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Starter recipe

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need grape starter recipe

September 8, 2011 - 5:08pm -- inthewinecountry

Anyone have the sough-dough starter recipe for grape starter from the Beth Hensperger bread machine book. I don't have the book, last time I went to library to get it. The recipe came from a baker in Yountville Ca. Every time I have used it I have gotten a live culture started, one time it was very active! Problem is not baking that often the culture dies from neglect in my refrigerator. If someone has it can they post it for me? Love to start making some more bread and this web site gives me hope I can figure out how to get a more "sour" loaf!

Thanks, Charles


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100% and 50% Hyd. Starters

December 19, 2010 - 10:25am -- CaptainCupcake

HI All,

I am new to Sourdough and have been looking at this site for the last couple days.  I made a starter about 9 days ago. The starter is very active and I can not wait to start making bread. I would just like some clarification on a couple things.  The hydration % of my starters, feeding, and a couple others.  I have read SO many threads and my head is ready to explode!  The following is the recipe for my "Mother" starter:

DAY 1-3

2tbs. ww flour

2tbs water

mix and let sit 24hours

Day 4-6:

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