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As far as I can tell these are a first ! No one’s ever posted an Apple Yeast Water levain bagel. I used to make bagels all the time. Have always and only used the formula from Wild Yeast blog. They are always perfect. I always use a lye bath. It’s extremely easy and so dilute there’s no danger at all. 

Three qts water and add 3 tsp lye. Bring to boil. Can reuse stored water. I’m stirring up another batch of bagels  in the next couple days so covered and left on back burner. 

I subbed my unfed stored YW 150g added to 150g t80 flour as that’s all I use now for white flour. They were shaped and  left to rise 4 hrs and retarded 5 hrs after shaping. Boiled 20 seconds per side and baked at 400 for 18 min. Fragrance is fantastic and a beautiful brown shiny crisp crust. Will post crumb in the AM with homemade jam 😊









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Following are my adaptations to the no levain no knead bread. I mix everything together just til moist using a large wooden spoon. Autolyse 1 hr or so.

I  then do my version of bassinage by thoroughly wetting the counter scraping out the dough throughly wetting the top and patting out to a large rectangle then letter fold and tuck into a ball and place in oiled container. I do this 3x with 30 min rest inbetween ultimately using an extra 100 g of water. Dough responds exceptionally well and becomes like silk. 

500g t80 French import 

150g spelt home milled

50g rye home milled

300g wheat home milled (generic )

70g stored starter 

20g salt

35g each EVOO, honey, buttermilk

100g apple yeast water(  stored )

600g water + the bassinage

let rise during the day and then shaped 2 boules and retarded 18 hrs 450 lid on 20 min and lid off 20 min in graniteware roaster . No steaming needed. 


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I wanted to see how this would work with really old stored starter and a substantial amount of fresh milled whole wheat. Worked beautifully! 

My stored YW starter hasn’t been refreshed in I don’t know how long… maybe months. I milled 400g of a generic WW . I used 40 g of the stored starter and for good measure subbed 200g of stored Apple YW for part of the water. 

 Mixed everything in the KA til no dry parts. Let autolyse for 30 min. Turned on KA speed 1 , rather than do folds , for 1 min x 3. Bulked at room temp 70 degrees for 9 hours. That’s when I woke up and checked and it had at least tripled. Ok… stuck it in the fridge and went back to bed. 

Took out dumped on countertop at 8 AM it was very soft and spread so I did a couple folds and shaped placed in floured cloth lined bannetons and right back into fridge. 

4 pm turned out scored and baked per Another Girl’s post. I used her weights for everything. 

This bread is delicious! Crust is very chewy and the crumb is very soft and chewy . Quite like a good ciabatta. Really happy with it. Amazing open crumb for 40% WW. 

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Nothing different except I frequently swap out my grains so as to get through my inventory. Milled  the grains right before using them they were  still warm. Mixed everything except salt autolyse 30 min. KA mixer 7 min speed 2  adding in the salt and some extra held back water. Cleaned the bowl as usual with a perfect ratio of dry/ wet ingredients. 

I am very pleased with the crumb and crust and amazing wheat flavor. Made great grilled cheese sandos. Don’t recall ever making 3 loaves as identical as these 3! 😊

335g Yecora Rojo berries Barton Spring 

335g T85

232 Generic WW berries

100g Danko Rye berries Barton Springs

250g mixed levains - one rye starter one YW starter

200g active Apple YW

350g water

23 g salt

Trinity- 40 g EACH EVOO, Honey and Buttermilk

450 degrees Graniteware roaster 20 min lid on 20 minutes lid off. 

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It’s been a while since I posted my successes with flaking grain. I got new oat groats from Breadtopia and wanted to do a very short tutorial. I have an older Marga Marcato hand crank with aluminum rollers. The steel rollers are not available and the price of this one has gone up. There are other flakers available and the Mock Mill folks have an electric one. 

Prepping of the grain is essential. I will link at the end the blog where I learned how to be successful. Two cups of grain and 3 tsp water shaken well to distribute the moisture and then left covered for 12-24 hrs. This ensures extremely flat even flakes with little to no effort. The flakes can then be toasted and then cooked to porridge or be added as flakes to any breads. All the grains I have tried have been successful with this method. I’ve done Emmer, Spelt, Oats, Wheat of several kinds Barley. They all work using this method. If you try a few grains at 12 hrs and they need more time just wait the full 24. Do not add more water , this really is plenty.

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Fermentation is everything.Photo is of dough right out of fridge after 48 hrs. Amazing movement still after that length of time. Formula has 40g of levain in 400g of flour. TDW 700g. Fed old rye starter from cold storage 2 feedings of T80. Let ferment 24 hrs. Stirred up usual formula with 1 hr fermentolyse and 3 folds in 90 min. Bulk ferment went over but will be a habit from now on! They just get better and better. Amazing crumb and crisp crust with beautiful crumb color due to the bit of rye and wow the flavor. Dough handles so beautifully. Can’t get over this flour. L’Epicerie has been amazing to work with. Give them 5 ⭐️
Glistening crumb

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So pleased!!! 36 hr cold fermentation and boy did the dough respond. Flavor is terrific as well. Really enjoying this flour… good thing since I have 22 kg! 

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Had to wait for the flour which was in a shipping container on its way from France. Worth the wait! Gorgeous flour with flecks of brown . Same formula as before. Absolutely lovely to work with and great flavor and crumb. These are 20% Semola . 

White Bean Marcella soup beans from Rancho Gordo, worth the price they are incredibly tasty with baggie


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Making SD YW T65/Semola pizza crusts in my Detroit pans. Prep with sauce and parmigiana and then par bake and freeze. Better than Costco 😂😬. The little one on my 40 yr old steel pan ( can’t get it anywhere anymore) will be gone almost immediately after coming out of the oven fully topped. Let me know if you want the best crust formula. 1700 g of yum

And it’s only Tuesday  



par baked goodness ready for freezer when cool

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A variation of previous bakes. More pleased than ever with shaping and scoring…thank you TFL . This iteration has home milled 300 g spelt, 300 g Yecora Rojo and 400 g AP Arrowhead Mills flour. 40 g  rye storage starter used to make 280 g YW  and home milled rye levain at 100% hydration. I do not feed my stored starter prior to bakes and my stored YW hasn’t been fed in weeks. Both present with rapid growth so I have let them be. 



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