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Country bread with Spelt flour

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sungmo kim

Country bread with Spelt flour


Country bread with Pate Fermentee
@1day (pate fermentee)
spelt flour     150g
Water            90g
Salt                2.7g
dry yeast        0.06g

1.Mixing    just smooth.
2.Rise        12 to 16 hours 70F

Spelt flour      150g
Water              114g + 1Tablespoon
Salt                 2.7g
Dry yeast        0.66g
pate fermentee all of above

1.Mixing                       Supple and loose and wet  but, dulable Muscle has. 
                                      moderate(medium) gluten develop.  77F
2.Bulk ferment              two times to volume untill.
3.Folding                       Twice
5.Final Ferment             about 1hours. 80%-90 % untill after shaping volume
6.Baking                        450F  Steam(Color in side until it)   about 25min.
Crust has became damp when cooling stage. what problem? Ever, Excessive amount of steam? Humidity inside the oven is too high, Because the amount of one steam ejected too high (use steam oven)?And the crust does not sound.What Problem?Help me please.


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If you want the boule to sing and crack then try refrigerating the boule at 38 F in a rice floured cloth lined basket for 12 hours so it develops a thin skin.  Make sure it is fully proofed in the fridge.  Un-mold into a hot Dutch Oven and  slash it a little deeper than you did on this bread, right out of the refrigerator.   Spray the inside of the metal DO , not ceramic, with a lot of water and bake covered at 475 F  for 10 minutes, turn down oven to 450  F oven  bake for another   15 minutes before removing lid.  Bake 5 minutes uncovered at 425 F convection this time if you have it and then remove the bread from the DO and bake directly on a stone  unt il the center reaches 205 F.

If you don't have a DO then bake in a fully preheated oven (45 Minutes) on a stone at 450 F using (2) of sylvia's streaming pans with dish towels rolled up in them and 1/4 full of water , and a cast iron frying pan that you will throw a 1/2 cup of water in after you load the bread and shut the door.  Bake for 15 minutes then remove the steaming pans and bake until done,  If you have convection, turn the oven down to 425 F convection after removing the steam.

Hope this helps you get  your cracked singing crust.