up a poolish the day before, then split that into three doughs - 1 with no oil, 1 with a tbsp of butter, and 1 with a tbsp of olive oil (in that order in the picture).  I shaped them different so I'll know which is which.

My slashing wasn't quite deep enough, but they all taste great.

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Getting Loaves from Rising-spot to Stone

May 16, 2007 - 12:46pm -- lefty33

So when you preheat the stone in the oven while the bread is in its final rise after shaping, how does one go about transferring the loaf from where it is rising to the hot stone without misshaping the loaf in the process?

 I love the spring a hot stone gives, but I've only done it with rolls since these fit in one hand and are easily moved from the pan they're rising on to the preheated stone.  I'm afraid if I do this with a loaf it'll lose air and flatten out.

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Going back in time with bread - earth oven - lots of pix

May 8, 2007 - 1:05pm -- Joe Fisher

I occasionally re-enact Celtic history with my good friends from Ancient Celtic Clans. This weekend we attended the Celebration of Celts event. One of the things we did was to make an earth oven. None of us had ever done anything like it before, so it was a definite learning experience. Here I am putting the finishing touches on the chimney we didn't think to add until it was already roaring hot.


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