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sungmo kim


Country bread with Pate Fermentee
@1day (pate fermentee)
spelt flour     150g
Water            90g
Salt                2.7g
dry yeast        0.06g

1.Mixing    just smooth.
2.Rise        12 to 16 hours 70F

Spelt flour      150g
Water              114g + 1Tablespoon
Salt                 2.7g
Dry yeast        0.66g
pate fermentee all of above

1.Mixing                       Supple and loose and wet  but, dulable Muscle has. 
                                      moderate(medium) gluten develop.  77F
2.Bulk ferment              two times to volume untill.
3.Folding                       Twice
5.Final Ferment             about 1hours. 80%-90 % untill after shaping volume
6.Baking                        450F  Steam(Color in side until it)   about 25min.
Crust has became damp when cooling stage. what problem? Ever, Excessive amount of steam? Humidity inside the oven is too high, Because the amount of one steam ejected too high (use steam oven)?And the crust does not sound.What Problem?Help me please.
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sungmo kim


MIlk Rolls with Sponge and Doughone daySpelt flour   80gMilk            48gYeast         0.05gTotal     128.05g1.Mixing 2.Rise   approximately 12 hours.two daySpelt flour    320gMilk              192gSalt                 7.2gYeast              3.55gButter               56gSugar                48gSponge        128.05g1.Mixng   medium consistency2.Bulk Fermentation  75F,  3 1/2 hours.3.Division & Shaping    75g *104.Final Fermentation   75F, 3 to 3 1/2 hours.5.Baking   420F/215C       20min.
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sungmo kim


Country Bread with Prefermented dough
one day
Spelt flour      150g
Water              98.7g
Salt                  2.7g
Dry Yeast        0.38g

2.Rise   Refrigerator  approximately  12 hours. 

two day
Spelt flour       135g
Rye flur           15g
Water               97g
Salt                   2.7g
Yeast                0.52g

2.Bulk Fermentation    2 hours.  77F
3.Division, Shaping      
4.Second Fermentation     1 1/2 hours.
5.Baking                          30 min. 460F

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sungmo kim

Folding process is always to feel whenever novelty. Instantaneously to increased durability, hand feel, that is the magic seems as if. But why did was just folding, increased durability for any reason?

And, Everyone, Use some cheese on your pizza? If you use a variety of cheese, what cheese combination?

Thank you.

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sungmo kim

The day before yesterday, Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer 7 quart, I bought a new.

Compared with 5 quart, rather Although there is a reduced RPM(speed 2),  power seems to be stronger.

Power head rotates slowly(speed 2, RPM 50 approximately), but the hooks are in place, rapidly rotating. When a power head to rotate once, seems to be rotating hook 4 times.

And speed is maintained constant seems to be continuing.

The original models were purchased. (White, not williams sonoma model) Mixing Bowl are nice. In particular handle. and Paddle beater sleek. 

but, paddle beater, spiral hook, whip All too heavy. Could use some exercise equipment.

Finally, when explaining the color, rather than white, very very slightly shiny orange color has taken on a light.

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