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Country Bread

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sungmo kim

Country Bread


Country Bread with Prefermented dough
one day
Spelt flour      150g
Water              98.7g
Salt                  2.7g
Dry Yeast        0.38g

2.Rise   Refrigerator  approximately  12 hours. 

two day
Spelt flour       135g
Rye flur           15g
Water               97g
Salt                   2.7g
Yeast                0.52g

2.Bulk Fermentation    2 hours.  77F
3.Division, Shaping      
4.Second Fermentation     1 1/2 hours.
5.Baking                          30 min. 460F


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bread basket

That is one nice loaf! Congratulations! I will use your recipe. I like the combination of spelt and rye. Did you use whole spelt and whole rye?


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sungmo kim

I used Spelt flour tpye 630 and whole rye flour. 

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and nice formula.

Happy baking,


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that has some spelt and rye in it.  It looks great on the outside so it must be great on the inside.  A crumb shot would be nice to see and how does it taste?

Very nice baking!

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I'm always looking for breads that don't use any wheat for friends who are ok with some gluten but not with wheat.

Curious, sungmo kim - you say the preferment sat for 12 hours in the refrigerator, but you give a temperature of 70-75F.  The temperature is still higher than room temperature, so was it at room temp, or in the fridge?

Thanks for sharing!

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sungmo kim

Refrigeration temperature is correct.

Thank you.