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Back Home Bakery internships 2011

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Back Home Bakery internships 2011

Here we go again.  Just when you thought I had faded away into a cloud of flour, I'm back with another proposition for you eager bakers. 

I'm looking at having 2 internship positions for the beginning of the summer and 3 towards the end of the summer.  All 5 positions are for 1 week each and all are during the 'busy season' so if you're thinking about it, be prepared!  These are the dates:

Session 1:  May 29 - June 4
Session 2:  June 5 - June 11

Session 3:  August 14 - August 20
Session 4:  August 21 - August 27
Session 5:  August 28 - September 3

During the internship, you will be working with me during each and every aspect of the bakery day.  This of course includes scaling, mixing, stretch-and-folding, shaping, baking, of course dish washing (don't say I didn't warn you), selling at the farmers' markets and everything else in between.  If you're remotely interested in it, then be sure to download this PDF where I go into more detail about the expectations, duties, and qualifications required.

Still interested? Why not read about the interns from a couple of years ago  when we had 7 interns at the bakery for one week stints.  Here's a listing of them plus links to either their blogs about the time or a write-up I did about the internship.

And lastly, if you have any questions that I haven't covered feel free to ask them here or email me at the bakery.




Edit:  In case you missed it here are some links to these 2011 internship:


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Wish I knew what life had in store for the near future and could set time aside, I'd be up to applying.

This is such a golden opportunity to really test one's mettle and be hands on in a real small artisan bakery, a perspective that's unlikely to come across most people's path. 

Alas, life is too much in flux at the moment. I envy those who get selected already. And bravo to you, Mark, for even opening your oven doors to people and letting them have such a unique experience.

Best wishes to all that apply!




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Maybe when it comes around next time things will be less 'in flux' and it'll work.  Take it easy and thanks for considering.


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I have thoroughly enjoyed the videos you have on shaping and working in your bakery. It is wonderful to watch someone so committed and interested in what he does. I think your interns are very fortunate to have an experience like you offer-oh to be a few years younger!

SO here is a bump so your post gets back on the home page!

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Glad to see your business and you are thriving! Your Sticky Buns are still my favorite!


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would be a dream come true. I've looked in Northwest Ohio for a small bakery to volunteer time at, but all are like Panera bread & don't actually make their own dough. I have started baking & selling my sourdough Ciabatta out of my home 6 months ago in hopes of building enough business to to open a small shop in about 3 years. I work full time as an aircraft mechanic so I've adapted my schedule to the weekends. Each Friday evening I expand my storage starter & again on Saturday morning. Around 5pm I hand mix my dough & stretch & fold it over 3 hours, into the family fridge overnight. Dived Sunday morning, proof for 4 hours & bake. Around 3:30 I deliver 4 or 5 loaves to a Cafe here in Bowling Green & sell the rest to some faithful customers. I do pretty good with this rustic Italian bread but am woefully lacking experience with a lot of the other breads.

Please pick me to intern this spring in your wonderful bakery ( I've watched the videos, your prep table is really cool ) the interns blogs prove out that it is a week of serious work & priceless experience.


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Thanks everyone for the interest in the internships and the kind words too. I've received quite-a-few applications and pictures and I'm poring over them right now. I'll make the decisions within two days so we can get the dates finalized and everyone who has applied will be contacted regardless of whether or not they're chosen.
Thanks again.

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As of today, April 2 2011, all of the internship positions have been filled. 

I ended up adding a few September dates as I received many applications from interested bakers.  I'll make sure to post updates on each of the internship weeks as they happen so you can see and hear how they went. 

A special thanks to everyone who applied - if you'd like to be considered in the future and you're afraid you might miss the announcement next year, email me and I'll put you on my contact list for any future bakery internship news.