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Talk about beautiful and easy ! I have another started as soon as I saw  and smelled this one! It’s got RYW and white levain and rye levain . It’s got honey/EVVO/buttermilk in equal parts. It’s in my big Pullman . It’s almost hands free except dropping it into the rising bucket and then the buttered Pullman. 

335g T65 

335g Rouge de Bordeaux fresh milled

70g Semola Rimacinata 

28g rye

150 YW

310 H2O

42g each honey/ EVOO/buttermilk 

126g levain ( combo rye and white) 

13 g salt

 autolyse a couple hrs  all the WW Semolina rye with all the YW and levains and trinity and water . Put it in the KA and mix on one while adding T65 then on 2 for 5 min while sprinkling in salt. Should clean bowl add drops of water or flour as needed . Place in oiled container warm spot till 30-50% growth took only a couple hrs in a sunny window . Grease large Pullman with real butter and “ plop” the dough in. No shaping needed. Let rise 30 min room temp then into fridge overnight… doesn’t matter exact timing. Preheat oven 375 bake covered 30 min uncovered 20 min or till golden and 209 degrees or so. Remove from pan and cool . Try to contain your excitement and let it cool before slicing 😊See below picture. This is why there no s&f’s. Perfect gluten development with 5 min in the KA.




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Used one whole bag /1# of the new Kernza grain I received this week. I made a YW levain and used YW as part of the hydration. I prepped and flaked 1/2 the Kernza and ground the rest into flour . I have my second order from L’Epicerie for the t65 arriving Monday so used that as well as some Turkey Red that I ground . 

Gorgeous dough. Easy to work with in the KA had 5 min with the hook. Rose beautifully and baked off as I usually do in my antique roaster. Will post crumb later after it has cooled sufficiently. Fragrance is quite lovely and the natural openings show a lovely crumb so far. 
Flavor is outstanding! The grain is well integrated into the crumb. Very little added honey but the natural sweetness comes through. I love the chewy texture with a lovely thin crisp crust. Definitely going to make this again. Each loaf was 1200g prebake. The size of the loaf vs size of baking pan generates lots of natural steam so the bread has a lovely crust due to that also. A winner for sure


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I just LOVE this technique of gluten development in two parts!! It is amazingly successful and completely eliminates all hands on except shaping . 


As an aside I do not shape my loaves . I dump out the dough cut it in half and pick up the long piece and drop it into my Batard  shaped cloth lined banneton. That’s it. The boule gets all four sides folded in and plopped down folded side down in the cloth lined banneton. No tightening no fuss no muss. 

I changed up the original formula and did my “trio” of EVVO , honey and buttermilk in equal portions. I used 75 g each and adjusted the water down that amount. Works perfectly . I run the KA on 2 for 5 min and add the levain and again 5 min. Turn out on lightly floured counter and give a 4 point fold and put it to rise. My raisin YW is crazy fast so 1 hr at warm temps was plenty. It ROSE in the fridge overnight as I love a retard. Anyway this is definitely a fantastic formula. Oh I also used 1/2 and 1/2 t65 and Arrowhead Mills AP for the white . The loaves were 1111g before baking and 964g after. Very light with exceptional browning on the crust. The crumb is very tender and moist and the keeping quality is excellent. YW plus the added fat makes it very fresh. 

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The rye had amazing spring. I subbed my very active raisin yeast water but otherwise followed the gluten development and bake times exactly. Dough was fantastic to work with. Will post crumb when cool. Just took it from the oven . 

Nothing new to add about my t65 bake except it gets better and better. I made 2 baguettes without a retard  and 2 boules with retard.  The baguettes were shorter and stubby but oh my the crumb. Perfect holes . They got eaten right away but pictures next time . Boules just came out of oven . Unlike my usual self I have actually been doing the same formula every bake. Haha. Crumb pics  when they are cut.

t65 boules








rye bread 

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1-2-3 bread with 20% Caputo Semola Rimacinata. Add ins as part of liquid EVOO/honey / buttermilk( ran out of yogurt) levain all raisin YW. Crumb shot later. 

Edited to add crumb shot from 2 baguettes that I shaped with some of the dough just to see what would happen. Wow… cool custard open. Perfect. The book couldn’t be judged by the cover! 



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Yep t65 plus 20% fresh ground rye . Dough was an absolute dream to work with. Used graniteware roaster instead of LeCreuset . The graniteware only preheats as long as it takes the oven to get to 450 degrees so approx 15 min. Will never switch them out again. Turned the banneton over onto parchment picked it up to transfer to pan and…. Dropped it! Grabbed the parchment said a couple “ words” plunked it into the roaster and slapped on the lid. When I uncovered it 15 min later could have knocked me over ! Amazing from pancake to probably my most beautiful loaf in almost 50 years of bread baking. 

Crumb shot to follow when cool. 

t65 515g 

rye 130g

heaping 1/4 tsp ADY

13 g salt 

465g water KA mixer 5 min. Fold a couple times on floured counter round and place in well oiled container ( use olive oil). Room temp 6 hrs. Fridge overnight. Shape very lightly by folding in 4 sides round and plunk in clothlined banneton. Let rise 2 hrs. Turn out onto parchment ( drop on floor) place in 450 degree preheated graniteware roaster. Covered 15 uncovered 30. 
Outstanding flavor! The rye adds so much depth. Lovely tender crumb. A little compressed at the bottom but given the huge drop to the floor I’m impressed with the dough resilience. Will definitely make again. The 5 mi. KA at “1” is a great way to get a lovely loaf. 

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With a few alterations in method and hydration.

645g T 65

465g  filtered water

13g salt

heaping  1/4 tsp ADY

mixed on “1” for 5 min KA. Room temp 3 hrs. Placed outside on patio at 50 degrees 9 pm- 8 am. Removed from container beautiful gluten strands had quadrupled. Floured counter folded four four sides in rounded and placed in heavily floured clothlined banneton. Let rise 2 hrs refrigerator for 90 min preheated Le Creuset 450- 30 min. Turned out loaf onto parchment. Baked covered 30 min and uncovered 25 min. Perfection , the crumb is like a croissant as far as form. Soft and very light with a shattering rich crust. Have more experiments in the future. 

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Outstanding from the ease of working with it to the fragrance, glistening crumb fantastic crust. Not a complaint to be heard. 

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Will post photos as able from my phone. Didn't have time to make baggies today but wanted to use this flour !! So made pizza. A wonderful experience. Unlike any other flour I've used in 40 + years of baking breads. 

1 1/2 c warm water

1 tsp ADY

1 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

2 Tbsp EVOO 

1/2 c RImacinata 

2 1/2 c T 65 

Stir vigorously , Place in bowl with lots of EVOO. Let rest for 1 hr. Take out and fold gingerly . Let rest 30 minl Spread out with a  dimpled surface on a buttered ( this is very important to use butter if you want the Detroit pizza rich crust flavor)  large thin cookie sheet. Let rise till puffy. Brush with EVOO and let it pool as if making focaccia. Bake blind crust  in preheated 500 degree oven 10 min or till lightly brown. Remove top with grated whole milk mozz ( important use cheese first to preserve crust appearance) then top with more toppings and last sauce. Bake 7 min. Yum. Hopefully pics to follow., 

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I flaked 335 grams of premoistened whole Emmer. and then toasted in my 100 yr old iron skillet with 5 T butter. Made porridge with 670g H2O. Cooled. The main dough was 968g Bread Flour, 416g Whole Wheat ground in Mock Mill, 219g  mixed grain levain , 400g AYW and 400g H2O .  add ins 80g honey, 80 g yogurt and 36 g salt were  Added to cooled  porridge  then into KA mixer with the fermentolysed  dough. Very very wet dough but heavy floured counter and after a couple S &F ‘s  q 30 min x 3 it was gorgeous. Let grow 30%  bulk ferment then shaped gently into 4 loaves let rise 30 min then retarded 24 h. Baked covered 15 min in my antique Granite Roaster at 475 for 15 min and uncovered for 30 min. Beautiful oven spring. Couldn’t wait to cut! Incredible flavor and crumb. No sour at all due to YW. 


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